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Setup Wars - Episode 130 | Worst Setup Edition

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 130 potato Edition everyone's favorite episode of setup wars as always the person with the worst setup will receive $100 and I need you guys to vote using the straw poll link down below yeah what that said it let the potato Edition begin as always guys don't take anything I say in this video seriously because it is done purely for entertainment the people who actually are on the show voluntarily submitted their setup just to be a part of the potato edition of setup wars so yeah what that said let's start the show starting off the cringe fest we got James and his gaming and editing setup featuring a beat-up desk and two monitors I do want to apologize ahead of time if the quality of the pictures are making your eyes bleed but this is the worst setup edition of setup wars so don't expect any great quality pictures the first monitor is a 19 inch from Ben Q while the second and main monitor is a 24 inch from Samsung I do want to remind you that James is only 16 years old so this setup actually isn't that bad he's rocking a keyboard and mouse combo from game X and the custom PC powering this amazing setup has an overclocked FX 8350 and a sapphire nitro rx 460 what made me put his setup in this episode was because of his cleanliness I always tell everyone it doesn't matter how expensive or cheap your setup is you could at least keep it organized and clean I mean there was so much crap in his drawer and I don't even want to get started with that cable management what in God's name is going on over here couldn't you have at least picked up those CDs from the ground before taking pictures I mean I know it wouldn't have made a huge difference but it's still something the printer is looking dusty as hell and he's even got a cracked phone and a random xbox controller just sitting on top of the desk I also notice that there are even more stuff on the side of his desk I just feel like he tosses things in there that he doesn't use anymore kind of like a spare trashcan for audio he's using the Turtle Beach ear for sky low headset but he also has a beats pill Bluetooth speaker underneath his monitor I mean it's not the worst setup I've seen but it's definitely one of the worst setups I've seen on the show thank you James for starting off the episode next up is Jeremiah with another bad setup and he's coming all the way from Philippines to show off this setup that he uses for school streaming videos and gaming it consists of a premade desk that he bought from a computer store and a Samsung monitor that has a huge row of dead pixels on the left side the desk is so small that you barely have enough room for your mouse so why would you put your laptop on it I mean if you wanted to show us that you own a laptop you could have too easily taking a picture of it on a different desk speaking of the laptop it actually has better specs than his PC it has the i5 6200 you four gigs of ram and the geforce 940 MX compared to the pentium ii 5300 CPU and a g4 730 with only two gigs of ram a few other things that Jeremiah has on his desk is the Nintendo 3ds we also got the xbox360 controller a USB hub and his co loud earphones considering he has no other audio source cable management as expected is atrocious I mean if your drawer looks like this then obviously your setup is gonna be worse it just seems like you don't care about your setup enough to clean up the wires a bit but anyways good luck and thank you for entering and number three we got Joelle with a more presentable setup so he's rocking two completely different monitors but that's okay since they both seem to work just fine however what on earth is going on with your keyboard dude it looks like it hasn't seen an air duster in ages I do have to give Joelle some credit for at least cleaning up his cables I mean he even built his very own cable rack using a few sheets of paper I mean if this doesn't scream out budget then I don't know what does after today I don't want to hear excuses that people don't have money to cable manage I mean if you all can do this using a few sheets of paper and some tape then you should be able to do it all so he doesn't have any speakers so the only audio source he's got is the ozone rage headset that he keeps in his drawer when he's not using it and the PC powering the set up is equipped with an i5 7500 and msi gtx 1050 TI for being only 12 years old this is actually a pretty good setup I mean if a 12 year old can keep his setup this clean then what the hell is your excuse for sitting in a dump I'm looking at you James and Jeremiah and probably the rest of the contestants on this episode but anyways Thank You Joel for entering and good luck and number four is Lance who lives in Florida and this is the setup that he uses for homework although it's not really a setup what I found funny about the submission is that he labeled his desk as a granite countertop I mean he's not wrong it is technically a granite countertop but it's not really a desk anyways he's rocking two laptops the main computer is a 2012 13 inch MacBook Air and the side computer is a Dell Latitude efj if t 430 I'm not sure why he needs two laptops or if this setup is even real to begin with but this is the submission it's obvious he's an Apple fan judging by the iPad the iPhone and even Apple skins on his Dell laptop I feel like the setup looks very cluttered because of the way everything is so spread out and even the cables are just hanging around in the back just out of curiosity I want to see what your bedroom is like and this goes for everyone that enters were setup edition from now on I want to see actual pictures of your bedroom to see if there's a desk or if there's room for a desk just so I can confirm the legitimacy of your setup either way Thank You Lance for entering and good luck wrapping up the episode we have Ludwig which also happens to be my favorite setup from the episode because this dude built a gaming PC with a monitor as a side panel I'm not even joking he's rocking an old Fujitsu three by four monitor which isn't even 1080p and he attached it to the side of his PC I don't know if that's pre-built or custom-built but that is one hell of a modification maybe he saw my snowblind PC review and wanted to build something like that for himself but instead he came up with something like this he even built a custom cooling solution for the GPU if you guys noticed the heatsink underneath the GPU and also the front fan that's attached to the case using zip ties I love the fact that he has a pretty nice collection of motherboards on his wall that actually looks pretty cool and the fact that he's growing a tree in his house like what is up with those leaves dude if Tarzan would have a setup I think it would look something like this but anyways he's got a pretty basic mouse keyboard headset and even microphone the cables aren't really managed but then again this is the worst setup edition either way very impressed with the modifications you got there Ludwig thank you and good luck so that wraps up this episode of setup wars make sure you guys vote using the straw holding down below because the person with the worst setup will take home $100 in cash and they can use that money towards whatever the hell they want I'll announce the winners on my Instagram and Twitter accounts on the weekend make sure you guys are following me there if you care enough thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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