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Setup Wars - Episode 137

what's up guys it's a from tech source and before I begin I have a few things I want to say to you first of all I'm sorry for sounding like this I got the flu unfortunately but I've been sitting down and thinking about this a lot and I think I want to eventually knock down setup wars from twice a week or sorry once a week to once every two weeks and I actually have two reasons for that reason number one is I'm simply getting burnt out I've been doing setup Wars once a week since June 2015 guys that's two and a half years of doing the show without missing a single week and it started to take a toll on me it feels like every Monday is coming up faster and faster and I just can't seem to catch up so I feel like I really do need a break again I don't know what I'm gonna do this but I definitely thinking about it and it might happen sometime in 2018 second reason is if you guys look at my channel 50% of my content is set up related I do set up words every Monday and set up montages every Saturday that's 8 episodes of setups per month and I make 16 on average 16 videos a month that's 50% of tech stores basically just set up content and that's not what tech source is about guys I'm gonna focus more on the stuff that I love to do which is PC build and boxing's and reviews that's basically why I start a tech source that's what I originally started doing so as much as I love doing setup wars I think I'm gonna focus more on the other things as well because that is what this channel is about it's tech stores not set up source I also want to focus on other types of content start a new series and bring back previous series that you guys missed like the top 5 overpriced tech the ultimate desk setup and stuff like that so I'm gonna focus on that as well for 2018 setup Wars will still be the most popular show on my channel but I gotta focus on other things otherwise there's no point in growing so yeah I'm sorry for dragging a central out guys I wanted to plug it in this video instead of making a separate one just for that announcement but anyways welcome to setup wars episode 137 where we submit your desk setup if you guys want to participate and want to submit your desk setup make sure to watch the video linked below I love the setup boards begin starting off the show we got Brian and a very balanced gaming screaming and editing setup featuring a 27-inch monitor from Acer and a 23 inch one from Lenovo up top both of them are hooked up to a desk mount and speaking of the desk he went with the beautiful egg back in countertop from Ikea and to Alec jours for support and storage everything is neat and tidy on the surface he's rocking the Logitech G a10 keyboard with the g502 Mouse and a spot to route the cables through very nice a few other things he has on a desk car has skinned ps4 console a charging station for the controllers and a dock for an eight terabyte hard drive and 500 gigs of SSD for audio he's rocking a pair of Logitech z3 13 speakers and two sets of headphones the Sennheiser HD 558 and the 598 switch are hanging from the brainwaves hangar away from sight and also got a shure microphone that's hooked up to his Berringer audio interface definitely an interesting place for the boom arm no doubt there's a lot of people that prefer mounting it in the front of the desk instead of the back I guess it depends on their preference instead of leaving the audio interface on the desk Brian decided to mount it underneath his desk using some 3m tape he also used a lot of cable clips to keep all the wires from hanging down I think overall either an excellent job the PC power in the setup is beautifully built inside the NZXT h 440 case and as packing the 4790k 16 gigs of ram and the EVGA 1080 TI FTW 3 edition a very clean build and a very clean setup I think that the tabletop really brings everything together so points on picking that up instead of the regular boring white or black tabletop I also really like those hexagon shapes that you hung on the wall definitely add some flavor to this setup personally I think that looks cooler than just having nothing on the wall again a beautiful setup thank you Brian for entering and starting off the show Charlie is up next and this is his setup for gaming editing and all productivity work he's rocking three AOC monitors the corsair k70 keyboard and the g502 mouse for a thirteen-year-old that's a hell of a setup damn he's even got a bit creative with the actual desk so he picked up the Carl B countertop and a few risers which he installed on the Alex Shores hanging from under there are the m50x headphones and a Signum rack that's doing a pretty good job now the boom arm in this setup is actually in a place that I like off to the right side slightly behind the monitor and not in the way of anyone the PC powering the setup which is kind of hidden on the right side features the 7600 K and the EVGA 1080 superclocked I mean it's not a hundred percent hidden but I would have found the nightstand or something higher so that the PC isn't that low to the ground it's a shame you can't really see that another thing you can do to improve this set up slightly is by moving your headphones to the right side of your setup that way there isn't a cable just hanging down from the middle using one of these brainwaves hangers that we saw in the previous contestant would help clean up your setup but whatever it is that you're doing at just 13 years of age keep it up man this is some good stuff and thank you for entering CODIS up next from North Carolina and his setup for gaming and school work so he's got a 27-inch dell gaming monitor on the right and a 27-inch one on the left in the vertical orientation which leads me to believe that he's some sort of a coder other than the logitech speakers the only things he has on his desk or the keyboard and mouse which aren't tied together using some velcro straps nicely done he's also got a blue snowball ice microphone hooked up to a boom arm the cable management is very clean I can see that he picked up a Raceway for the wires and one thing I noticed about Cody's setup is that he puts his headset in his drawer instead of just hanging it I don't know if he did that for the video since he doesn't have a dedicated place to put them and he knew I was gonna call him out on it but I thought I would point that out one thing I really like in his room is the custom charging station that he built next to his setup it looks like he mounted a table against the wall and attached a long power strip which he uses to juice up his tech but don't you think that's a little overkill though I mean you're only using four out of the nine ports and you have so much extra space to work with wrapping up his setup is the PC which is inside another NZXT case and it's packed with the 7600 Kay and a gtx 1060 I love that the setup is clean but personally it's a bit bland there isn't any flavor or personality I mean you've got to have something in there that makes this setup yours otherwise it's just another generic setup with monitors peripherals and a PC either way it's a great start just work on personalizing it from time to time Thank You Cody for entering speaking of personalizing a setup we got Dennis and his setup that he uses for gaming and coding I mean technically the only thing he asked for personalization is that skull which he uses as a headphone hangar but it's still better than just having a plain set up he mounted the 34 inch ultra wide gaming monitor from LG on the wall and below that he's got the strike battle spectra keyboard and he razer naga hex mouse with a pair of cambridge sound works speakers things are nice and tidy underneath looks like his desk comes with a dedicated place to store the power strip and cables which is nice and he even added a wall raceway to cover the monitor wires very nice the PC power in the setup feature is the 7700 KMA GTX 1080 from MSI with those sexy sleeves cables not a bad setup I don't really have any recommendations Thank You Dennis four and three last but not least we got Jordan and his gaming setup and I gotta give points right off the bat for presentation that's a nice set up to look at with those three ultra lights from LG and the height is actually perfect it's not blocking out the speakers like I see in other setups he's also using the g4 10 keyboard and he Death Adder Elite Mouse at this point it's obvious he's going with a black and red color scheme and for the most part I think he did a great job sticking with it with the exception of his black and white soul headphones I also like how you built those wall shelves for additional storage and you even used one of them to hold your PC up there that's actually a really great idea as opposed to just putting it on the ground if you guys are watching this video and you're beautiful pcs on the ground because you don't have space on your desk or next to you because let's say there's a bed or something then you should consider installing a wall shelf like Jordan obviously I would do some research and make sure it's sturdy enough to support your PC but it's definitely a very nice alternative compared to having it on the ground course no complaints to the cable management looks like you knew what you were doing and somehow the PC powering your monitors has an i3 6100 and a GTX 1060 that's actually impressive if you're managing to push all those pixels without any lag I also get this feeling that Jordan is obsessed with RGB lights I mean if your door is wrapped in LED lights then I think there's something going on here I'm surprised you don't have any LED lights in the corners of your ceiling but anyways you got a pretty sweet gaming setup Thank You Jordan for entering so that is it for this episode of setup words I hope you guys enjoy the video make sure you guys drop your comments below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup hope you guys are having an awesome new year and I will see you in the next one
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