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Setup Wars - Episode 141

ladies and gentlemen it has been a while but nonetheless we are back on track welcome to set up wars episode 141 where you so much a desk set up you get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below with that said let the setup boys begin okay so yeah I'm just gonna I'm just gonna hand this over to you right now this is this is your seal of approval I mean there's no explanation needed I mean look at this setup actually this isn't even a setup it's a freaking battle station so yeah normally I wait to do the episode and then review the pictures and then determine if it's seal of approval worthy but in this case I looked at one picture I'm like yep without a doubt that is the setup of the gods so I've see if you're watching this congratulations you see was ready to get shipped out so toss me an email you also get a hundred dollars in cash and a text source t-shirt so if you're interested any other surprises again toss me an email so let's try and break this down starting from the massive quad display setup he's using 338 inch Acer monitors I mean these are 38 40 by 1600 freesync monitors with a 75 Hertz refresh rate and there's a single 29 inch LG ultra light on top as an overhead absolutely mind-blowing the TV up top is a 65-inch 4k TV from LG and surrounding the displays are custom made acoustic panels each individual piece sticking out is actually made out of wood that he painted and I gotta say it looks awesome and that's not the only thing that's custom-made the massive 15-foot desk was built with cable management in that a single wire is in sight other than the headset cable hanging from underneath the desk and speaking of cable management look at where his PC is mounted all the way on the left side against the wall I just look out for the PC is from the monitors and his keyboard and mouse this means idea to drill a hole in the wall and use extension cables to run it all the way to the back of his desk this is definitely the cleanest cable work I have seen in a very very long time on the massive desk he's got a white Tesoro grand keyboard with the razor Mamba Mouse in the middle and on the far left he's got his console setup a white ps4 and the HTC vive VR headset while on the right side is a regal planner 2 turntable for audio he's got two massive r500 floor speakers from keV on each side along with a central speaker and a subwoofer both of which are underneath his desk if he isn't waking up the neighbors with those massive speakers he uses these Sennheiser HD 558 headphones which is connected to his PC directly from underneath the desk and speaking of connecting directly to his PC he even hooked up a USB hub with an SD card reader on there here so it's easy to access I mean this guy literally came up with everything beautifully executed I also got to give huge props to FC for balancing the lighting so well I mean he put them in the perfect places to make the setup pop we got some behind the monitor underneath the TV stand and in the corners I also like both of those custom-made base traps on these sides of the wall with the built-in lighting as well it's definitely a nice touch the icing on the cake has to be the built-in hundred thirty five inch projector that literally comes down from nowhere there's a custom slit that he cut in the roof which is where he pulls it out of and there was no way I would have noticed it if you didn't take a picture of it as if the 65 inch 4k TV isn't big enough this guy's rocking a hundred thirty five inch projector powering the beast of a battle station is his PC that's equipped with a 1950 X thread Ripper 128 gigs of ram and two Asus Strix 1080 T eyes for storage disguise walking to one terabyte 960 Perl m2 SSDs very very nice this is hands-down the best setup I have seen on the show and it's gonna be really difficult to beat we got the master of symmetry cable management and creativity right in front of your eyes ladies and gentlemen congrats on winning the seal of approval and the key to my heart and most importantly thank you for entering if you guys want to check out his channel I'll drop a link below he also made a video on his setup so you guys want to see how he put it together make sure to check him out ro heat is up next with a triple monitor setup which kind of looks like big PS Vita's and actually looking at the notes it looks like these are PlayStation 3d displays that actually makes more sense he's only 16 and this is the setup he uses for mostly editing and casual gaming what's interesting about this setup are his speakers normally people put speakers on top of wall shelves but he decided to hang them upside down which is an interesting approach I'm guessing he did this so that he can run the speaker cables straight down from the center because there's no way to actually route it behind the wall shelf so that's actually pretty clever right smack in the center is a kylo Ren LED light saber and below that we got the Razer Tartarus chroma key board the Death Adder chroma Mouse and what in God's name is that a ten dollar keyboard from Walmart surely I have taught you better Rohith I am honestly disappointed there are even some amazing keyboards for around $20 on Amazon even if it's temporary I would recommend getting something like this in the mean time which I will link below but a keyboard from Walmart Y on the left we got his ps4 console with two pairs of Astral headsets the a 50s for the ps4 and the a 40s for the PC personally I think Astros are overpriced for what they offer and you could have used that extra money towards something better but that's just my opinion great work with the cable management we got a Signum holding up all the cables and there's Eve a custom shelf built on the other desk to hold up your MacBook Pro nicely done also on the side we got a blue Yeti Mike Huckabee a boom arm and his PC that's built inside the sv40 elite it's got assembly some hundred K 32 gigs of RAM and he gigabyte gtx 1070 there are a lot of things I can recommend for this setup but since you've stated in the notes that you are going to redo your entire setup I'll just leave it as is until next time just don't forget a similar setup again once it's ready Thank You Rohit for entering a number 3 we got Gabriel from Austin Texas and his setup for gaming and editing it's a minimalistic setup featuring a 34 inch ultra wide from LG we also got the ant rail compact keyboard and the Razer DeathAdder Mouse I know the keyboard is Wireless and you can connect it to your PC via bluetooth so I'm curious if there is noticeable latency which made you use the wired connection instead I also feel like the mousepad is a bit overkill since you have such a small keyboard for audio is rocking a pair of fluent speakers and the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset clean work with the cable management under the desk I can see that you used a Raceway to run the cables through and into your PC which by the way is packed with a 77 1 to K and an EVGA 1080 hybrid GPU and perhaps I'm using the a is leaving kit from cable mod to hide those nasty black cables a very clean and minimalistic setup Thank You Gabriel for entering up next a Zane from Australia and his gaming and music production setup featuring three 27-inch AOC monitors and a 40 inch TV for console gaming I mean it's obvious he's a fan of Star Wars judging by the wallpaper the poster on the wall and all three of the lightsabers around his setup desk itself is made from the popular linman tabletop which is supported by two Alex Shores now obviously when you mount three displays like this on a desk and put it in the center you're gonna get some bowing as we can clearly see on Zane's desk I do applaud them for drilling a hole for the keyboard and mouse charger although I don't know why that Xbox controller is just sitting there for audio is rocking a pair of a two plus speakers and the courser void gaming headsets really great work with the cable management the Signum is the MVP once again and the rest of the wires are sleeved nicely there was one cable running from the back into his MIDI keyboard obviously I would find another way to route that cable and set up directly underneath the setup which looks nasty but I'm positive he knows what he's doing and there's a valid reason for this alright so remember when I said that he was a Star Wars fan well I just found out that he has actually way more collectibles throughout his room inside these cabinets three full cabinets to be exact these things probably cost thousands of dollars if you sold it last but not least the PC powering it all has a 7700 K 32 gigs of ram and the MSI 1080 it's an awesome set up no doubt but it's kind of all over the place the lightsabers don't have a pattern the painting is off-center there's no symmetry and I feel like the TV is the culprit that's making you put those things like that I feel like if the TV was centered then it'll be a lot easier to organize but regardless if it works it works Thank You Zane for entering wrapping up the episode with some symmetry porn is Jamal and his simple and symmetric setup featuring a 24 inch asus monitor and the wasd compact keyboard with the MX master mouse for audio is rocking a pair of m50x headphones a road and two USB microphone and the audio engine a 2 plus speakers if you ask me I think that they are in a weird location I feel like part of the desk is blocking the sound direction if you don't want to replace the headphone and the mic with the speakers then maybe you should consider mounting them against the wall using these speaker mounts instead I promise you you will definitely hear the difference the only other thing on the setup is the PC that's underneath the desk and it's rockin 860 700 and no GPU but yeah it's a pretty straightforward black-and-white setup Thank You Jamal for a train so ladies and gentleman that is it for this episode make sure you guys drop your comments and vote on who you think has the best desk setup although we pretty much know who on already but anyways drop your feedback below let me know what you guys think about epsy setup in the comments section and as always I will see you guys in the next video also make sure to double if you guys missed the series and still enjoy the show but anyways I'm out thank you for watching I'll see you guys very soon
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