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Setup Wars - Episode 126

what's guys that from Texas and over the weekend I came out with a brilliant new series idea that has to do with setups I'm actually calling it set up montages and basically all the setups that don't get featured on set up Wars will be moved over to the new show basically it's gonna be a slideshow of setups with some background music and also text showing what gear they are using I get around ten submissions each day just for setup wars and sometimes in the weekend I get double that so sadly I have to delete a lot of them because there's just no way I can fit every single one on the show which I do only once a week and I feel really bad to leave them because you guys spend a lot of time taking pictures and submitting to be on the show so I figured at least this way the setups that don't get featured on the actual show can be showcased on a different series so I did a small poll to see if I should even do this and based on the Twitter votes a lot of you guys are interested in this so I'll give it a shot it's gonna come out this Saturday so if you guys are interested watching it cool if not you can obviously skip it you don't have to watch it it's not for everyone but if you do watch it please I ask you guys to either leave a dislike or leave a like that's the only way I'm gonna know if you guys will enjoy this series and if I should continue doing them every single Saturday so setup words will be every Monday setup montages will be every Saturday and it's gonna be a very quick video maybe two three minutes tops but anyways with that said welcome so with that said welcome to setup wars episode 126 let the setup wars begin kicking off the show we got Brad and a very clean ultra wide set up between three 23 inch AOC monitors that are hooked up against the wall and I don't know if I'm seeing things but it looks like he painted the monitor mount the same color as his wall interesting the desk is custom made that he cut himself and he's using to Ikea Alex yours as the support he's also got the curser K 65 RGB keyboard and the Sabre RGB Mouse on top of the pajama extended mousepad he doesn't have any desktop speakers instead he's using a Bluetooth speaker from damson and the Astro 830's next to his xbox one is the PC that's running the setup and it's actually rocking the i7 6700 and an EVGA GTX 970 no complaints when it comes to cable management looks like you know what you're doing there are a few things though I would recommend first off the wood tabletop doesn't blend with the rest of your setup I would either paint it or skin it black carbon fiber or black mat would look really nice on the desk and I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check it out another thing that you can do to clean up your desk surface is by mounting your xbox one under the desk itself and you can do that by using this mount other than that is a pretty solid setup Thank You Brad for starting off the show Davis next up with quite possibly the least symmetrical setup on the show he must really like that picture on the wall so much that he still decided to add the acoustic foams even though it looks unbalanced he mounted both of the BenQ monitors on the desk and underneath that he's got the worldcat isku keyboard the Nith mouse and the Logitech g13 gamepad for audio he's using the rock at Ranga gaming headset but he also has the Harman Kardon sound sticks and it looks like he doesn't have any space for them so he laid them both on top of a storage container I guess that's one way of doing it the PC next to them has a 7700 K and the Asus dual GTX 1070 which looks really nice inside the s3 for the elite case with the white sleeved cables and speaking of the cables the management is on point maybe just clean the wall a little bit but it really is an organized and clean setup it's pretty straightforward nothing I can really recommend to improve it thank you Dave for trained Dave number two is up next with an insane gaming room I don't even know where to start I mean this guy has the ultimate gaming setup in his bedroom in the notes he stated that everything in his room costed around twenty five hundred dollars which I called BS I think he accidentally missed an extra zero because twenty five thousand would be a more accurate number on the left side we got his secondary setup featuring two HP monitors the red dragon K 503 keyboard and the Vics Inc Mouse the headphones he's using with the setup are the sennheiser HD 4.30 eye which has an interesting hanger and there's also a dell sound bar as well the 40 inch sceptre TV up top is mostly used with chromecast for YouTube Netflix and occasionally TV however it's not used for gaming looks like this first setup is actually more budget oriented because he bought the keyboard and mouse used online and the PC parts are more on the low-end side regardless of what parts he used a wall-mounted PC always looks badass his main setup is a tiny bit better he's got four monitors three of which were bought from eBay for $100 and he happened to overclock them to 66 Hertz he's also using a five year old keyboard from Logitech and liji 602 Mouse I'm actually starting to believe that he did buy everything for $2,500 I mean after all most of the parts he bought are used so it was a lot cheaper it also looks like he was going with a black and white color scheme because of the acoustic panels on the wall also the white out blue yeti microphone with white pop filter and also a bunch of other white accessories on the desk I honestly expected white skins on his m50x s but I guess he kept it stuck he also has three Dell sound bars mounted under his monitors because one is obviously too mainstream I also got to give Dave some major props on the clean cable management job on a glass desk I like how you used the cable raceways near the bottom to route the wires on his second setup and small things like adding an SD card reader underneath the keyboard and also a USB hub reader nearby but the side of a show which I'm sure everyone can agree on is this wall-mounted custom water-cooled PC featuring an EVGA GTX 980 TI 16 gigs of ram and the xeon e5 2680 processor which is an 8 core I know the motherboard and the RAM sticks triggered a lot of people including me but workstation motherboards never looked good anyways so there's not much you can do there if you really bought everything in this room for $2,500 the new sir are the budget King a very sick gaming room setup Thank You Dave number 2 for entering coming out number 4 is Theo and his custom-built setup next to his I want to say bunk bed but the bottom portion doesn't really look like a bed so I'm not sure what that is either way his setup features the 34 inch ultra white from LG with an asus monitor up top it looks like both of them are mounted against the wall and check out his microphone setup he mounted his rode NT microphone against the mounting bracket for his monitors that there is the optimal position for a boom arm if you can get it up there it's off your desk and it doesn't block your monitors it also doubles as a nice headphone hanger on the desk he's got the courser k95 RGB platinum keyboard and the razer naga RGB mouse with a pair of logitech zi 623 speakers I'm not sure what's up with the random CPU and RAM sticks you've got on the desk but I'm guessing it's to offset the charging dock on the opposite side to keep it somewhat asymmetrical I mean you got the extra space for it so adding small props like that isn't really a big deal the PC powering the setup is equipped with horizon 7 1700 X and the asus strix 1070 but holy sheep tits look at the cable management guys beautiful work with the cable ties and mounting that cable box up there was the icing on the cake I'm also happy to see that you used a wall Raceway for the moderner wires up there it is music to my eyeballs a beautiful and clean setup thank you very much Theo for entering finishing up the episode we got a simple yet powerful gaming setup powered by Asus he's rocking the asus rog swift monitor we also got to Asus mice and the Corsair k70 RGB keyboard I'm curious as to why he didn't go with the Asus keyboard since most of his parts are from Asus I mean they do make some pretty dope keyboards like the Claymore core sticking with the Asus team his PC is equipped with the Crick's x99 motherboard with a Strix GTX 1080 paired with D 6800 K processor other than a few mouse pads he's got his custom Xbox one controller by bum controller and that's about it on his desk under his desk is the sennheiser pc 363 gaming headset hanging from the most interesting headphone hanger I have seen on the show I don't even know how those beads are hanging to be honest if you zoom close you can see that it's just somehow attached to the metal frame of the desk I mean with that logic it has to be magnetic otherwise there's just no way it's hanging like that okay sure the cable Wiseman is flawless I like the cable sleeves that's covering the PC wires and everything is tucked away nicely inside the net underneath the desk but let's focus on the most impressive thing in his entire room his organization skills no joke look at this shelf over here there was literally no more space left on the sides of the shelves he used the perfect size and the perfect amount of boxes to fill up from one side to the other I mean this guy is a Tetris master okay maybe the top shelf has some extra space there about overall he did a fantastic job and I feel really good and relaxed just by staring at it I'm pretty weird and it's like that across the rest of his room like this red shelf he has over here he made sure to take advantage of all that extra space a very nice organized and powerful set up Thank You Zhu se for entering so that is it for this episode I've set up or is as always who will take home the crown you guys get to vote by dropping your comments down below and as always I'll announce the winners on Twitter and in style most forgotten Instagram account make sure you guys are following me there if you want to I love your faces thank you again for watching and I will see you in the next video
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