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Setup Wars - Episode 142

what's up guys the semtex source and welcome to setup wars episode 142 when you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below but before we jump into the show I do want to say a few things one this is a new temporary set that we're working on we are still trying to move stuff around in the office to make a perfect set and we still haven't gotten a rug which is why the audio sounds a little echoey and there's a little reverb in it I promise you guys the next episode is gonna sound a lot better but anyways what that said yeah that's just the setup words begin kicking off the episode is angel and his setup that's used for gaming content creation and streaming it features three Acer 144 Hertz monitors that are hooked up against the wall and a little bit of my fanboy side came out looking at those Kingdom Hearts posters he's also rocking the Corsair strafe RGB keyboard a SteelSeries rifle 100 mouse and a dope looking extended mousepad I don't know if that's custom made or not but I'm sure someone in the comment section can educate me on who that is and what game it's from if it's even from a game for audio he's got a blue snowball I set up with an LG sound bar and a pair of status audio headphones in some pictures the sound bar isn't shown and there's even a picture where the entire wall is covered in acoustic foams so I'm not sure if these were taken at different times or if this was one of his previous setups the PC powering at all as a 4790k 16 gigs of ram and an EVGA gtx 1070 in sli I don't think your RAM sticks are in the correct slots to take advantage of dual channel but the rest of the PC is looking clean wrapping up a setup as the cable management everything is hooked up against the desk and the rest of the wires are attached to one of the legs nicely done it's a great setup with personality I mean everything has its own purpose and there aren't any extra items on the desk that aren't being used well done angel and thank you for entering next up is Brian from Canada and his contrast II black white and red setup that he uses for gaming entertainment and work it's interesting that he separated both of his monitors like this honestly if you ask me it looks really good it's actually more balanced this way as opposed to sticking it side-by-side it's also not gonna get in the way of gaming or watching videos I personally hate having another monitor next to the one I'm gaming on or watching videos it's kind of distracting regardless if it's on or off for audio is rocking a pair of audio engine a 2 plus speakers we also got the cursor void Wireless are headset and he's even got a blue Yeti microphone hooked up to a boom arm I gotta say everything is nicely organized and spaced out it's not cramped and everything has its own purpose I also like I usually hold to route the cable for the strafe keyboard and two charging cables for easy access speaking of cables Brian did an excellent job with the cable management we have a Signum rack that's holding up majority of the wires and he even hooked up a parish tip against the wall I also noticed some cable clips holding the wires against the table and some velcro straps to group the cables together nicely done last but not least we have the PC that's powering everything and it's equipped with a 7700 K which by the way is belated we also got an EVGA GTX 1080 FTW with the power link now personally I'm not a fan on the power link because it pushes the cables off to the side the only reason you should use a power link is if you're going with the ugly stock PSU cables because that way you can route the cables to the side so it's not as visible but if you're going with custom sleeve cables like Brian did over here I would personally would have loved to see them in the front regardless this is a very sexy and balanced setup with personality and purpose well done and thank you Brian for entering and number three we have David and his setup for gaming well technically he has two setups one for PC gaming and the other for console gaming judging by the Nintendo switch and the Xbox controllers on the desk he also has a MacBook Pro for when he needs to be on the move so the PC setup features an ultra-wide from Samsung that's hooked up on a desk mount and below that we got some Razer gear the Black Widow X chroma key board and the Naga chroma Mouse for audio is rocking the super tiny iHome bluetooth speaker and a pair of Astral a 50s that are hanging from the desk and speaking of the desk I like how he propped it up using some risers now he has extra storage space between the tabletop and the Alex drawers Keio management seems to be in order thanks to the signal rack and the PC powering everything has a 4690k and the EVGA GTX 1070 inside the NZXT s340 elite case that's pretty much it for the setup pretty straightforward thank you David for in turn next up is Zane with his insane quad display setup that he uses for pretty much everything from gaming to screaming and occasionally editing for his dead shadow and I swear that is what he wrote in his notes I'm not insulting his channel in fact my editor will show you the notes for proof he also says that he loves streaming on Twitch I mean this is one hell of an overkill setup for screaming but check him out if you guys want I'll drop a link to his twitch channel down below also let me remind you guys that he's only 14 years old however he acquired this setup doesn't matter what's really impressive is how clean and organized he kept it the first row of monitors are hooked up on the desk mount and the top ultra light from LG is hooked up against the wall as an overhead he also wrapped some RGB strips behind them and he guys can also see how he did the cable management he pretty much grouped up all the wires together and ran them straight down behind the monitor mount and tied them together using velcro straps he also drilled a hole right next to the monitor mount for both of his keyboard and mouse cables for audio he's only using a gaming headset from HyperX which is hanging neatly from a hanger on the left side of the desk however for his mic setup he's rocking an 80 20:35 microphone that's hooked up to the popular road psa1 boom arm there's one thing I noticed about this setup and that's the lighting umbrella on the top right corner of the monitors now he put that there to block the Philips hue bulb from lighting his face I guess it's very distracting for him obviously there's an easy fix to this and you can buy a desk lamp with a built-in clamp now this way you can swap the bulb inside which or RGB one and have it clamped to the monitor mount not only will it be hidden behind your monitors but it will not be hitting you directly in the face while at the same time giving off some extra lighting for your setup another thing I know is that your PC is being blocked off by a monitor and this is actually a simple fix because you have a ton of extra space on the left side now if it's possible I would move all the monitors to the left a bit so that your PC isn't being blocked off I'm guessing the only reason you haven't done this already is because it requires a lot of work not only do you have to remove all three monitors and remount them but you actually have to read rill new holes for the ultra light monitor as well now if this was me I would obviously do it in a heartbeat but a lot of people don't want to put in that extra work speaking of the PC it's rocking 867 2k 16 gigs of ram and the msi gtx 1070 it's interesting that he went with a black and blue case but with black and red parts and a set up with purple lighting it's a very unusual color scheme they also included a video of all his previous setups from the beginning all the way to his current set-up today and it's awesome to see where he started and how much work you put in to build something like this Thank You Zane for entering wrapping up the video we have a very clean set up from zen chile who lives in germany and i'm actually featuring this set up on the show because of how clean it looks and the amazing picture quality it may be a simple setup but if you guys take the extra time to send me high-resolution photos like this then you are automatically entered so Zen Chile's actually e german youtuber and this is the setup he uses for gaming and editing fun fact he actually has a German version of setup Wars on his channel and he actually reached out and asked me permission a long time ago to start his own show which I said it was ok and now he's participating in setup wars which is cool one of the things I love about the setup is the lighting it isn't over the top and I feel like it's balanced nicely there's an RGB lamp on the left side and another RGB source behind this PC and we also got a warm lighting behind a monitor I really like the separation in the middle so both the keyboard and mouse are from Shar kun and even though he didn't drill a hole in a desperate able management he did a good job wrapping them together and routing around the monitor stand the rest of the cables are managed very well using some zip ties to group up the wires and power strip together on one of the legs he doesn't use any speakers so the only audio source are the HyperX cloud stingers that he has resting on a headphone stand lastly the PC powering the setup has a risin 5 1400 and the ACS GTX 1060 all in all it's a very compact and clean setup how much I can recommend that will stay true to the minimalistic theme he's got going maybe some posters or wall shelves with stuff on them to reflect your personality or interests but regardless you have a very very clean set up thank you for entering so that is it for this episode of setup or is as always drop your comments below and vote on who you think has the best best setup as always if you enjoy the show tossing a like would be awesome and if you don't please leave a dislike I encourage you I love your faces and I'll see you guys in the next one peace
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