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Setup Wars - Episode 134

Alliance heroes of the spire is massively breaking into top mobile charts and it's a game that you should know about but almost 400 unique heroes that you can combine in over 10,000 different ways on the battlefield you can either fight to the death against crazy giant bosses as we like to do in all RPG games or battle real people and even your best friends in PvP mode not to mention really massive battles between guilds which is sick honestly I can sit here and talk for hours about this game but I rather you guys check it out for yourself it is free-to-play and it's available on iOS and Android but if you guys download the game using my link below then you'll get a sweet bonus of 50,000 gold and 50 gems so check it out now before the offer expires link below what's up guys thanks and welcome to setup wars episode 134 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the show and if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below with that said let the set upwards begin kick me off the episode is Danielle and his gaming and editing setup judging by the vegas pro icon on his desktop he's walking a 27-inch Samsung monitor that is sitting on top of the popular Satechi monitor stand and below that we got the Logitech G 610 keyboard coupled with the cursor scimitar Mouse is it a scimitar or scimitar I still don't know how to pronounce that mouse but anyways I do like the way he managed those cables I also like those racks that are holding up his Mackie CR four speakers because you can even use them as storage space which is pretty cool on the left side we can find his AKG K 7 xx headphones resting on the desk lamp and right below his monitor is the portable Samson go mic cable management underneath the desk looks very clean and the Signum is holding up majority of the cables and the rest of the wires are being held up using cable clips nicely done the pc powering the setup is rocking the 5820k 16 gigs of ram and an asus r9 390x not a bad gaming and productivity setup Thank You Daniel for starting off the show next up we got Eric from Taiwan and this is the setup he uses for gaming and editing it features a 34 inch ultra light from LG the corsair k70 luxe RGB keyboard and the logitech g502 mouse the setup also has a monitor riser however it's not really holding up anything because I think the monitor itself is mounted against the wall so here's an interesting layout for his mouse and bungee most people would put the bungee on the edge of the desk but then that would mean that the mouse wire has to go across the desk which doesn't really look as clean well Eric came up with a pretty cool solution for this so he moved his mouse bungee above his keyboard where he drilled a hole to route both of his wires through that's actually pretty smart I mean it's not the cleanest look but I much prefer this solution over the ladder he doesn't have any headphones but he does have a pair of Altec Lansing speakers as his main audio source I do have to give Eric some props on the cable management not only did he do a good job organizing the wires under the desk but he even added channel raceways against the wall to route the cables above the desk he even took it a step further and skinned them in black carbon it's an interesting choice it's obvious that Eric is a fan of anime and his setup reflects that from the wallpaper on the monitor and phone to these stickers and even his PC which is modded with some skins I also like that PSU shraddh mod he did near the bottom with those LED lights that looks pretty cool and very clean and straightforward setup thank you Eric for entering at number 3 we got Justin and his gaming setup featuring a 29 inch ultra wide from LG I love the white on black contrasts the desk setup actually looks very modern it's a simple IKEA desk but he actually skinned the top with white carbon fiber to give it that extra contrast he even skinned his PC case to go along with the color scheme on the desk he's got the Logitech G 610 keyboard and the logitech g502 Mouse along with a few other things like the g930 gaming headset the phone stand and a Harman Kardon speaker pretty good work with the cable management underneath the desk looks like everything is hooked up behind the backboard so no complaints here however the wires above your setup can be improved either drilling a hole in the desk to route them through there or simply tying them together with clean up the surface a bit Justin also has a laptop for when he needs to go mobile and I'm assuming that he stores that on the top drawer underneath his desk for when he's not using it because leaving it on the desk like that simply takes up too much space the main PC powering this setup is on the opposite side on the ground and it features the 7700 K and a su Strix 1070 it's a shame that it's on the floor because it's actually a decent looking PC a very balanced gaming setup with awesome color contrast Thank You Justin for entering nathie who is a warden from South Africa is our fourth contestant and this is his setup for gaming and editing he built it on a custom-made desk and it features three wall-mounted Dell monitors the Mad Catz strike 7 keyboard and the rat 7 Mouse he kept a setup very clean he kept the audio interface right in front of him and he mounted as KRK Rokit 6 speakers on the walls and his headset on a stand to his right very clean job overall speaking of clean I have no complaints when it comes to the cable management he's pretty much hooked up everything underneath the desk and he even used cable raceways everywhere to hide the cables excellent work the PC on the other hand is more like a supercomputer at least that's what it looks like from the outside on the inside its got the 4790k and to Asus tricks 1070 s in sli with 32 gigs of ram however he did add two extra radiators one on the top and one on the bottom I honestly thought it was a water-cooled PC at first because why would you add two extra radiators in an air-cooled build like that it just makes no sense so on the other side of his room he actually has a wall-mounted Xbox one setup that's hooked up to a TV what can I say a pretty badass gaming setup Thank You Nathalie for entering wrapping up the episode we got Ryan making a return from episode 124 if you guys remember he shared a room with his girlfriend which had a set up right beside his but since then she actually moved her setup into another room giving Ryan some extra space to redo his setup looks like he got a new desk as well and he mentioned in the notes that he got inspiration from my Wolverine setup that I created on that channel there's definitely a lot going on here but I feel like Ryan did an excellent job organizing things while keeping stuff symmetrical and balanced at the same time the monitor he is using is still the same 28 inch 4k display from Samsung however this time he mounted it against the wall right above that he still got the 48 inch vizio tv with chromecast built in and he's even hooked up his Wii U and ps4 slim to the TV for console gaming for when he is not streaming videos the keyboard mouse and mouse pad are all from courser and I like that he drilled a hole underneath the desk for the wire management so this is a music production setup as well which is why he has two KRK Rokit powered 5 speakers he also has the ath m50x headphones and the m XL 770 microphone I really like the neutral white on black color scheme and I feel like it looks so much better than before because there was way too much black on his previous setup and that wasn't really a fan of that I definitely liked seeing brighter colors in a setup to give it that extra pop the PC powering the setup is still using the same parts we got these 6600 K and the EVGA gtx 1070 that's sitting inside the fantex through pro case I like that you added a kylo Ren figurine on the desk and the Xbox one elite controller to balance it on the other side definitely some major improvements from last time thank you again Ryan for entering that pretty much wraps up this episode and as always make sure you guys leave your comments below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup and I'll ask the winners on my social media platforms on the weekend if you guys enjoy the show dropping a like would be awesome if you guys don't please I encourage you to leave a dislike thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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