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Setup Wars - Episode 140 | Worst Setup Edition

what's up guys it's ad from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 140 potato Edition or people around the world submit their crappy setups just to be on this episode and as always please don't take anything I say in this video seriously because it is done for entertainment purposes it's not a serious video and of course the person with the worst setup will receive $100 and that is up to you guys to vote in the comment section so with that said ladies and gentlemen let the setup wars begin if Harry Potter had a set up it would look something like this because this guy has his setup inside of a closet under his stairs or at least I think it's under hysteria judging by the slant Kristian is currently working in a supermarket until he starts police school so right now he's living with his girlfriend and this is the setup he uses for competitive gaming like csgo League of Legends and hearthstone he also does some editing for his YouTube channel so he's using a 24 inch gaming monitor from Asus and he's also got the Corsa K for the RGB keyboard and the m65 RGB mouse what's interesting is that Christian is using half of an extended mousepad just so he can cover the hole that he drilled for his keyboard I've never seen that before for audio he's got two headsets that SteelSeries Siberia to hundreds and the Marshall major two headphones along with a trust and Meeta microphone that's hooked up to his IKEA desk which by the way is the perfect size to fit inside this tiny closet cables are managed pretty well although I would use a cable sleeve to hide the cables running down one of the legs the PC powering this has an i5 6400 and a GTX 970 honestly this isn't the worst setup I've seen but I decided to put it in this worst set of position to give him a chance of winning a hundred dollars and because this is probably the worst place to build a set up in I mean there is hardly any space to move around which is the worst nightmare for anyone with cluster phobia but mostly because as no ventilation all the heat from the PC and the monitor and even his body is going to rise and since there is no exhaust it's just gonna float around making everything warmer and warmer unless it's always cold where you live actually I just checked the weather and apparently it's freezing cold in Denmark never mind what I just said thank you Christian for entering next up is Hussein coming all the way from Egypt and his setup from gaming and productivity he's rocking a 19 inch monitor from Fujitsu and a budget keyboard and mouse with a set of budget speakers from Highland however he does have a pair of bluetooth headphones as well everything seems to be tidy up here but underneath the setup is a completely different story there's a bunch of cables that main unattended some velcro straps would help keep most of the PC wires grouped up together and a cable box to hide the power strip instead of mounting it against the back like that the PC itself is pretty outdated rocking a GT 710 and a dual-core CPU but the most disappointing thing about this submission is that he didn't watch my Alienware r7 video or my set up montage episode 8 usually there's a red bar near the bottom but there isn't any on his videos so I mean it's not the fanciest setup but it's definitely a potato setup it seems like you got a cosy room as well I really like how you kept everything so organized but I have to ask you this why on earth do you have a toilet paper next to your bed do you have a toilet in your bedroom because usually they put toilet paper in bathrooms I'm just going to give you a hard time I'm actually Middle Eastern myself and we put stuff in the weirdest place as possible back then and summer times used to put our underwear in the freezer because we would have no air conditioning and it would get really really hot so yeah fun times but anyways with that said thank you Hussein for entering Milan is next up from South Africa and his ghetto setup for gaming watching anime and the occasional fap session so apparently my Lin's friend Idris I think that's how you pronounce it I'm sorry if I'm butchering your name by the way I took pictures of his friends set up and then submitted it without him knowing and both of them watched set up words so it'd be interesting to see his reaction watching my show of a sudden and by the way Milan if you're watching congratulations your setup made it to the show because it sucks he's got a 20-inch monitor with the Alienware keyboard and the razer naga hex mouse but the most interesting part about this setup is that it's built at the edge of his bunk bed I saw these setup locations are getting more interesting by the episode but look how much space he has for his Mouse there is no way you can game like that unless you're playing Minecraft of course the only audio source I see are those wireless Sony headphones sitting on top of his PC which is from Ilya we're already a disgrace and it actually has decent specs but Jesus Lord when is the last time you clean inside this pee see it's looking like a desert storm hit your PC I bet you that's the first time you've open the side panel just to take pictures for setup words it looks like the storm hits your cable management as well good lord there are only two things I recommend for your setup some Lysol and an air duster I can also see that you decorated your entire room with posters of anime that's definitely something to attract the ladies into your dorm excellent excellent taste anyways thank you Idris for submitting your friends setup and good luck Matthias is up next from Ecuador and this is the setup he uses for gaming and some editing it looks like his setup is on a tiny nightstand and he's using two pillows as his chair really I don't even know where this is it could be his living room or bedroom I mean it's hard to tell but wherever it is this is not the ideal setup I mean I don't know how anyone can sit and game like this let alone edit a video my back would be killing me after just an hour he doesn't have any headphones so it looks like he's using those foldable speakers and he has some other stuff lying around like a VR headset drone and an empty pill bottle actually it's not really empty and I don't know what's going on underneath your setup but there's one thing that's certain you need to vacuum the floor my dude I also see a bunch of stuff just laying around I mean shelves go as low as 20 dollars and it will really clean up everything around you here's one that I recommend I'll drop a link below please pick one up after all a clean setup starts with a clean area I mean where have you ever seen a dope setup with a bunch of mess around it it just doesn't exist the PC power in the setup isn't half bad that's actually the only good thing about this setup and it's got a 7600 K and a GTX 1060 Wow I mean if you have the budget to buy a PC like that why does your setup look like this I smell something fishy and it ain't coming from that dying plant regardless thank you for taking your time to submit your setup Mathias and good luck last not least we have Sahir coming from Pakistan and his creative setup that's used for gaming editing and socializing I don't know if this is creative or just sad but if you haven't noticed by now he is using a set of speakers as his desk the two subwoofers are the actual tabletop and he's using the other two tweakers as the front legs and two boxes near the back as the support legs I actually take back what I said earlier this is very creative he was like I'm not gonna let not having a desk stop me from having a set up so he grabbed his dad's old speakers and he went to work he even used the legs on the speakers to hold his earphone cables it's actually starting to make sense now because he is going to school for engineering at least that's what he says in the notes the rear speaker is holding up his monitor and PC while the front speaker is supporting a keyboard mouse and the smartphone the pc itself doesn't actually have a GPU and it doesn't even have a PCI slot so it's actually using the integrated graphics chip on the AMD CPU so when he said that he used this setup for gaming I'm actually curious what type of gaming are you talking about - Reaper but you know what I gotta give props to Sahir for working on his cables as bad as this set up is he actually cares enough to zip tie the cables together and keep everything neat and tidy this has to be one of the cleanest worst setups I've ever seen on the show and I pretty much wraps up this episode of setup or is make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the worst setup because that person is gonna take home a hundred dollars in cash I'll be announcing the winners on my Twitter account thank you guys so much for watching as always I will see you very soon
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