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Setup Wars - Episode 136

what's up guys it's ad from Texas and if you're watching this on the day that it launched then it would be January 1st the first day of a brand new year and I just want to take this time and wish you guys a very happy new year and I hope that 2018 becomes the best year yet for you guys whether you're gonna be accomplishing your goals that year or at the very least one step closer to achieving your goals or dreams I do want to give each thanks to my loyal subscribers out there who support me on every single one of my videos regardless of the type of content you guys are the true MVP to this channels growth I think last month we finished very close to 8 million views and we racked up at least 30,000 subscribers which is insane and I plan to keep that momentum going throughout 2018 as well my plan for 2018 is to bring better content for you guys and also relaunch some of the previous series that I stopped doing like the overpriced tech which I know a lot of you guys keep asking me for PC Wars and of course the most popular series still on the channel which is the ultimate desk setup the last one I did was a Wolverine setup and it was very awesome I think it's over a million views now check it out in case you guys missed it but I have some really awesome ideas on the next few desk setups and I'm really excited to bring those to you guys and finally I do want to give a huge huge thanks to every single person who supported Tamar and her family I created a GoFundMe and every single person that contributed you guys are seriously amazing I really underestimated the support for my subscribers and from the bottom of my heart I truly truly appreciate you guys thank you so much for the support long story short tomorrow is one of my family members in Armenia living in very poor conditions and I created a GoFundMe to help support their family and also to get them through Christmas because you know I feel really bad I did contribute to them a very good amount offline via MoneyGram but I decided to make a separate GoFundMe and see if my subscribers can pitch in and help as well but if you guys want to check that out I'll drop a link below it is not required at all but again I do want to give a huge huge things you guys have no idea how amazing that was huge thanks to every single person that can I'd love to keep a track and a list of people who contribute to things like that so if you do contribute it please forward me the receipt now I can write your name down and stuff so anyways I'm sorry feel very long intro I just there's some stuff I needed to say because this is the first year of 2018 but anyways welcome to set up or it's episode 136 let the set of words finally begin kicking off the episode is barry from the philippines and his sick triple monitor setup that he uses for productivity and light gaming the first thing i noticed from the setup is actually the keyboard and that's hanging from the wall and i have no idea why i mean it's nothing crazy i don't know why it sticks out I guess I've just never seen it before but anyways he's rocking to Lenovo monitors that are hooked up against the wall and we got the late 2013 iMac which is powering the setup the desk he's using is actually a dining table and there's definitely a lot going on there but Barry did a great job organizing everything he's using the eraser BlackWidow chroma keyboard that he uses for gaming apparently while he uses the logitech k7 50 solar-powered keyboard for productivity he also has an apple wireless keyboard that he uses with the Apple TV he's got a few mice to choose from the Razer mama chroma for gaming and the Apple Magic Mouse for productivity and he's using the eraser Firefly mousepad excellent work with the wire management from the keyboard and mouse pad by the way some other things on the desk include his echo dot both of his smartphones and a few Star Wars figurines for a balance for audio he's got quite the setup he's got the Edifier X 600 speaker system that he mounted against the wall he's also mounted the 80/20 35 microphone and boom arm against the wall which is genius and he also has a few selection of headphones the v-moda m100 crossfades which he uses for music and gaming and the Bose QuietComfort 20 5s for when the neighbor's dogs are barking so let me get the straight you got headphones just to block out the noise of the dogs that's pretty badass speaking of audio he's also using the LG home theater system for his entertainment setup which is right behind his actual setup and over here he's got the 40 inch Samsung TV hooked up against the wall which he uses to watch videos through the Apple TV and also game on his consoles he's rocking both ps3 and xbox 360 which are wrapped in carbon fiber skins unfortunately I don't have a picture of that K Weismann is immaculate he's done such a great job and you guys can tell he spent some time perfecting this he even has a cable box underneath here and a UPS for protection against blackouts I love Barry's attention to detail there's some stuff in here that you probably didn't even notice like adding cable clips for his XLR cable next to the audio interface and even cable clips for the wires on the ground he's even installed while raceways to cover up the cables from the wall-mounted speakers and the TV it really does seem like Barry cares a lot about his setup I'm actually very impressed with this setup Thank You Barry for entering and if you guys want to check out more of his stuff I'll drop a link to his YouTube channel down below he doesn't upload often but he does have some quality content that I think you guys might enjoy next up is Simon from Canada and his setup for studying gaming and doing YouTube if reading the wallpaper wasn't obvious enough he was going for a minimalistic setup featuring a single 27-inch monitor from LG that's hooked up to the Ergo Tron pole mount and below that he's rocking the poker 60% mechanical keyboard with custom key caps and the Logitech G 904 audio is using a pair of audio engine 82 plus speakers and the Sennheiser HD 598 headphones which are hanging from the side of the desk speaking of the desk I kind of like it he's using the anthro desk sit and stand base with the stained curtain tabletop for Mike here I'm not a big fan of wood tabletops as you guys already know but this actually looks pretty good great work with the cable management I love the use of these Signum rack and the LED strips and we also have the Focusrite audio interface attached under here which he uses with his HD 598 headphones and finally we got the PC powering it all which is built inside this tiny cursor 380 case and it features the 4790k and a single EVGA GTX 1070 with 16 gigs of ram a very clean and minimalistic setup with purpose Thank You Simon for entering sticking on the topic of minimalistic setups we got Toby coming from Austria he saved his money for five years in order to put together to set up from scratch he is now 16 which means that he started saving when he was just 11 the result a setup built for gaming and editing video featuring an ultra ride from Samsung the Logitech G 510 keyboard and the Rho cation mouse he's also rocking my favourite pair of speakers in the world the e Luna eclipsed e 25 s and white which look awesome by the way he does have a mic setup with the rode nt1-a that's hooked up to a boom arm and his Bayer dynamic DT 770 Pro headphones that are hanging from underneath the desk pretty good work with the cable management even though it doesn't look that good all the cables are off the ground so I can't really complain here and finally the PC powering everything has a 77 in decay and the MSI GTX 1080 I think the only thing that I'm impressed about is the fact that you had this much self-control to save your money for five freaking years and damn has it paid off great work and thank you Toby for entering Toby number 2 is up next and for some reason his setup looks very familiar but I can't really tell if he's been on the show or not so I decided to include it anyways toby is from unic germany and this is his gaming and productivity setup featuring two HP monitors he's also got the cherry DW 8000 keyboard and the mouse combo with the philips universim boombox that's pretty much it on a desk I love that he used some sort of plank to support the boombox since there wasn't enough space on his desk that's interesting another cool modification that Toby did to his desk was adding some sort of spacer between his desk drawer and the table to give it a levitating effect and actually use that extra space to throw in some RGB lights which look very nice by the way it also looks like Toby is a car enthusiast judging by the wallpaper and the collection of cars on the shelf to his right very clean work underneath the desk and you even managed to hide your PC so that no one can make fun of you I mean I don't blame you it's a prebuilt and it's from HP yeah a very clean and straightforward setup Thank You Toby number two for entering and by the way HP if you're watching I don't hate you if you guys are looking for a sponsor hit me up wrapping up the episode is Zack and his gaming setup featuring a 25 inch monitor from Acer the Thermaltake Challenger prime keyboard and the CyberPower gaming mouse for audio is rocking a toner mic and the blue fire gaming headset and a pair of cyber acoustic speakers with a subwoofer I gotta say for a twelve-year-old this setup is badass I mean you got pretty much everything you need you got speakers headphones a microphone and a solid gaming rig if I say so myself it's running on the r5 1400 and an msi RX 588 gigabyte variant not bad at all if a 12 year old can keep a setup this clean and not have a bunch of wires sticking all over the place then I shouldn't see a grown-ass man with crappy cable management anywhere you guys have no excuse this is a very simple cookie cutter setup but it works and I'm very impressed that you managed to keep it very clean Thank You Zack for entering and that pretty much wraps up this video as always make sure you guys drop your kukuku let's drop your comments down below and vote and who you think has the best best setup and i'll announce the winners on my social media platforms again guys I wish you a very happy new year and I hope that 2018 is the best year yet that's pretty much it I'm out of here thank you so much for watching I love your faces and I'll see you in the next one
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