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Setup Wars - Episode 128

ever since I started the set up montage series I've actually been catching up on the submissions for the main show and we're kind of running out of submissions guys I've already caught up to October of this year so if you're watching this video and still haven't submitted your setup or let's say you submitted your setup the past year and still didn't get featured please either resubmit those submissions or take brand new pictures and submit those as well the link to the instructors instructions are little down below make sure you guys click on it and watch and submit your setup because I have lots and lots of space coming up very soon anyways with that said welcome to setup wars episode 128 let the setup board is be it starting off the episode is Antonio and somehow he forgot to send in the gear list so I'm just gonna have to wing it first up we got the monitors a flat panel ultra-wide from LG and a standard 1080p one from Asus this is actually the only practical setup featuring another ultra wide because the smaller Asus monitor isn't too far off now if there were two ultra wide side-by-side then I would say that it's not practical I can't tell what mechanical keyboard is rocking because of the angle but the mouse is the SteelSeries rival 100 because actually used the yellow one for the Wolverine setup and actually really loved that Mouse I also know the speakers he's using because I've seen it a hundred times on the show they are the popular bose companion 2 speakers the other audio gear he's using are a pair of Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones and the blue snowball ice microphone the PC does powering the setup looks pretty good sadly I can't tell you the specs but it looks like he's using an msi gtx 970 with eight gigs of ram and finally the cable management on his setup is amazing excellent we're grouping everything together and mounting it underneath the desk this is what I love to see normally I would recommend the cable box for that power strip that's just sitting on the ground but it's not that conspicuous so not a big deal the Captain America posters and the figurines on the setup are a nice touch and I'm liking the soothing LED lights from the RGB strip and the here lamps a pretty solid setup that actually works Thank You Antonio for entering this next setup from Carlos is a very interesting one because not only is it our very first setup that's actually built inside of a closet or storage room but also has a very unique theme his occupation is a building engineer and he's used some of those skills to custom build his setup from scratch so the desk is actually a wood tabletop that's wrapped in metal with a glass top it's about seven feet long and 23 inches wide he went with the honeycomb design on the face and the backboard and he also built two panels to conceal all the wires underneath a desk I mean this dude build a bracket out of tubes and pipes to hold his blu-ray player and modem I mean that's pretty freakin cool you have to look closely at his pictures to really appreciate the attention to detail that he has added to everything for instance he installed two floating glass shelves against the backboard that's holding up a bunch of his tech on one side we got the blue Yeti microphone the Harman Kardon sound sticks and the astro a40 s while the other side is holding up his iPad to Samsung s7 edge and other miscellaneous items the monitor that he hooked up against the backboard is from Asus and below that he's rocking the Logitech G 14 silver keyboard and the G 903 wireless mouse I love that the metal desk didn't stop him from drilling holes to wrap his keyboard and mouse wires through very nice he also has an extra display off to the right side which is hooked up to his PC as a second monitor my favorite modification from the set up by far has to be the Superman logo with a built-in switch to turn the lights on and off I like it because not only am ia huge fan of Superman but it actually blends nicely with a steel box around it I don't know if it was done intentionally because you know they call Superman the Man of Steel I mean it's obvious that Carlos is a fan of Superman as well judging by the countless Superman related stuff around his room like the Superman rug some posters and even be writing underneath the desk the PC does powering the set up is actually a prebuilt familiar word that's equipped with a 48 20 K and 2 gtx 770 s and sli but Carlos stated that he's actually gonna be building a custom PC soon once you're done building it send me a picture via Twitter or you can even email to me I definitely want to check it out I still can't get over how well the cable management is done we got some cable sleeves a dedicated power strip hooked up underneath the desk and a bunch of cable clips and 3m tape to hide the cables behind the two panels that he built underneath the desk fantastic job I absolutely love the creativity and the unique approach you took for this entire setup and the way that you tied in your engineering skills to your setup was just awesome and it's actually one of the reasons why I'm gonna be awarding you this seal approval and just as a reminder anyone who receives the seal of approval will get a hundred dollars in cash a text or t-shirt and most importantly which i think is the coolest prize it's a custom-made plaque with your name on it this is actually for setup makeover but you get something similar like this for the setup or show with the actual see little pool on here so yeah if you're watching this video and you want to claim your prizes please toss me an email congratulations again so this next setup is actually a youtuber and he found that about setup wars through my subscribers apparently a few of you or somebody told them to submit his setup on my show and well he did I had a chance to check out a few of his videos and he seems like a very talented musician so I'll drop a link to his channel below make sure you guys go over and show him some love and consider subscribing if you do enjoy his content so this is his studio where he produces his music and videos for his YouTube channel and the occasional fap session I mean he did write that in his notes I'm not even making this up I mean at least he's honest about it so aside from his mountain of guitars hanging from the walls he actually has a very clean setup it is powered by 2016 iMac and he's using the Apple keyboard trackpad and he Magic Mouse alongside the Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse I guess he games on the iMac as well which is interesting his audio game is definitely strong he's walking a pair of Yamaha hs5 studio monitors and axe-fx preamp processor and a few pieces of gear from Native Instruments the cables behind the desk seem to be maintained nicely no major complaints here I really like how clean you kept your entire room from the set up to the lounging area and even the recording setup is nice and tidy I'm also a huge fan of the nano leaf RGB panels that you've installed above your couch those are freaking awesome I just wish they weren't so damn expensive he even included a video showing off his lighting setup that he integrated with Alexa check this out hey Siri made studio red Oh a very nice music production setup Thank You Cole for entering and good luck with your channel button head number four we got Kaiser and his heaven themed setup I honestly don't think I've seen this much white in any setup holy cow it looks like we have another youtuber actually a tech youtuber and as always I'll drop a link to his channel below so make sure you guys check him out so this is the main setup for editing videos while the setup behind him is purely for gaming he even has a console set up next to his PC so this guy has the best of both worlds the first setup is being powered by a 2015 27-inch iMac with the Apple keyboard and Logitech MX master 2's Mouse for audio is rocking the audio technica 8044 t microphone that's hooked up to his focus right audio interface which by the way is skinned in some white carbon fiber and we also got a pair of M 50 X's also in white to match the color scheme I like that casar placed both his speaker's on the sides of his desk by using the jam stands and I'm a fan of the motivational art that he printed himself above his setup I'm sure at this point we can reduce that as cable management is on point not just for his productivity setup but for everything else in his room and this over here is the second setup and it's purely for gaming it's being powered by 7700 K and the EVGA gtx 980ti FTW 3 which is the GPU I'm gonna be using in my own personal PC the monitor of choice is none other than the Acer predator X 30 for ultra wide and below that he's added a wireless sound bar from vizio but check this out guys look at where he mounted those two speakers up top this is actually a very clever way of mounting your speaker's above your desk in case you don't have any space I've seen so many people put their speakers sideways underneath a monitor or even behind the modern because there isn't any space on the desk and this is actually a pretty cool hack that you can do if you're in the same situation so he basically used a tablet mount and clamped the speaker on one end and then connected the other end to his desk as you guys can see from below obviously this might not work with most speakers but it's worth trying out if you're having similar issues with your speaker's cable management is pretty much flawless I mean he used a channel Raceway to hide all the wires underneath the desk and he even drilled holes for his keyboard and mouse and mouse pad it doesn't even stop there he's also got another simple setup across the room which has a 2012 MacBook Pro and finally his console gaming setup featuring both the ps4 and Xbox one but check this dope modification that he did to his 49 inch LG TV this is sick guys he installed a lift system which allows him to raise and lower his TV from behind the shelf what that's pretty sick I gotta say man you did a phenomenal job picking out the furniture and gear for your setups and the attention to detail organization and cable management I mean everything was just on point I seriously have no reason not to give you the seal of approval I just realized the first time ever on the channel that two contestants one seal of approval in one episode that's pretty crazy okay so if you're watching this video and you want to claim your prize toss an email to setup wars congratulations again okay so actually did a video on his entire setup if you guys want to check that out on his channel I'll drop a link to it down below thank you Casey for entering wrapping up the episode we got Sawyer and his interesting black and red set up so he's a kook and he uses this setup for gaming web browsing and watching media it features DX 34 from Acer and another monitor up top as an overhead which I'm not sure what the model is exactly the desk is using is the popular a Rosie gaming desk with the chair combo and it actually has a giant mouse pad on it if you guys look closely but they do have a few different colors and designs to choose from which i think is pretty cool if you guys want to check it out I'll link it below so on a desk he's got the corsair k70 RGB keyboard and the cursor m65 pearl mouse and for audio is rocking a pair of audio engine a 5 plus speakers and the Shoei 40s which he uses with his xbox one Gears of War Edition the other headset he is using are the cursor voids that are hanging from his PC which is equipped with a 67 GK and a GTX 1080 the kill management can definitely use some extra work even though most of the wires are inside the net it's still looking a bit messy using something simple like a velcro strap will help tidy up and group your PC wires together so it's not all over the place and a few cable sleeves will help you group up the rest of the wires underneath your desk I mean it's gonna be a lot of work to redo your cable management so it's up to you to decide if it's worth your time I also wouldn't recommend putting your headphones on top of the speakers like that instead I would move the Xbox one console to the left side and bring down your headset on the table in place of the Xbox one maybe even consider buying some speaker stands so that they are positioned at ear level these ones on Amazon work great with the 85 pluses so consider checking it out I'll jump a link below with some minor tweaks I think that you will have an awesome setup Thank You Sawyer for entering so that wraps up this episode of setup wars as always drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup it's gonna be a tough decision because honestly it's gonna come down to the two people who won the seals I'm definitely curious on what you guys think so make sure you guys are voting in the comments section I'll announce the winners on my Twitter and I see you still most forgot my Instagram account so make sure you follow me there if you guys want to know thank you so much for watching as always if you enjoy the show toss a like if you don't feel through this like as well and I'll see you in the next one
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