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Setup Wars Episode 133 - Girl Edition

what's up guys it's a from Texas and due to popular request welcome to setup wars episode 133 girl edition if you guys want to participate on the next one make sure to submit your setup by watching the video linked below let the setup wars begin starting off the episode we got Elizabeth and her setup that she uses for gaming and homework she's using a 23 inch monitor from Dell mechanical gaming keyboard from black web and a wireless mouse from Logitech for audio she's using the Turtle Beach px 3s and a pair of Dell speakers but she also has a microphone setup as well with a rebranded BM 800 microphone I gotta say I like your taste in cars we got the McLaren p1 on the right side and at first I thought the left one was an Aventador but it's actually a veneno shout out to my Twitter followers for that super fast response by the way I also like the custom-made monitor stand using the house of night series books that's one way to use them I guess but I do strongly recommend an actual monitor stand I know that you're on a tight budget but you can actually buy one for as little as 13 dollars from Amazon or better yet there is one that has space for extra storage like sheets of paper and even supplies on the right side for only four dollars more and since you are going with a black and blue color scheme the monitor riser would fit right in also I'm not sure why you connect with your headset and keyboard to the front USB panel of your case your setup would look a lot cleaner if it's hidden behind your PC instead and speaking of cables I don't know if Frankenstein himself was involved in the management but yeah you can definitely clean that up a bit first up I would get rid of all of those nasty zip ties and electrical tape I would pick up some cable sleeves velcro straps and this cable box the type of desk you have doesn't really work well with the Tucket in method as I explained in my cable management guide your setup actually would benefit from the let it hang instead wrap the cables together using the velcro and run them through the cable sleeve and store the excess cables along with the parish tip inside the cable box on the ground the PC powering the setup has an FX 6300 and a gtx 10:50 TI and it also looks like you forgot to plug in the USB cable to the motherboard header if you're wondering why one of the front USB ports don't work well that's why you can even use some velcro straps to tie the XLR cable alongside the boom arm so that way it's not just hanging down like that next to your desk I feel like put some minor tweaks you can improve your setup greatly Thank You Elizabeth for starting off the episode and yeah is up next all the way from Norway and this is her setup for gaming screaming and editing she didn't include her twitch account for some reason so I'm gonna share it with you guys and I'll leading it below so make sure to stop by and say what's up she's rocking to 24 inch monitors that are hooked up against a mount and the desk she's using is called the Vika Amman and it's from Ikea on the desk she's walking Eraser chroma black widow keyboard and the SteelSeries rival 700 Mouse she doesn't use any speakers however she does have two sets of headsets we got the SteelSeries Arctic 500 for the PC and the Turtle Beach elite 800 for the ps4 I love the black white and red color scheme you have going on there but I feel like you can be more consistent with it picking up some red skins for the ps4 will definitely contribute and you should consider wrapping the edge of the desk in some red skins as well just to give it that nice contrast against the black also I'm not sure how invested you are with that current mousepad but if this was my setup I would replace it with any of these three options but I found on Amazon my personal pick would be this one from enhanced honestly it looks sick but either way I'll leave a link to everything I mentioned down below the PC powering setup is a gorgeous very clean build featuring these 6700 K and the Asus Trix 1060 I like the custom cables and the a IO tubing from cable mod and the icing on the cake was that custom backplate from v1 tech nicely done by the way the lights on one of your RAM sticks are off in case you didn't notice I like that you mounted the blue snowball ice microphone behind the monitors and also notice that there are two lamps mounted on the desk as well this is a great way to add some extra light in your setup if you don't have any space on the desk itself pretty good job with the cable management I don't have any major complaints you did keep all the wires off the ground and even velcroed some of them to the legs to keep it from flaring out the cables on top of the desk cover can be slightly adjusted I don't know if you really need a lot cables for the mouse but if you don't I do recommend hiding some of that access underneath the keyboard overall this is an awesome streaming and editing setup thank you Anna for entering once again guys I'll drop a link to a twitch account if you want to check it out number three we have Melanie and her setup that she uses for productivity and gaming she also has a YouTube channel called easy tech and I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check it out she's using two ASA monitors that she hooked up on a desk mount and above that is a 24 inch Samsung monitor that she uses for console gaming the desk she built consists of the wooden coral D countertop and to Alex Shores I definitely approve of that combination for peripherals she's walking the e element mechanical RGB keyboard and the Roccat Kone gaming mouse I love that you combine both of the cables together like this it looks very clean for audio she's using these super luxe HD 681 semi-open headphones and the Insignia speaker set with the subwoofer underneath the desk for voiceover she's using the NW 715 and boom arm combo that also comes with the included phantom power supply some other stuff that she's got on a desk include a league of Legends Funko pop a Day of the Dead skull thingy and a jar filled with some lights that actually looks pretty cool key management underneath the desk is done very well nice use of the Signum rack to hold everything up and although I'm against using tape against the cables it does get the job done so that's cool finally we got her PC that's powering this setup and it's actually using a case that I haven't seen yet so this is the appeal X cube or I think that's how you say I don't even know at this point it's actually a cool looking micro ATX cube case I might have to do a build in this sometime but I'm definitely gonna be using the pink version though Melanie you got a very clean and be set up thank you for entering and good luck with your channel if you guys want to check her out and show her some love I'll drop a link to the channel below all the way from England we got Sophie he was going to school for mental health nursing however her passion is doing YouTube full-time and this is her setup that she uses mainly for gaming editing and even screaming at times if you guys want to show some love on our YouTube channel I'll drop a link below all right so she was going for an all-white color scheme and I gotta say she did a pretty good job overall with the part selection personally I would have gone with the eraser and Viktor instead of the Firefly if you really wanted an all-white setup I only say that because it doesn't look like you're going for any contrast so that black mouse pad kind of just throws off the color scheme a bit she does have a dual monitor setup for screaming featuring two 24 inch curved monitors from Samsung that are hooked up against the wall and powering the setup as the GTX 1060 from EVGA and a 7700 K a very clean build inside the S 340 case so if he stated that she likes to keep her desk clutter free so when she's not streaming she sometimes removes the mouse and mouse math off the desk while she's using her xbox one same with the blue snowball ice microphone and the razer kraken pro headset when I was watching her setup video it looks like she hooks up the snowball ice mic to a boom arm and attaches that to the left side of the desk if you ask me it's kind of inconvenient constantly moving around your mic setup personally I will just leave it there and if you really are bothered by it you can actually hook it up behind the monitor somehow see if you can hook up the boom arm on the wall mount itself so that you can hide it whenever you're done using it hiding the headset is understandable since that is smaller and easier to disconnect but the mic setup is a different story another thing I would recommend to clean up your setup a bit is by rotating the razer mouse pad sideways and routing both mouse and mousepad wire underneath the keyboard and out through the top this will eliminate the number of cables you have going across your desk for a much cleaner look the cables under the desk however are managed very well it looks like you spent quite some time organizing everything if you want to get that Xbox off the ground I recommend mounting it either against the wall or underneath your desk and you can actually do that by using this popular hide it adjustable mount it's a bit pricey but it's one of the best Universal mounts out there you can use it to mount pretty much anything underneath your desk whether it's the Wii U Xbox Playstation 4 or anything that's rectangular and I know Sophie you live in the UK so I actually did some research and I found one that's a little cheaper and also closer to you I'll double link to that one below as well you said in your video that you hate going to school and that's not your passion instead you want to create content for a living I just want to say that I was in the same boat as you were I was going to school for three years studying computer engineering and I absolutely hated it I had no passion in that and once I gained enough traction on YouTube I actually quit I dropped out of school and I pursued YouTube full-time and Here I am four years later I guess what I'm trying to say here is always follow your passion whoever you are out there watching this video just don't make any harsh decisions unless you're 100% confident that that is what you want to do for the rest of your life don't look at what other people have because it's unrealistic to achieve their same goals for the longest time I wanted to be the next PewDiePie but that is never gonna happen so instead I focused on my goals and what I wanted to achieve but anyways I'm getting sidetracked here I just I saw that poster or the picture on Sophie's wall that said do what you love and it kind of sparked me to say something about it you've got an awesome and very clean set up I'm confident with some minor tweaks that it will look even better Thank You Sophie for entering and good luck with your school and YouTube channel wrapping up the episode as stuff and her triple display setup featuring three 27-inch Asus monitors we got the Logitech G 810 keyboard and the g502 Mouse true story this table is actually a dining table so there is that karate oh he's rocking a logitech g930 3 headset and the Logitech z5o 6 speakers which he installed around her room with some custom made brackets I guess she was going for a surround sound setup excellent work would be cable management I don't have a single complaint I also like that you used a cable raceway for these speaker wires against the wall most people would actually leave the cables alone so it's nice to see that the PC part in the setup is sadly on the ground and it's rocking the 4790k and a gtx 980 honestly it's a sick looking black and red set up inside the coarser carbide 760 T but if you ask me I think that you have extra space on the table for your PC just move everything to the left side and you should have extra space to put your PC on the right I would also move that sub down to the floor not a bad setup a little bit overkill for my taste but you manage to keep it very clean and organized Thank You staff for entering and that pretty much wraps up this episode as always make sure you guys drop your comments below and vote on who you think has the best desk set up and I'll announce the winners on my Twitter and Instagram accounts thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoy set up boards dropping a like would be awesome and I'll see you in the next one
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