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Setup Wars - Episode 13

so I forgot to charge my Asus Transformer laptop overnight so it's basically dead now and after film setup wars so I'm forced to use my smartphone and look at the setups on there so yeah it's gonna be an interesting episode what's up guys its that back again from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 13 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel and a chance to win a prize if you guys are new to the series I want to submit your setup then you need to watch the video linked down below without wasting any more time let the setup wars begin this episode of Star Wars is brought to you by g2a never pay full price for a game ever again g2a offers the best deals on CD keys for practically any platform click on the link below to see for yourself by the way all the products I mentioned in this video will be linked down below in the description section as well as any products I recommend as well but with that said the five chosen for this week are Cameron Logan Nelson Steve and Val congrats for making it to this week of setup wars so starting off the episode we have Cameron Diaz with his floating ultrawide monitor setup and that looks pretty sweet I'm not gonna lie so we have an LG 34 you see 97's ultra wide curved monitor attached to the Ergo Tron MX monitor arm and then right next to that we have the 15 inch retina MacBook Pro on a very popular M stand so this is basically a Productivity type setup a really clean productivity setup I should say on the table we have the Logitech k7 e solar power keyboard Magic Trackpad and the best productivity wireless mouse any human can buy I was just about to recommend that if I didn't see it on your desk some other items on the desk include the focal XS speakers and a Costco LED desk lamp I also noticed that you have the IKEA sitting stand esque and underneath it you installed your Apogee one I actually mentioned this many times in my setup boards episodes but this is a really great way to hide stuff that you don't use often and keeps your desk looking clutter free I would recommend either some 3m tape or welco scraps for something a little less permanent I also noticed your a pair of a THM 50 X's you really did pick all the right stuff for your productivity setup I'm really impressed water management is also fantastic it seems like all the cables are inside that pouch which I'm assuming comes with the table I first thought that you had your very own teleportation device on that cabinet of yours but after reading the notes I discovered that it's only a 3d printer overall I'm really loving your setup easily one of the best productivity setups I have seen on setup wars Thank You Cameron for entering setup Wars next up is Logan with his awesome custom-made wooden table setup he's walking to 22 inch monitors one from Samsung the other is actually a TV from insignia on the table we have the ever-so-popular Black Widow ultimate keyboard and in Logitech M 705 wireless mouse there are also some insignia speakers on the desk also a Razer Kraken gaming headset hanging from the side kale management is not bad I guess but it's not great either so I recommend picking up some cable management stuff I link down below to clean up that a little bit the fact that you built this desk all by yourself as awesome and I'll give you points for that but you also have some extra stuff on the desk here's a really awesome and easy way to fix that since it will work with your desk so well you can add a tray on the bottom of the desk and actually install one myself for one of my ikea tables that holds all of my smart phones it's great because it's hidden and it provides a lot of space for your extra stuff that you just don't need like a tiny laptop some power banks or in your case the xbox controllers your extra Mouse and even your keys it's super easy to install I didn't even need a power drill I just use my screwdriver and installed it within a minute I know it's not made out of wood but it's not visible so it won't mess with your fame I also notice you have a block of wood to hold up the small TV well adding a dual monitor desk mount will not only eliminate the need for that but it will really clean up the overall look of your desk but a not really great job on a table Thank You Logan for entering setup ores of course next up is Nelson and we have an all-white theme first off I gotta say I love the black in white contrast that's going out over here one color doesn't overpower the other and it's nicely balanced so we have to Samsung 24 inch wide monitors a Logitech a 750 wireless keyboard and the performance MX Mouse so I'm guessing this is another productivity setup by the way I have no control in the order of these setups I just feature them in the order that I received them if they pass the requirements of course also on the desk we have a pair of Logitech z6 23 speakers a bluebird condenser mic with the Focusrite audio interface combo i also notice the eth m50x is hanging from the audio-technica hanger did you get that idea from watching one of my cool tech videos either way that's a really great buy so good job there key management is also invisible I don't know what you did with them but it sure as hell working since I can't see them so great job there as well I'm honestly really digging that glossy table you got it works so well with your setup and I wish you mentioned it in the notes but if you're watching this video let the whole world know where you got that table by leaving a comment down below because I'm actually interested in it as well so just a few minor recommendations the mic you have is pretty far from you and I know you put it there when you're not using it but it'll be a lot convenient for you to pick up an extension boom arm to make your recording sessions a lot easier it'll also help keep the surface of your desk from scratching since it's lifted I'm not a minor thing I would suggest is maybe adding some 3m tape underneath the Kingston memory card reader so that it doesn't move when you're constantly inserting GST cards but that's basically it you got a killer white deep setup Thank You Nelson for entering setup Wars next up is Steve and his multi gaming setup on the Left we have two Asus 24-inch gaming monitors a Razer BlackWidow ultimate stealth Edition keyboard and a Death Adder Mouse on the right side we have a console gaming setup with a single 27-inch BenQ gaming monitor hooked up to the Xbox one cable management is really solid as well I see that you tie them all together with the omnimount cable system so I'll give you props there you have a pretty badass PC as well let's rockin an Intel 4790k paired with an EVGA GTX 980 but yeah I'm really digging the glass desk setup you have the only thing I would recommend is maybe a gaming headset that I'll link down below since I don't see any in your setup but thank you Steve for entering setup words last but not least we have Val and his awesome setup from Narnia I'm definitely feeling that relaxed vibe and I'm diggin that awesome wallpaper you have the wallpaper on the actual wall not on the whatever so we have one asus 24-inch pro art monitor and another 24-inch from dell also on a desk we have a corsair k70 RGB keyboard and a Razer Naga epic chroma Mouse I love that you kept your green bean consistent and solid choice on the K 70 and raise your mouse by the way some of the stop you have on a desk are Logitech z5o 6 speakers Gredos headphones on the mov headphone hanger and the very popular ikea mom desk that has made a few appearances here on setup wars KO lanta german is immaculate and you have a pretty awesome custom PC as well that matches your overall theme I mean what can I say everything from the wallpaper to the Russian ninja dolls on the desk and your cable management just works so well together definitely one of the more unique setups that I've seen on the show and I'll see I just want to say great job on everything there's really nothing I want to recommend other than a pair of really cool green headphones from Razer to match your theme but other than that you have an awesome set of Bell thank you for entering setup wars so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys drop a comments down below and vote on who has the best desk setup as always voting will end this Saturday and I'll announce the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts which is where I post a lot of sneak peeks behind the scenes and also updates on the videos I'm doing on tech stores so you guys can find all that over there as well but anyways thank you so much for watching as always if you guys enjoy the series and want me to continue doing them every Monday you guys know what to do hit that like button to show your support that's basically it thank you so much for watching I keep saying that this is that from tech stores I will see you in the next video you
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