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Setup Wars - Episode 14 (LG Edition)

stop paying full retail price for games guys g2a offers really cheap CD keys for any game out there for any platform they sell super cheap CD keys for windows too and this is actually where I get my games from as well as operating systems that I use for my custom PC builds each month but I'm gonna leave a link down below so you can see for yourself what's up guys it's that back again from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 14 sponsored by LG where the winner will receive a brand new 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor I want to quickly mention that I received over 150 submissions just in the past few weeks for LG sponsored events so I want to apologize in advance if I don't feature your setup there's really not much I can do I did however post a poll on Twitter and I had you guys vote on how many setups I should feature for the LG sponsored event and you guys voted on 10 so that's basically what I'm going to do starting now for these four episodes I'm also not gonna be doing my usual recommendations just so I can speed through this because 10 setups are a lot and I don't want the video to drag on so with that said the 10 lucky chosen are Alex Cristiano AirLand Jody Joelle Jose Juuso Kevin Mitchell and oh L congratulations for getting on the show as always all the gear from the set ups will be linked down below for anyone that is interested so starting off the show is Alex with his dual monitor setup we have 2 22 inch dual monitors hooked up to a Dell dual monitor stand on the desk we have an apple wireless keyboard track pad and a Logitech MX performance mouse and Logitech Z 130 speakers a very simplistic dual monitor productivity setup and I'm also really diggin that MacBook stand you have there and the wire management is on another level the for dimmable LED lights under the desk is also a very nice touch next up is Cristiano and his compact gaming setup we have a single Panasonic 32 inch monitor and a secondary monitor for watching TV on the desk we have the Logitech G 5 10 s keyboard Wireless M 30 10 mouse on the ever-so-popular Corsair gaming extended mousepad I'm really diggin the headphone hangers that you have installed on the wall right next to the Samsung 5.1 speakers and the dedicated individual shelves for your consoles cable management is fantastic as well and kudos to the LED strips under the desk as well behind your monitor a fun fact this desk was actually once his door and that's hilarious but hey it works definitely a really nice gaming setup well done man at number three we have Ireland with his green themed setup I absolutely love that extended monitor riser you have it just really cleans up your setup on top of that we have the Samsung 24 inch monitor and a pair of Dell speakers on the desk we have the Razer Deathstalker expert keyboard with a SteelSeries rival mouse on the extended Razer Goliath this mousepad why management is spotless and I'm really loving the LEDs behind your desk it's as simple and clean not much else I can ask for great job next up is Jodi with his dual monitor setup so we have a 27-inch Ben Q and a 24 inch Dell widescreen monitor on the desk we have the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard Logitech g600 MMO Mouse and a corsair gaming mm 6600 double sided mouse mat I didn't even know they make double sided mouse mats also on a desk are a pair of Logitech g13 speakers and I like what you did with your headphone hanger by sticking it to one of the legs those are the coarser gaming H 2100 headphones by the way if anyone was wondering while we are down here cable management is decent but it can definitely be improved by picking up an omni mount cable system or better yet watch my cool tech video of August to see a much better option to help you with your cable management pretty sweet PC as well we have a 4770k with a gtx 970 if only your setups cable management was as good as this I'm just kidding but seriously watch that video I'm talking about it will definitely help you out a lot but yeah great setup overall with minor improvements at number 5 we have Joelle with a Productivity type set up a 15 inch retina MacBook Pro hooked up to a Samsung 24 inch monitor on the desk we have a wireless keyboard from Apple and the popular MX Mouse from Logitech another fantastic use of the modular riser definitely big in these setups a pair of insignia three speakers on top with your ps4 on the bottom and Focusrite audio interface all the way on the left side just imagine if you didn't have that stand how everything would be cluttered together by the way this is the IKEA mom desk that I'm starting to see a lot of on these episodes and by the way if you're submitting your setup please mention the name of the model your desk a lot of people including me are interested Cayla management is outstanding thanks to the desk but yeah overall a very clean productivity setup great job next up is Jose with an interesting dual monitor setup we have a 24-inch Pankiw monitor on top and a 24-inch AUC on the bottom I'm almost confident that people don't use both monitors for gaming and instead the top is usually used as an overhead for feeds or multitasking anyways on the desk we have the corsair k70 keyboard logitech g502 mouse a mecco Mouse bungee and a pair of M audio AV 40 speakers with the Sennheiser 360 3d headset on top cables aren't visible and great job on the mods on the side of your desk not only is the power outlet off of the ground but it's nearby so you can easily reach it by the way also link the monitor mount he used down below in case anyone is wondering but yeah really interesting setup I might actually pick up another ultrawide monitor and do what you did there but we will see at number seven we have do so with his all-white theme we have a Dell p27 15 q 4k monitor on top of a riser and two KRK Rokit six monitor speakers on a custom made wooden speaker stand actually the mono riser and the speaker stands along with the coaster on the table are all custom made by him so kudos on that outstanding woodwork on the desk we have an apple keyboard SteelSeries rival mouse and the popular Audio Technica m50 s this is obviously a Productivity setup with your audio technica interface below the monitor and he blue mic on the right side I can't help but notice that you're running a Mac operating system yet you have a custom PC which means that this is most likely hackintosh build which I have not seen on this episode yet so congrats for being the first you don't have the MIDI cables to begin with so kale management is not bad but overall a really clean setup the only thing I would change is perhaps getting a white PC case instead of the red to go with the theme next up we have Kevin Spacey and his game room setup this is a very impressive layout I've never seen anyone mount a PC on a wall before that's pretty insane so the desk we have a 23 inch Acer monitor on top of this Itachi f3 stand and below that we have the a0 levitron keyboard and a rat 5 Mouse why management is great I can see that you have a dedicated place for all the cables under the second desk and you have a pretty sweet black and red PC as well a 46 70 K paired with the r9 290 just hope the rack doesn't give in having your PC come falling down because that laptop is very precious next up is myth Joe and holy mother of all displays that is just ridiculous I mean come on there's no way you use this on a daily basis you would be blind in just a few days with severe neck pain this is like sitting in a very first row at the movies no one does that but anyways this is your setup so I'm gonna back up on the desk we have a massive LG 55 inch 4k TV hooked up to the ps3 Apple TV and MacBook also on the desk we have a Logitech keyboard and a Razer mumble Mouse there's also a pair of Logitech G 230 headphones hanging from one of the four Panasonic speakers you have surprisingly cable management is not bad and I notice your custom-made boombox under your table very creative I'll give you that but if I'm being Frank your table is just too small for the stuff that it's holding I would say either get a smaller monitor or a bigger desk to balance the ratio but other than that it's a really interesting setup last but not least we have Olay with yet another vertical dual monitor setup we have an unknown monitor on top and an Asus 24 inch on the bottom I gotta say that's a really nice levitating monitor riser and adding those LEDs behind the desk just works on the table we have the corsair k95 keyboard Logitech MX performance mouse with a SteelSeries mouse pad cable management is spotless using those racks to keep all the stuff off the ground that's basically it not much more to say I almost forgot to mention the SteelSeries Siberia elite headset hanging from the top which i think would look a lot better on a stand so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars there is a new voting system I left a strawpoll link down below so make sure you guys click on that and vote on your favorite desk set up you guys can vote on the best setup or the setup that needs the monitor most but I'll leave it completely up to you voting will end this Saturday and as always I'll announce the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram account so make sure you guys are following me there if you want to know who wins I just want to say thank you guys so much for your support setup Wars is becoming a really popular show and it's mainly because of you guys so continue to hit that like button so it grows even more and I can continue doing these every single Monday by the way PC wars episode 1 will be aired tomorrow so make sure you guys keep an eye out for that it should be a really interesting episode but anyways thank you so much for everything I will see you in the next video
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