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Setup Wars - Episode 127

all right so the first episode of set of montage went great the feedback was very positive both in the comments section and you like this like ratio and by the way thank you guys so much for dropping your feedback and also liking or disliking the video because that's that's a really great feedback for me so because of that I'm actually gonna continue doing them every single Saturday right alongside setup Wars by the way I'm sorry for launching this video a day late the Halloween weekend was a bit crazy and I I just didn't feel like recording any videos so anyways everything will be back on track setup words will be on every single Monday set of montage will be on every single Saturday and if you guys don't like the series you can obviously skip it and just wait for setup words for every Monday oh yeah with that said welcome to setup wars episode I lost track 127 will you submit your desk setup to get featured guys I'm looking for more submissions so please if you want to submit your awesome setup make sure to watch the video linked down below for the instructions and requirements but with that said let the setup wars begin so guys I finally moved on to another addicting game on mobile and it's called cats it's a very addicting game where you basically participate in the World Championship and go up against other players using fighting machines that you build yourself you get square parts from opening boxes that you acquire from winning battles to build the ultimate fighting machine but the thing that really makes this game really fun are the physics it's unpredictable what your fighting machine will do in battle I really like the simplicity of the game it's very easy to pick up and start playing you can even join gangs and fight with your friends for special rewards it is a free game to download and it's available on Android iOS and Amazon as well I'll drop a link to it down below but just for my subscribers out there you guys can actually get a jump start on the game if you guys use the code cat's tech in the option menu kicking off the show we got Dan and our very first coca-cola themed set up featuring an ultra-wide from Asus and the mist el borracho keyboard with the rival 300 Mouse at first I was wondering why on hell is there a microUSB cable connected to the keyboard twice and then I realized that this keyboard apparently splits in half yeah that's cool so the reason why the surface of the desk is reflective like that is because he added the IKEA glass home on the linen tabletop and it's actually a pretty cool modification that you guys can do on your desk if you want something reflective I really like the way that the lights from his PC are reflecting on the surface it looks pretty cool I don't know if this guy is sponsored by coca-cola or what but he has a lot of props and coca-cola decals everywhere do you guys even know how bad coke is for the body I mean I'm talking that Coke or just any soda in general I feel like I need to start a health source channel to educate some people out there I do want to give Dan some major props on the cable management and the organization in his room all the wires are nice and tidy underneath the desk but the most impressive thing is how he managed the wires around his entire room a bunch of wall raceways were used to hide and route the cables for his projector set up on the ceiling the speakers and even the wires near the ground all the choices from the furniture to the decoration on the walls were nicely done I also kind of get this feeling that he added those cubicle walls in his room to separate each set up either way everything was beautifully planned aside from the coca-cola promotion I really liked this setup thank you Dan for starting off the show d1 is next up with an interesting corner setup and he definitely made it work with the amount of space he had he stacked the monitors on top of each other using the wall amount and one other arm and he also managed to stick both of his speakers underneath the Asus monitors with some 3m tape honestly I don't think that was really necessary since he definitely had extra space for them on the desk and underneath the monitors but I guess he was trying to keep everything compact and grouped together in the center of the desk he also got a joystick and the eraser or not a chroma key board with the Naga chroma Mouse so this setup was built for a mix of gaming video editing and work related tasks and he's actually using two Dell laptops one of them is being used for personal things like gaming and the other is purely for work he keeps one of them tucked away in his pull out drawer and the other one is chilling on his laptop stand that he hooked up against the wall I would say he did a good job overall with the cable management I mean it's not the cleanest work I've seen out there but everything is wrapped again and kept off the ground so I'm not gonna complain here it's a neat and compact setup that you got there but honestly I would save some money and buy a larger desk later down the line that way you don't have to stack your monitors like that and you have extra space to work with but regardless thank you d1 for entering a number 3 we got dr. D Flo who is a youtuber by the way and I'll drop a link to his channel below if you guys want to check it out and this is a setup that he uses for content creation as well as gaming right off the bat I'm attracted to that desk it's actually a custom-built desk using some waxed steel i-beams with a beautiful marble tabletop fun fact this entire desk actually weighs over 600 pounds so yeah good luck moving this thing when the time comes so dr. D Flo says he's a minimalist and he prefers to keep the surface as clean as possible with as few items as possible which is one of the reasons why he went with the wireless route he's walking the an Pro Wireless Keyboard and he loves tech G 703 Mouse for audio he's using the wireless v-moda crossfade twos and the audio engine a 5 plus speakers that are sandwiching the x34 ultra wide I was like his custom-made Nixie tube clock that he built using some acrylic and anodized aluminum for the base it definitely adds a level of sophistication to this already impressive setup as expected cable management is on point and the PC powering this monster is equipped with the 5820k and a Titan X Pascal with 64 gigs of RAM a perfectly crafted powerful and elegant setup Thank You dr. D flow for entering and once again I'll drop a link to his channel below so make sure to check him out and show him some love speaking of powerful we got Jacob and his beautiful extra-wide set up featuring 234 you see 87's from LG and the massive 98 inch heck back in counter top that's sitting on top of to Alex your units this is actually the same countertop I'm using for my filming desk believe it or not the wires from the course are RGB keyboard and the Razer Naga are perfect just the way I would have done it if drilling a hole in the desk was not an option well done there's definitely a lot of surface area to work with so Jacob made sure to utilize as much as you can by spreading out his Android figurines on one side it's got his printer and on the other side is the PC that's powering this setup and since the window is facing the right side this means that this is an inverted build it's also our very first water-cooled Rison build featuring the 1800 X 32 gigs of ram and these ZOTAC GTX 10 atti per audio he's got a pair of em 50 X's with the mod mic 5 attachment hiding in the back as well as a pair of ten-year-old Logitech X 240 speakers very small of Jacob to use the middle leg of the table as cover for the cables running down into the outlet the rest of the cables are tucked away nicely underneath the desk along with the modem power strip and the outlet nicely done now I don't know how practical those ultra wide monitors really are side by side but if it's working out for you then more power to you this setup showcases organization and personality judging by those wall shelves filled with props and figurines excellent work Jacob and thank you for entering wrapping up the episode is sekar at his simple and clean setup featuring a single ultra light from a soos sitting on top of the add-on unit from Ikea the desk is also from Ikea and he drilled a hole in it for the Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard the eraser lancehead mouse and the Razer Firefly mousepad I love that he has an extended mousepad underneath his other mousepad and a wrist rest as well for audio he's using the Logitech z9 of 6 speakers which are scattered around his setup but he also has two pairs of headsets underneath the desk which are the astro a40 s and the turtle beach stealth for hundreds Sekar also has a youtube channel and for voiceovers he uses the blue snowball ice which is hooked up to a boom arm on side he's also on top of the cable management game not only did he keep all the cables underneath the desk but he drilled a hole for each of the speakers even the PC wires are bundled together nicely using the omnimount cable sleeve then again I didn't expect anything less from another youtuber excellent works a car I'll drop a link to his channel as always make sure you guys check it out so the PC that's powering his channel is equipped with an overclocked 6700 K and the asus strix 1080 and very clean and powerful youtube setup thank you so car for entering so every might wraps up this episode up set up or is as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup and announce the winners on the weekend on my Twitter and Instagram accounts as always if you guys enjoy the series feel free to toss a like to show your support but if you didn't like the episode feel free to dislike as well as long as you leave something in the comment section down below thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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