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Setup Wars Episode 125 - Budget Edition

so my voice is pretty much back I would say that I'm like 90% there but it's a lot better than last week where I sounded like a dying giraffe so I'm sorry that you guys had to sit through that entire episode my deepest condolences but anyways welcome to setup wars episode 125 budget Edition where we're gonna be looking at some setups based on a budget we've got some high end budgets we got some low end budgets so let's grab our wallets put a run in front of us let's hold hands and cry while watching this episode because we're gonna realize that most of these setups are still better than what we have at home well if the set-up wars begin before you guys skip straight to the setups I wanna let you know that Skullcandy recently released their new hash three wireless headphones which is an affordable alternative to the Crushers they released not too long ago these are much lighter they offer a 22 hour battery life with rapid charge allowing you to get 4 hours of play time in just 10 minutes of charging it features 40 millimeter drivers that sound incredible with a nice heavy bass and you get noise isolation thanks to the comfy memory-foam cushions that wrap around your ear you can fold it and take it with you wherever you go and they come in several different colors I know I said that the Crushers were my main pair of headphones but honestly these are more my style the extra base from the Crushers were a little too much for me and personally I didn't take advantage of it and plus these are in red so they match my color scheme even better and it's lighter and more portable so I'll doubling below case you guys want to check it out I get a huge things to Skullcandy for sponsoring this video kicking off the episode we got Manny and a very clean black and orange setup featuring a single 27-inch monitor from Ben Q that's hooked up against a custom backboard that he made in fact his entire desk was custom built and he designed it in 3dsmax nothing says budget then building your very own desk I mean at least this way you can customize it to fit your needs he built a dedicated spot for his PC on the bottom left and he attached a USB hub next to it it is currently rocking an i-5 35 70 and a GT 6 and aside from the PC he also has a MacBook Pro for the portability factor a few things I really like about this setup the f1 hangar that he made for his Colton gaming headset the shelves to store his ps4 games and the cable management he took advantage of his entire back board and tucked the rest of the cables and power strips underneath the desk in a pull out drawer he did keep the surface area nice and tidy thanks to the wireless peripherals and he did a nice job hiding the wires from both the West our speakers like I said earlier this is a very clean setup I feel like the only thing that's really missing are some black and orange skins for your ps4 I mean if you made the extra effort to skin your macbook why not skin the console as well I feel like it can use some orange to give it a nice contrast against the black drawer underneath man he also stated that his PC isn't powerful enough to play games so he's only using it for productivity while he games mainly on his ps4 now I know what you guys are thinking if you actually use the money that he spent on the ps4 and all of those ps4 games he would have built himself a really nice gaming PC and you're right I'm actually not gonna defend him in this episode because I have no excuses but those were his choices based on his budget I mean I do feel like there are a few pricey tech pieces in this setup but overall there definitely was a budget involved otherwise he would have picked up better speakers a better headset a better PC and better peripherals regardless this is a very clean and organized black and orange setup props on all the custom work and thank you Manny for entering speaking of clean and budget setups Miguel is next up he's rocking the 24-inch AOC monitor that's sitting on top of the IKEA Mount understand and below that we got the Logitech k810 keyboard and the MX master mouse combo once again we have another wireless setup so Ferrario is rocking a pair of JBL pebble speakers and the popular Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones so someone pointed out to me a few episodes on setup wars that I was using the word symmetry incorrectly picked this set up for example so the monitor and the two speakers are considered symmetrical however the headset and the here plant are asymmetrical even though they complement each other they are not the same size hence why I was incorrect to call them symmetrical I know these are very technical terms and most of you guys don't even care about this because you know what I'm trying to say but I want to be as accurate as possible in my videos so again a huge thanks to whoever was that pointing it out in the comment section I appreciate it probably the setup as an Asus laptop with an i7 36th nqm processor whatever the hell that is eight gigs of ram and a GT 650 M clearly McHale didn't have a budget for an actual gaming PC cable management is very clean thanks to the net that comes with the IKEA desk and everything else has tucked away behind the alex' or a very clean and simplistic setup not much I can recommend here Thank You Mikkel for entering a number three we got Stefan and a slightly higher budget set up featuring a 24 inch Samsung monitor sitting on the Satechi monitor stand and a 32 inch high sense TV up top for peripherals he's using the popular red dragon K 55 3 keyboard which by the way is a solid $35 mechanical keyboard I featured it a few times on the channel and it's one of the best mech keyboards you can buy under 50 bucks definitely check it out if you guys are interested I'll leave a link below the mouse is from combat or wink I think that's how you say it and it kind of looks like a ripoff of the Mad Catz Mouse if I'm being Frank but nonetheless Steven stayed consistent with the black and red color scheme so props to him speaking of color scheme he's rocking a sweet black and red Mini ITX gaming PC featuring the 6600 K and a gtx 1050 TI but that's not a budget PC it actually has good specs not quite it's still based on a budget because if he didn't have a budget he would have picked up a 10 60 or even a 10 70 so you guys see what I'm trying to say here do you see now why this is setup wars budget Edition and not poor edition speaking of his PC he does have a 13 inch Asus laptop resting next to his iPad Mini in the corner I will give you points on those wall shelves it's a great way to add additional storage space while improving the look of this most people use hangers to hang their headphones but Steven uses it to hang his mini guitar Ferrario is rocking the Harman Kardon 2.1 desktop speakers and has Sennheiser urbanite XL headphones hanging underneath the desk cable management is also on point for the most part I'm glad that you tied both the keyboard and mouse wires together and it looks like he made his very own cable raceway he using some white duct tape but other than that it's looking pretty good also that's a cool looking USB hub that he hooked up underneath the desk I mean it's got some crappy reviews on it from Amazon but it does look pretty dope not a bad budget setup Thank You Steven for entering coming in at number 4 is Vince and his lightly themed Star Wars setup featuring a 24-inch BenQ monitor we got the courser k 65 keyboard and the me onyx cast their Mouse it also looks like he's going with the black and red theme judging by the LEDs on the desk he's got a pair of Logitech Z 340 speakers an Xbox one controller he's also got a smart phone on a stand and a few Star Wars props the blue Yeti microphone has an unusual spot on top of the PC so if you have the extra budget I strongly recommend a boom arm for that and you can actually hook it up on the side of your table it's gonna make it way more convenient for you for cable management I think that the Signum rack was a bit overkill since you don't have much on there I feel like a simple Raceway would have sufficed especially considering that you don't have any power strips or anything bulky on there it's just wires so yeah I recommend either a Raceway or even some cable sleeves would have worked just fine there the PC power in the setup is equipped with an i3 6100 and in a suit Strix 1060 C now this is a PC bill that actually makes sense to use a stock heatsink he's using a locked CPU so there is no need for an aftermarket cooler so good work Vince it looks like you did your homework or maybe just watch a lot of tech stores videos the only thing that really bothered me with those random black squares on the back board underneath your desk but other than that it's a dope setup Thank You Vince for entering wrapping up the episode we got Walter White and his extreme budget set up and I say extreme budget because he's a plastic bin as a monitor riser to hold up his 24-inch samsung display and if that isn't budget enough the desk he's using consists of four legs that he picked up from eco center and the tabletop is an old door of a friend of his that's right his desk is an actual door for peripherals he's using the Fuji tech portable bluetooth keyboard and that's paired with the gigabyte Thor m7 Mouse he's also using two headphones one of them is a bluetooth headphone and the other one is the Siberia prism 3 headset that actually broke down during a road trip which he later fixed according to his notes by the way I'm liking your budget headphone hangers on your PC and speaking of pcs is actually an interesting build so the case itself is made up of three junk pcs which he ended up painting in black afterwards in terms of hardware it's actually not that bad it has an i5 4460 16 gigs of ram and an AMD rx 470 aside from the PC he also has a console in fact he's still rocking the original ps3 system from 2006 the fact that it's still running even after 11 years is incredible and finally we got the cable management and I have mixed feelings about it I mean he did tie the cables together and use duct tape to cover the cable on the ground but aesthetically it doesn't look that great I'm not sure what your reasoning was behind the duct tape and routing the cables in that direction but if you can I do recommend the wall Raceway which will look a lot cleaner also props on your self-made cable management net underneath the desk that's actually a pretty clever idea overall you did make this setup work despite your tight budget and since we are hanging stuff on the side of your PC I do recommend these super cheap controller hangers that you can hook up on the side of your PC for the ps3 controllers but other than that and the wall raceway that I recommended earlier it's a pretty decent setup Thank You Walter for entering so that wraps up this episode of setup wars which one of these setups will take home the crown you guys get to vote in the comments section so make sure you drop your votes below Olmos the winner is on my Twitter and stuff Al accounts on the weekend make sure to follow me there if you interested I love your nose hairs thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one peace
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