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Setup Wars - Episode 138

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 138 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys wanna participate make sure to watch the video linked below let the setup wars begin kicking off the episode we got Dickel from the Philippines and his gaming and editing setup featuring the x34 ultra wide and a beautiful white black and red color scheme right after bad I like that there was some personality in this setup from the dope wall shelves filled with the Warcraft collectibles to the Final Fantasy figurines on the actual desk speaking of the desk it's actually custom built and he even created a dedicated place to store his parish map and cables in very nice he's rocking a corsage fave keyboard with red switches and the asus rog sicka gaming mouse for his main setup and he uses a SteelSeries mouse for his laptop I like the way he routed his keyboard and mouse wires you've hatched them to the monitor legs using some velcro straps for a cleaner look and he even velcro the rest of the cables behind the monitor together to keep them from flaring out speaking of cables I love the use of the wall raceways to hide all of those wires coming from across the room the pc powering the setup feature is the 7700 K and an MSI GTX 1080 in the beautiful s340 elite case and great job sticking with the color scheme inside the PC as well except when the PC is on for some reason you have it set to the rainbow effect Ferrario is walking a pair of creative Giga works t3 speakers however he does have the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset as well which is hanging from the NZXT puck I'm not sure what's up with the monitor sticker that you have still on there I mean I don't know if you kept it there just to mess with my LCD or you just don't like peeling off stickers from your gear other than that you have a very solid and organized setup he was an actual picture of his setup before he built himself a new desk looks like most of the parts are the same except for the PC case and it also looks like we're missing the Sephiroth and oh look that damn sticker is still on a monitor seriously if you're watching this video please let me know your reasoning behind that I need to be able to sleep tonight why do you still have that sticker on the damn monitor next up is Jay and his fully custom-built setup that he uses for work gaming and entertainment one of the reasons why I love this setup so much is because of the attention to detail that he put into this he actually used parts from an old cupboard that he no longer needed he built his desk a shelf on the right for his PC and a backboard that's used to mount both of his monitors - he even hooked up his desk lamp headphones and the Xbox controller further down we can see another wall shelf that's being used to hold up a few of his mobile devices and if you guys look closely you can see two cables sticking out from the top I'm guessing that he uses these to charge his devices in the shelf the keyboard is the corsair k70 luxe and it appears that he has two mice the rival 500 and the performance MX from Logitech for audio is rocking a pair of Edifier c3x speakers and the Skullcandy Hesh two wireless headphones which by the way are my favorite pair of bluetooth headphones the left glass shelf is kind of throwing off the symmetry of the setup so I'm wondering why you didn't make one for the right side the cable management on the other hand is exceptional lots of cable raceways were used to hide the wires against the wall and underneath the desk he even drilled a hole for the keyboard and mouse and ran all the wires straight into the back of the PC from underneath the desk it looks like he used some acoustic foams to cover up the wires so that you cannot see it from the side I even like the little shelf that he added underneath the desk for additional storage the PC powering the set up is equipped with the 7700 K and a GTX 1080 from I game which honestly I haven't even heard of until now Jay did send in a pic of the previous setup which was temporary because he does relocate a lot due to work so he's always changing up his setup which kind of sucks I feel bad that he has to constantly take apart what he built but anyways it's a very clean setup very nice job with the custom work and thank you Jay for entering Kuki I think that's how you say your name I'm sorry if I butchered it is up next all the way from Israel and his setup for gaming graphic design and at also anime whatever anime means I mean you have a crap-ton of anime stuff but what does it mean when you say that your setup is used for anime did you mean like watching anime anyways he's walking 3 ultra sharp monitors from Dell with a power tv up top as an overhead on the desk there's a let's just say there's a lot of stuff on there it also looks like he is left-handed since the mouse is on the left side he's also got the ps4 wrapped in some skins and a bunch of anime collectables everywhere and I mean literally everywhere there's a bunch of them and the glass shelves right next to him and even the wallpapers some of the posters will straight up we monetize this video but I'll include them in here anyways because I got you fam apparently the wallpaper on the monitors are video wallpapers and he recorded a little snippet of his desk for you guys to see so I hope you enjoy it I just realized even the key caps on his keyboard are anime theme I mean this guy sure has a lot of passion for anime and feel like he would be the perfect one to recommend me some new anime shows to watch cooky if you're watching us can you please recommend me any series or movies I love Dragon Ball super one punch man attack on Titans I love Bleach only the Arrancar saga which I think was season 6 and 7 I love no game no life and he's really cool anime movies which I think it's called redline and one was metropolis so those are like my all-time favorites if you have any similar anime like that please please please let me know in the comment section or send me an email / audio is rocking a pair of micro lab speakers which are sitting on top of some of these scariest-looking wall shelves I have seen I mean seriously it looks like both of them are about to snap off any moment now he also has two sets of headphones the coarser voids and he beats solo down here is the pc powering everything and it's equipped with a nother 7700 K and a gtx 1070 cable management ain't the prettiest out there that's for sure but he did give it some effort wrapping some around the support bar of his desk and he even used a cable sleeve to cover up the wires that are connected to the wall outlet i would definitely replace that with actual wall raceways for a cleaner look but that's just me I know you said you didn't want to mount your monitors on a desk mount because you have a thin glass surface which is true but a way around this is actually using a thick 1 to 2 inches of wood underneath your desk I'll have to do is put it between the desk and the clamp on your monitor mount and it will keep it nice and snug and it's able to hold up all three of your monitors I recommend this because it will really clean up your desk since you have a lot of stuff on there it's a very crowded setup for my taste but if I had to say there is one thing that it's not lacking its personality you definitely made sure to give this setup plenty of it Thank You cooky for entering Mattia was contestant number 4 and his gaming setup between 2 24 inch monitors from Asus that are mounted against the wall and it appears that he's going for an all-black setup with purple accents he's got the master keys pro as keyboard paired with the popular MX master even with all that stuff on the desk he managed to keep the setup organized and what I've suggested to mount the Focusrite audio interface underneath the desk but that won't work out because of the drawers so you kind of just stuck to having all that stuff on the desk instead with the exception of the Xbox controller I mean if you really wanted to you can put that in one of the drawers for audio is rocking a pair of Mario speakers and the m50x headphones which are hidden inside one of the drawers when he is not using them and he also has the Samson meteor microphone as well excellent work with the cable management no complaints here and finally we got the PC powering everything which has another 7700 K Jesus Christ that's like for an hour already it also has an AC Strix 1080 and 16 gigs of ram the only critique I would give this set up are the pictures on the wall I feel like they're a little too high up there leaving a giant empty space right above the monitors but other than that you've got a beautiful PC and gaming setup Thank You Mario for entering las policĂ­as Tommy and his setup for video editing and gaming he's using a view Sonic gaming monitor that's sitting on top of a monitor riser which he used to store some things underneath and he's also got the smart geezer keyboard with the Logitech G Pro Mouse I feel like I mispronounced that keyboard as well I think it's called geezer not Jeezy he doesn't have an actual set of speakers or headphones so he's using these sony xp3 bluetooth speakers instead and we also got to RGB lamps which are both from Aki he's also got his flip knife proudly displayed on the left side next to his Nintendo switch and that's pretty much everything on his desk other than his smartphones and the PC which has another 7700 K I think this is literally the first time that all five contestants have a 77 and rukia and this is not planned by the way anyways it's also packed with 32 gigs of RAM and two Strix 1080 T eyes in SLI you can definitely tell where most of his budget went into for his setup this overkill PC honestly if you didn't mention that this was used for editing it would have been way to overkill pretty good work with the cable management I don't think I've ever seen a power strip quite like that before but it's nice to see that you use a cable sleeve to cover up all the wires my only complaint would be with the keyboard wire I mean if you're not going to drill a hole inside the I would recommend running the cable straight underneath the monitor riser instead of having it go over I really like what you've done with the wall art those shelves are nicely centered and the wall art to add some spice to your setup Thank You Tommy for entering and I pretty much wraps up this episode if you guys enjoyed it please make sure to toss a like and make sure you guys drop your comments below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup I love your faces and I will see you in the next one
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