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Setup Wars - Episode 124

what's up guys it's MTAC source and you might be wondering why I sound like a dying cow well I just came back from my six day cruise to the Caribbean which was awesome by the way but on the cruise ship I caught an upper respiratory tract infection so I'm in the process of taking medication and I'm getting better so unfortunately you have to hear this voice for this entire episode but I promise you will be gone by next week but with that said welcome to setup wars episode 124 where you so much desk setup to get featured on the channel let the setup wars begin starting off the episode we got maxim and his pretty straightforward and clean setup featuring three AOC 24-inch monitors that are hooked up against a wall the only things he's got on a desk are the keyboard and mouse and a pair of Logitech Z 506 speakers it's interesting how he flanked his desk with two IKEA drawers and he managed to put his PC on the right side I feel like this is always a dilemma for everyone and their setup if there isn't any space on the desk they just leave it on the ground guys there are other ways around this and Maxim actually showed a great example of what you can do especially if you have a good-looking PC like his with a clear side panel just buy a drawer or a side table and put it next to your setup I've seen a lot of people use IKEA Alex yours right next to their setup which is a win-win you not only get extra space for your PC but you also get tons of extra storage space for cable management to maximum hold up his parish tip above his setup and against the wall which is an interesting location the rest of the wires under the table are managed very well with some cable clips a very clean triple monitor setup Thank You Maxim for starting off the show PJ is next up with a stormtrooper black-and-white setup featuring a 42 inch 4k TV up top followed by a 34 inch ultra wide from LG near the bottom and my voice is cracking this is actually a Productivity setup for his YouTube channel called peanut jelly because on the left side he's got an entire audio setup featuring a MIDI keyboard is at2020 microphone and a DSLR speaking of audio he's got quite the for it Yamaha hs8 speakers we got a Yamaha a go3 audio interface and two pairs of headphones the m50x is any comfortable bose QC 15s he also has a pair of cloud tubes for gaming which he didn't take a picture of so his audio setup is being powered by the MacBook Pro while his main setup is a custom built PC rocking the 6600 K in a suit Strix 970 he does have a busy desk he kept his antenna switch on the table along with an Xbox one controller we got a smartphone and even his MacBook Pro normally I would find the better place for all of these so that the surface of the desk looks cleaner but some people like the convenience of accessing things over aesthetics or a minimalistic look another solution would be to mount your Nintendo switch to the wall either behind your monitor so that it's away from view or next to your setup but personally I think hooking it up behind your monitor using this wall mount would be very nice he does have a bunch of text so cable management was not easy for PJ with the help of some zip ties cable clips and spiral wraps he managed to clean up the wiring a lot he used the side of his shelves to hide most of the wires and power strips and underneath the desk as well looks like there's another power strip and a USB hub that's also connected to his PC if you guys remember on the last episode of setup or as I was talking about running cables from the headset behind the desk and into the PC that way the cables are not visible I recommended getting an extension USB cable but this is actually another option as well you can hook this up underneath the desk and connect your headset to it so that you don't have to run the wire in front of your setup overall it definitely needs a few tweaks here and there but it's definitely a badass gaming setup nonetheless Thank You PJ for entering number 3 we got Ryan and a pretty badass gaming and productivity setup for him and his girlfriend the setup on the right is his gaming and editing setup which features the 28 inch Samsung 4k monitor and a Vizio 48 inch TV that's hooked up to his 2014 MacBook Pro that's used for productivity the setup on the left has a 29 inch ultra wide from LG which belongs to his girlfriend Ryan is also using the coursers rave keyboard with cherry red switches and the Logitech g600 wireless mouse while his girlfriend is using the logitech mk2 70 wireless keyboard and mouse combo now for audio Ryan has a pair of KRK Rokit speakers and a setup on the left has just a sound bar from Dell why do I get the feeling that his girlfriend gets the hand-me-down tech while Ryan gets the updated and cool gear I mean she doesn't even have headphones while Ryan is rocking a pair of m50 X's to be fair though I mean maybe she doesn't like using headphones and I'm just like giving Ryan a hard time Ryan setup is being powered by a 6600 K 32 gigs of ram and an EVGA GTX 1070 while the set up on the left has a G 4500 and a gigabyte r9 380 seriously seriously if you don't upgrade it to at least horizon 5 and a gtx 1060 i will steal you a girl by giving her a better pc cuz you know i got the parts for it and also chicks dig Lambos I'm just kidding please forgive me I only date girls who have SLI Ryan also has a ps4 slim underneath his monitor riser and the Nintendo switch with a bunch of controllers he even has an Xbox one controller but no Xbox one and finally we got the cable management looks like everything is under control from both sides I do see a few cable boxes on the ground which means all the wires are hidden behind the back board and also like what you did with the blue lounge cable clips on the top of the desk using them to hold the charging cables very nice I don't get to see many couple setups on the show so it's refreshing to come across one every now and then if you're watching this video and you're either a girl or have a girlfriend that has their setup right next to yours please submit your setup because I'm working on a special edition of setup wars which is either a girl edition or a couple's edition so depending on how many submissions I get from either category I will make one of those happen so please watch the video linked all the way down below for the requirements tray is up next with an interesting setup so the desk itself is interesting it's a multi-tiered l-shaped desk from solder and he's Magnavox monitor up top between a pair of Edifier are 1700 Bluetooth speakers so this setup is hooked up to his Dell Precision 5510 laptop while the set up on the left is his main one that features two dell ultrasharp monitors a Logitech G 610 Orion keyboard and AG 602 Mouse the microphone he is using is the popular at2020 from Audio Technica but he also has a steel series arced s7 wireless gaming headset the pc powering his main set up as a 6700 K and an ABG a gtx 1070 superclocked and it's sitting underneath the desk it's a good looking PC but I would recommend putting something underneath it so it doesn't blow dust and dirt into your case aside from the PC he also has an Xbox one the cable management is very clean even though he didn't drill any holes in the desk he did rout all the cables in a way so that it's not visible from the front he even has a Raceway in the back of the main monitor and took the advantage of the back of the desk throughout the rest of the wires across and down in the corner of the desk I really like this setup but I feel like it's forced and not seamless mostly because of the layout of the desk Trey had no choice but to put the speakers on the top shelf and the monitor on the top because there was no space anyone else and that kind of resulted in a very strange placement I'm judging this by the height of your chair because that monitor looks a bit too high regardless I feel like you made the setup work despite the odd layout of the l-shaped desk Thank You Trey for entering last but not least we got URI and a sick looking ultra light gaming setup featuring the Aces PG 3 4 8 Q alongside the corsair k70 RGB keyboard with the logitech g502 RGB mouse it's no surprise that Yuri is a fan of Tomb Raider and he's not afraid of showing it through his wallpaper mousepad a few figurines and posters on the wall and speaking of the wall that is an interesting acoustic foam design he's rocking at first I thought he was going for an all-black setup but the green LED fans inside his PC with the red cables completely throw that off speaking of the PC this thing is a monster it's equipped with a 16 900k which is a 10 core processor it's got 64 gigs of RAM because why the hell not and a gigabyte GTX 10 atti it's a sick looking build but what's up with the green LEDs with the red cables is this a christmas-themed build or something Ferrari Oh is rocking a razer siren microphone and these Sennheiser HD 650 headphones so this is actually a perfect example of what I was talking about earlier see how Yuri has his cables visible in the front of his setup a simple fix for this would be using cable clips and either a USB hub or extension cable connecting the headphones straight to his PC from the back another alternative would be to use a different head for anger like the brainwaves hanger that goes underneath the desk that way it's not sticking out in front I also feel like the controller stand can be hidden somewhere else and the SD card reader can be easily mounted underneath the desk with Rhian tape or on the back of the monitor very close to the edge so it's easier to access a boom arm for your razor microphone would also help clean up the surface a bit and you got the perfect place for one which is on the left side of this setup I feel like the one thing you did get right as the cable management excellent use of the Signum rack and the cable clips to keep everything nice and tidy I will give you points for that it's a great setup and it definitely has personality and purpose just work on a few tweaks and you will get there Thank You Yuri for entering but that is it for this episode of setup wars I'm surprised you guys got this far with hearing this nasty voice I apologize once again it is beyond my control actually son and way worse a few days ago so it's kind of waiting until I got a little better but anyways thank you for watching make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always I'm always taking with submissions especially if you're a girl or you have a boyfriend or girlfriend I want to do a couples edition I've set up pores that'll be pretty cool anyways I'm about to pass out thank you so much again for watching I will see you in the next video peace
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