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Setup Wars - Episode 139

what's up guys it's a from sex toys welcome to setup wars episode 139 let's just start the show kicking off the episode is Abdul and a tech source inspired set up I mean it has to be inspired by me because we got the black and red acoustic foams the Ikea wall shelves painted and black and red with the IKEA table top resting on risers and to Alex yours underneath I really love the black and red contrast you have throughout the entire setup but I feel like that bamboo tabletop really messes with it this setup is used for gaming and school work he's rocking three 27-inch Dell monitors the g.skill ripjaws keyboard and the asus rog spatha wireless gaming mouse I also liked that extra shelf that he modded on top of his desk using some capital eggs however I think that four is a bit overkill it would have looked nicer with just two of them instead of four and if you put them in the center of the shelf it would have been enough to support your ps4 and the collection of games in fact it would even probably support another ps4 on there those things are very sturdy excellent work with the cable management looks like you hit all the wires inside the star tech cable raceway and you even picked up a matching cable box for the power strip and access cables very nice and finally let's take a look at his beast gaming PC that he mounted against the wall inside the thermaltake core p5 case it's a custom loo PC featuring these 7700 K 32 gigs of ram and an MSI GTX 1080 I noticed that your main color scheme is black and red but you have RGB colors throughout the case speaking of RGB I do like the custom made nameplate using the RGB strips next to your setup I can't even see the power cable running down so great work on hiding that however you did that I feel like you did such a great job with cable management and your setup is very clean but that one keyboard wire going across your desk really messes with the vibe I honestly expected you to drill a hole and run the cable underneath your desk but I understand that some people just don't want to poke holes in their table I mean sure there are some inconsistencies but this is one hell of a gaming setup Thank You Abdul for starting up the show speaking of one hell of a setup John is up next from the Philippines with his custom epic setup made just for peer gaming the star of the show is the custom-made backdrop and the desk that's holding up as a Sur x34 ultrawide monitor and we have another mounted PC using the same case actually now this is the p3 version instead of the p5 that we just checked out I gotta give perhaps two John for having better consistency throughout his setup it's mostly white and black with blue accents it's very refreshing and can we please just take a moment and appreciate that badass wallpaper of Goku in ultra instinct mode I love that it even matches the color scheme of his setup on the desk he's rocking the corsage crave RGB keyboard with the m65 Pro RGB Mouse and it looks like he's using the RGB polaris mousepad as well I commend you for drilling a hole in the desk to route those wires in I mean it's obvious that you had to do it for this setup it's such a clean setup and having a wire go across the desk would have just ruined it on the Left we have a simple LED lamp with an RGB bulb inside and next to that is the courser st 100 RGB headphone stand holding up the void wireless RGB headset I loved that he kept all the peripherals consistent as well it's all from Corsair I can also appreciate the custom Hall of Fame acrylic piece running across the desk and he actually built that to hide the cables running across the desk from the PC believe it or not and the cool part is that he actually hooked up Corsair RGB strips inside that and he synched them with the RGB strips behind the monitor so they both glow in the same exact color excellent work aside from the Corsair void headset he does use two massive bookshelf speakers from Edifier and I just love the symmetry up here we've got a custom painted Gundam strike freedom figure right in the center and two portraits right above Super Saiyan vegeto on the left and Super Saiyan Gogeta on the right this guy has some taste in Dragonball Z that's for sure cable management is so good it's basically classified as cable pone at this point beautifully wrapped up together and routed behind his desk where you will find an extra RGB strip for nice low effect the icing on the cake is that custom-built Hall of Fame gaming PC featuring the 7700 K 16 gigs of ram and the Hall of Fame GTX 1080 of course we got some custom mods here as well like the beautiful psuche rad with built-in courser RGB strips and the hall-of-fame fan grills and a i/o cooler my god would a beautiful PC I'm also just realizing John was an episode 114 with a black and red gaming setup and I think I almost gave him my seal of approval if I weren't for some things I didn't like he also wrote in the notes that he was kind of bummed for not getting it you know what John if you're watching this now this setup is now worthy of a seal of approval you have made some significant changes and I'm loving the attention to detail and the custom mods that you did you also got consistency personality organization and most importantly an artistic eye and I see no reason not to give you the seal of approval congratulations dude well deserved if you're watching this video toss an email to set up for us to claim your prize as always you get $100 a text or t-shirt and most importantly a unique one-of-a-kind custom plaque oh and before we go on to the next contestant here's a pretty cool video that he made just for you guys this next set up is from Quinton who lives in Canada and he works as a mechanic but the reason why I'm featuring this setup on the show is because it's powered by a laptop this is the first time I've seen a full gaming setup that's revolved around a laptop instead of a desktop PC he's hooked up his 17-inch Alienware r4 to his Samsung TV as a duplicate display below that he's got the Razer DeathAdder chroma Mouse a black out blue Yeti microphone hooked up to the desk and a ps4 console for those exclusive titles he did say in the notes that he's got bookshelf speakers coming in but in the meantime he's using the razer kraken headset which is hanging underneath his desk and while we're down here let's take a look at the wires not a bad job overall the cables are hooked up underneath the desk and all the wires on the desk are organized anyways I wanted to feature this on the show because I thought it was unique and for a laptop setup it's actually pretty dope Thank You Quinton for entering a number for is Adam and his quad a display gaming setup he's got a 32 inch Panasonic on top with three 27-inch BenQ monitors that are hooked up against the wall and normally I would not accept a submission like this because of the low picture quality but I thought it was cool enough to make an exception this time I really like how he mounted both of his speakers against the wall instead of having them sit on the desk speaking of wall mounting he also put his PC on top of a shell which was a very smart decision considering he has no extra space on his desk or underneath his desk the keyboard and mouse are both eraser but oddly enough we don't have a razor themed setup the blue outline from the mouse pad and the RGB lighting suggest that there is no specific color scheme under his PC there is a mini-fridge and on top of that is the ps4 everything else seems to be organized very well I can see the cable sleeve covering up the PC wires and the power cables from the monitors the cables are also managed fairly well underneath the desk looks like the rack is holding up the power strip and all the excess cables so I don't have any major complaints here it's a very straightforward and simple setup and it's looking very bland with all that extra space on your desk if I'm being honest maybe you can add some stuff that will contribute to your personality and make your setup yours I'm not saying go crazy and cover up we inch of your desk but maybe two to three props on there would give it some flavor but anyways thank you Adam for entering last families we got Sean who was an operation analyst and this is his setup for gaming he's rocking a single ultra light from Asus the corsair k70 RGB keyboard and the eraser Ouroboros mouse I really like the way he routed the keyboard wire alongside the mousepad using some zip ties I've actually never seen that before I mean it does look cleaner than running the cable across the desk that's for sure it doesn't look like Shawn uses any headphones so he relies on those cue acoustic speakers for audio and the desk itself is an interesting one so he's using the IKEA wobbly countertop that I see a lot of but he's using industrial pipes that he picked up from Lowe's to actually support it that's actually very refreshing and clever if you ask me for cable management Shawn picked up some raceways to run the wires through and he attached his parish tip against one of the legs using some zip ties not a bad job and finally the PC powering at all is a custom loop featuring a 7700 K and 2 EVGA 980 T eyes in SLI I'm curious why you upgraded your processor and not your graphics cards a very clean setup indeed but which one of these takes home the crown only you guys can vote in the comments section down below and let me know why you guys voted for that particular set up by the way guys I recommend everyone to hold off on submitting their setup until it's 100% complete and you are happy with it if you have stuff on the way for example you're planning on buying new speakers or new keyboards and stuff like that I recommend you guys to hold off and make sure you have everything you need for your setup before taking pictures and submitting them I say this because I see it happen all the time where somebody would submit their setup and then like literally two weeks later they would send in a second submission with an upgraded monitor or speakers and stuff like that but if I already featured their first setup then I'm not gonna accept their second one because the show starts getting overflowed with submissions so please guys this is not a race take your time make sure your setup is perfected before taking pictures and submitting it as always thanks for watching if you guys enjoyed the show tossing a like would be awesome and if you guys don't please I encourage you to leave a dislike I love your faces as always and I will see you in the next video
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