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Setup Wars Episode 135 - Budget Edition

what's up guys up in Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 135 a budget edition I basically do these every five episodes and then I do worst setup editions every ten episodes so if you guys want to participate in the next budget edition make sure to watch the video linked below let the setup Wars begin kicking off the episode is Daxton and his black and white gaming setup that he also uses for school work he's 16 and a Best Buy sales associate which means that he's on a budget he also stated that he's a huge fan of logitech because they have amazing customer service I love that you didn't write anywhere in the notes that you actually like the quality of the products just customer service it's interesting we got the Logitech G 2:13 prodigy keyboard g502 proteus Mouse Z 323 speakers and the G 430 headset all from Logitech I gotta admire the brand loyalty there I also like the unique set of items you have hung from the wall the license plate actually has a sentimental value because it's from his very first accident where his car burned down and the watch was a gift from his father and stepmom on their wedding day there wasn't much else on the setup it's very compact and straightforward great cable management and the PC running at all is a budget build rocking the G 45 60 and a 1050 TI Thank You Daxton for entering and starting off the show up next is Hayes coming from Louisiana and this is his setup for gaming he actually runs a small graphic design business which is where he saved up his money to buy most of the items and his setup for a 14 year old that's pretty badass the desktop is made from scratch using some scrap wood and resin while the legs are built from square pipe bars and he helped from his dad and cousin the monitor he's using is actually the bezel meaning that he took apart the casing so the bezels aren't as big that's definitely the first time I've heard of that so I was reading some comments on setup wars the other day regarding my recommendation to run the mouse wire underneath the keyboard and some people were complaining about that because they were saying competitive gamers need a lot of cable slack to move the mouse around I think you guys misunderstood what I was trying to say you can have as much cable slack as you want running the cable underneath the keyboard is just to clean up the surface that way you don't have that nasty cable running across the desk it has nothing to do with cable slack you can pull out as much cable as you need if I'm underneath the keyboard anyways back to the setup so for audio he's rocking a JBL extreme speaker blue snowball microphone and the px3 gaming headset hanging underneath the desk the cable management is very clean it looks like most of the cables are routed inside that giant tube and the rest are covered using wall raceways down here is a PC that's powering the setup and it's sitting on carpet and this is the second PC featuring AG 45 60 and a 10 50 TI one thing I would recommend for your PC is a computer stand which will not only help prevent dust and dirt from going inside your PC potentially damaging it but it also has wheels on it so you can move it around easily whether you want to clean the carpet up or maybe you want to plug something in from the back I also feel like your desk is just way too big for the amount of things you have on there but I guess you can call it future proof if you ever need to add additional monitors later down the line or maybe even upgrade to an ultra wide and add some bookshelf speakers you definitely have all that extra space to work with I guess I'm just wondering why you haven't placed your PC on the desk since you definitely have extra space for it I really like those backlit hexagons that you built on the wall it's very unique and definitely add some spice to the overall setup but very nice and considering you're only 14 and on a budget that's pretty damn impressive Thank You haze for entering Jacob is up next who is only a year older than haze with a very clean gaming setup featuring a 21 inch monitor that's hooked up to an interesting monitor arm below that we got the pair of Logitech Z 150 speakers and the k70 RGB keyboard with the Death Adder elite Mouse on the right as the budget PC running on the I 360 180 TX 1060 from EVGA with the Sennheiser GSP 300 gaming headset hanging from the S 340 elite case pretty good work with the kill management looks like he hooked up everything underneath the desk and routed the cables through the channel raceway that I recommended so many times in the past excellent work not much else I can say very clean gaming setup that gets the job done Thank You Jacob for entering coming all the way from Slovakia in Europe is jaraj and his video editing and gaming setup now you guys might be wondering II D why the hell is this guy in budget edition he has three freaking monitors relax okay he's using outdated 17-inch monitors that cost him a total of 30 euros the desk itself is custom made by him from old shelves that he took apart from his wall and he even created a spot just for his PC on the right side awesome job on the custom work my man that's actually very impressive the three monitors fits perfectly on the desk riser with a USB hub attached underneath there and there's even a spot to hang his jam bird headphones I also love that you drill a hole to route the keyboard and mouse wire through and take a look at the wire management underneath his desk beautiful job couldn't have done it better myself the PC powering the setup has an athlon x4 8:45 and gigabyte gtx 1050 there's really nothing I'll recommend for your setup I think you did a great job putting it all together despite being on a tight budget I do want to let you know that I read your note and I appreciate the kind words so if you're watching this video send me an email through setup ORS because I do want to send you $100 I know it's not much but I'm hoping you can use this towards your next setup upgrade last but not least is Ronald who is not only the youngest contestant of this episode being only 12 but also the one who has a true budget setup I mean this guy built his entire setup underneath his bunk bed that's genius I mean you can jump straight out of bed and start gaming and vice versa all jokes aside obviously he didn't have the extra space in his room for a setup so he had to make the decision of putting it underneath his bed having a setup is better than not having a setup so Ronald is rocking a 25 inch ultra light from LG and a budget keyboard and mouse that I don't know the name of he doesn't have any headphones so instead he's using speakers that he bought from some Chinese website in fact he purchased the keyboard and mouse from that same Chinese website the PC powering the setup is an eyesore it's equipped with an FX 6300 and a gtx 740 there was a few things I noticed the your pc though first up you put the RAM sticks in the wrong slot you do need to double check that and make sure they are both in the correct alternating slots also you might want to bring that GPU to the top x16 slot you might not notice a huge difference in performance but every little bit helps I do have to give you some props on attempting the cable management I mean at least you zip tie those cables to the bed but the rest of the wires are kind of just hanging from the back if you don't want to invest in some better cable management equipment then that's fine but you can pick up some cable clips to help keep those wires from sagging those are actually a lot cheaper I read your notes Ronald and I know that I inspired you to build your current PC and you're actually planning on building your next one so if you're watching this video toss me an email on setup boards because I do want to help out on your next build thank you for being such a longtime subscriber I appreciate it and thank you for entering so that does it for this episode of setup words I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure to drop your comments below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup if you guys do enjoy the budget edition of setup or and dropping a like would be awesome and if you guys don't like it please I encourage you to leave a dislike thank you so much watching as always I will see you in the next one
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