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Setup Wars - Episode 131

what's of grasses mtech Soros and welcome to setup wars episode 131 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch a video linked down below but what that said ladies and gentlemen welcome to setup Wars starting off Tepes ode is roland with an interesting setup not because of his custom open-air pc build but because he has an LED lamp built out of cassette tapes okay he's got an ultra wide monitor from LG however this is the 29 inch version and he's also using the hammer Raj or regard and mouse combo I'm actually never heard of that before for REO he's got to genius speakers and after the far-left are a pair of Beats headphones which he got for a gift pretty straightforward stuff on a desk but let's take a look at this awesome PC so this is actually designed by him and it was manufactured by a local company I love these stealth silver and white color scheme I think it did a great job on designing the case overall especially the backside it looks like you added some extra space to hide the power supply and the cables nicely done I would however replace that 4 gig ram stick to something that has the same speed and timing otherwise you're losing out on performance because your PC is currently under clocking the faster Ram stick I don't know what's going on with the cables behind the setup because the back board is blocking it however I don't see any wires on the ground so that's always good the only complaints I had were the carpet stains and the mural paintings on the wall that are off centered but you already beat me to the punch by telling me in the notes apparently the carpet and the pictures belong to the owner and he's currently working on replacing them in terms of recommendations I feel like your headphones are a bit too far to the left maybe replace them with the LED lamp so that they are closer to you you should definitely face the speaker's more towards you since they are kind of spread out and believe me they do make a difference believe it or not if you do have the budget for it I would recommend mounting your monitor against the wall or on a desk and putting those speakers closer in the center underneath the monitor and finally I would recommend running the mouse wire underneath the keyboard and wrapping both keyboard and mouse together while running it's great across on the left side of the monitor standard it will look a lot cleaner so yeah those are my recommendations on improving your setup use them if you want to but thank you Roland for entering next up is Josh and his gaming setup featuring the Acer x34 ultra wide that's hooked up to the freedom arm below that we got the logitech g930 95 keyboard with custom key caps from max keyboard comm I do want to point out the direction of his Corsair mousepad why on earth have I not thought of this it's such a simple ingenious way of hiding the cable coming out of it just basically rotated to its side and run the cable underneath the keyboard pure genius and I'm over here recommending people who drill holes in their desk and stuff I mean this way you're able to run both the keyboard and mouse pad wire directly across the desk so it looks much cleaner and of course there's the option of drilling a hole in the desk underneath the keyboard if you really do want to hide the wires completely speaking of the desk its motorized and us from EVO desk these things are actually pretty sweet and they can go up to $1,000 or more and actually fully customizable you can set the length color finish you can even add custom skins on the top and select the type of cable management accessories you want with a desk I mean there are like 10 pages of options that you can choose from evil desk if you're watching this video maybe we can team up and do something I would love to do an ultimate desk setup featuring one of your desks Josh isn't using any speakers and instead he's got three pairs of headsets we got the wireless arctic sevens resting on a hanger and below his desk are the sony MDR 7 506 s and the popular hyper x cloud twos looks like josh opted for the evo desk pod which essentially adds storage space underneath the desk that's definitely a nice add-on the cables are also managed very well with a bunch of velcro straps to tie the wires together and a cable rack to hold everything up by the way that cable rack is also another option that you can select while customizing the death the Jew CPC powering this entire setup has a 7700 K 32 gigs of Dominator Platinum's and the GT X 1080 founders Edition very nice cable management behind the PC by the way it's looking really clean Georgia definitely has a weird color scheme he said that he was going for a brown silver black and a little bit of white aside from the inconsistency of the color scheme this is a very clean and powerful gaming setup Thank You Josh for entering up next is Marco all the way from Switzerland with another clean ultra wide gaming setup featuring the asus rog pg3 for 8q monitor that he hooked up against the wall the desk is made up of the ikea wobbly countertop and to alex' your units very nice the keyboard of choices from Logitech and he also paired that with the G 900 mouse which is still even til today after one year my favorite Mouse of all time for audio he's got the blue yeti pro microphone that he hooked up to his focus right audio interface and if he's not using the msr7 headphones from audio technica he's using the KRK Rokit five speakers one thing I like about the setup are the shelves that he installed against the wall and the many items and props on top of it he's got a glass shelf on the right side holding up some photography gear and gaming consoles while he hooked up an alux add-on unit against the wall on the other side it's definitely strange to see this on a wall considering is usually seen on a desk holding up monitors but it actually looks pretty good cable management underneath the desk is looking pretty good all the wires are off the ground so no complaints here and finally we got his custom PC that he uses for gaming though it's definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing build I've seen but it definitely packs some heat I feel like once you put any Noctua fans in your PC it automatically looks like a dumpster I mean it's 2017 you would think they would add some RGB or change up that color scheme I'm sorry Noctua you make really great fans out there but please change the hideous color scheme it's actually one of the reasons why I haven't used any of your fans since 2013 in any of my PC builds also why did you go with 64 gigs of ram if you're only using the PC for gaming I hope it wasn't because you wanted to fill up the slots on the motherboard because that huge jet engine cooling fan is blocking the RAM sticks anyways it's just a waste of money if you ask me I would have used that money towards custom cables but again that's just me either way you have a very clean set up with an overkill gaming PC Thank You Marco for entering from Vietnam we got Tong who is a student and this is the setup he uses for gaming editing and the occasional fab session according to the notes ok I love the low-light pictures in the dark especially if the quality is this good but please it would be nice to include a few daytime shots to see what your setup would normally look like but anyways moving on so we got another ultrawide monitor wow this is actually for ultra whites in a row already I feel like everybody is switching over to ultra eyes or something what the hell is going on we do have some RGB gear as well the CM storm quickfire xti keyboard and the logitech g502 mouse with an RGB lamp it looks like he's got a few smartphones on the desk as well as a random AMD cooler ok look I don't mind random PC parts just laying around on your desk but if they have no purpose and they're just sitting there it kind of looks dumb to be honest it would have been way cooler if you can mod it somehow and give it some function held even if you use it as a speaker stand or a coaster it would have been better so there are no speakers in this setup however Tong uses the wireless arc test 3 headphones from SteelSeries as his main audio source by the way I do want to point out that you didn't even leave a like on my video am I not good enough for you Tong's pc is beast you would have never guessed that it's running on the horizon 5 1600 CPU the color scheme cable management and the par selection is on point excellent job with that PC build one of the things I recommend for your setup is maybe a headphone hangar to hold the arc test 3 underneath your desk this is the one I recently featured in my budget tech on the $25 and it comes with two USB ports so you can charge your headset while it's not being used I would also pick up a phone stand for your g6 now if you want to charge your phone at the same time this phone stand from lamech Cal is pretty straightforward and it will the job done however if you want to be more creative you can pick up something like the adora solid grip and attach that to your desk and you can basically have it hold your smartphone with this standing it tons of flexibility to move your smartphone wherever you want on your setup I think it's a pretty cool add-on and as always I'll drop a link to everything I recommend in this video down below with some minor tweaks I think that you can improve your setup greatly thank you tongue for entering wrapping up the episode is Warley coming from the Philippines he's 25 years old and his occupation is an SEO expert and web developer and this is the setup that he uses mainly for productivity with some mild gaming finally a setup that doesn't have an ultra-light instead he's got 323 inch monitors from LG that are hooked up to a desk mount and below that he's rocking the coarser K 55 RGB keyboard and the Logitech G 102 Mouse the first thing that stood out to me were those tiny Logitech speakers it's funny seeing these massive monitors and then looking down to find two tiny speakers he doesn't microphone setup as well which he hooked up in a smart location it's actually right behind the monitors so basically when he's not using it he can hide it in the back and they won't get in the way of anything however the headset stand is in a weird spot and personally I wouldn't recommend using that headphone stand if your headset or headphones have a wire because it's gonna be annoying throughout the cable around the stand every single time you have to put it back or take it out I would recommend a hanger instead of a stand I see so many people using one of these and hanging their headphones and I just leave the cable alone and it's like hanging down which does not look cool so I'm going to show you guys real quickly how you can hang your headphones with a wire attached so these are my sennheiser HD 800 as custom-painted headphones and of course it has a wire on there what I normally do is I would grab maybe about six inches of the cable I would hold it with my pinky and then I would start wrapping the wire around the top headset portion takes about five seconds and once I get to the top I you I plug in the jack right inside just like this I tuck it in and then BOOM I hang it on the hanger I've seen a lot of people who just leave their wires hanging out of their headphones which kind of the piece the purpose of cleaning up your setup but anyways this is the method I prefer instead of using one of those headphone stands and putting your headphones on top I feel like you will clean up your setup a lot by keeping it hidden underneath your desk again I'm sure most of you guys watching already know about this but there are so many setups I've seen that don't know how to do it or just don't care but anyways moving on really good work with the cable management I can see that you used a cable raceway to run some cables through and you hooked up your power strip underneath the table the only issue I have is with the two cables running down those monitors I would strongly recommend running them behind the monitors towards the center display and running both the wires down alongside the monitor mount that way it's hidden neatly behind it I'm assuming those cables aren't long enough to do that so in that case I would recommend a 10 feet DisplayPort cable or HDMI cable depending on what you're using and once again I'll drop a link to it down below simple modifications like these would really improve the look of your setup also down here we got the PC and it's equipped with the horizon 5 1400 16 gigs of ram and you gigabyte gtx 1050 graphics card some minor tweaks are needed to improve your setup but overall it's a great start Thank You Wally for entering so that is the finis episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk set up and as always I'll announce it on my social media platforms then guys so much for watching if you love setup wars past I like to show your support if you don't please dislike it I'd rather take you dislike rather than no ratings at all anyways I love your faces thank you from what thank you for much thank you so much for watching and I will see who in the next one
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