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Setup Wars - Episode 143

what's up guys it's after tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 143 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below but with that said let the setup Wars begin if you guys want to make extra cash on the side then you have to check out Swagbucks they are not only sponsoring this episode but they're giving my subscribers a $5 signup bonus if you click on the link below through the app you earn swag bucks by completing certain tasks like completing surveys watching videos or playing games you can even earn rewards by shopping online I just started using the app and already acquired some swag bucks it's a great way to earn extra cash and buy your next upgrade for your PC or maybe even an upgrade for your setup you can redeem it via PayPal Amazon giftcards or other sources make sure to check them out by clicking on the link below so before I begin the episode I do want to address the inconsistency of setup wars I don't haven't been launching them every other Monday and to be honest the truth is I just been very lazy I've been working on other projects and I've been disregarding the show which is actually the most popular show on the channel so I'm gonna try and bring it back every two weeks again every other Monday but if you guys want to see setup or has done every single Monday just like before you gotta let me know and the way you let me know is by dropping a like if this video gets 10,000 likes I'm gonna work really hard and bring back set upwards every single Monday because I have so many submissions and they keep piling on so I need to I need to do these series more often so let me know guys just drop a like it's very simple if you guys want to see it every single Monday so yeah with that said let's dive right in starting off the episode is Jing from Cambodia he's a photographer and seller and this is his gaming and editing setup I gotta say does look very busy there's a lot of stuff on the desk it's not necessarily messy it's just he doesn't keep things stored away like the remote for the speakers and the Smart Watch on the right side I'm guessing he prefers convenience over aesthetics and you know what that's completely he's using a single 4k monitor from LG that's sitting on the Alex Anan unit between a pair of Kanto yu6 speakers it's interesting that he went with the white color instead of the black considering the rest of the setup is black I mean there's technically no real color scheme but I feel like the color white feels out of place he's also using the cursor k95 RGB keyboard with the Logitech G nano treehouse and the RGB Polaris mousepad from Corsair one thing you can do for your mousepad wire is run it underneath your keyboard and tie it together with the keyboard wire using some velcro so that way it looks like there's only one cable running across the desk for a cleaner look speaking of a cleaner look I would say you did a great job with the cable management underneath the desk hooking up the power strip close to you underneath the desk was a great choice however the cables on top of your setup can use some work first up I'm not sure what's going on with the power strip behind the PC I'm pretty sure you can find a better place for that so it's not that visible second there is a much better place to keep your charging cables instead of laying them flat on the surface you can grab these magnetic cable clips that come with adhesive tape and you can connect them to the right side of your desk and attach the cables to them that way when you're done using them you can attach them back to the side and since they are magnetic they will simply snap and hang from the side away from site also a side note I love what you did with your fan up top looks like you have your very own air conditioning units so the PC is using for book gaming and work has a 70 900 X 32 gigs of ram and the asus strix 1080 TI definitely a beefy computer but he also has a MacBook Pro touch or when he needs to be on the move overall it's a great setup for both gaming and editing Thank You Jean before starting up the show mark is up next from Canada and his gaming and editing setup so he mounted both of his Asus monitors against the wall and used a wall Raceway to hide the cables running down to his setup very nice for the actual desk it looks like he's using an IKEA kitchen countertop with for individual legs for peripherals he's walking the cursor k95 platinum RGB keyboard and the Logitech g43 Mouse and I gotta get props to mark for routing the mouse wire underneath the keyboard actually he even connected it to the keyboard itself for audio he's rocking the national a forty gaming headset and he's even got a mic setup that he uses with the behringer audio interface he's definitely not messing around when it comes to audio the PC is using has a 6700 K a gtx 1070 Strix from Asus and a fluid gaming kit from ek which consists of a three sixty millimeter radiator a CPU block and a pump reservoir combo it's not the prettiest soft to build I've seen but it does get the job done excellent work with the cable management it looks like everything is hooked up behind the desk and kept off the ground so there are a few things you can do on the surface to clean it up a bit first off I do recommend routing the headset wire the opposite direction towards the back to eliminate the wire going across your desk instead of having your igv remote just sitting there you can easily grab a piece of double sided velcro and attach it to the back of your remote and the other piece underneath your desk that way you can hide it when you're not using it other than that it's a solid setup for a student thank you mark for entering and good luck with school a number three we have Michael who's an assistant branch manager for a trade kitchen supplier from the UK and this is the setup for gaming and watching movies the desk was actually custom built using kitchen cabinets and it sprayed with high-gloss coating we gotta give it that nice shine so he hooked up his ultra light to his desk and he mounted his speakers against the wall I gotta say I really like that wallpaper texture and the color also that Deadpool mural you have up there is pretty badass I would say Deadpool is mostly black and red but you did a great job keeping the color scheme consistent even though it isn't black and red I do see a good amount of black and white with some red accents like the key caps from the keyboard the red trigger button from the mouse and even some red accents from the SSDs inside the piece TK's I mean they're very subtle but they are there I don't know how I feel about the brown Ram sticks though it kind of looks out of place in that build great work with the cable management I can see that he grouped up the wires together for his PC and his keyboard and mouse one thing I would change from the set up is the placement of the headset it looks weird putting that on top of the PC and I feel like it's also out of reach when you're sitting down if it was me I would pick up a headphone hanger and mount it on the right side of your desk it's not a big deal but if you're looking for a slightly cleaner look that would be my recommendation but anyways thank you Michael for entering more eats is up next with a triple monitor gaming and editing setup so he's rocking one Acer predator in between two Asus mutters and below them we got some Razer gear the BlackWidow chroma keyboard mama Mouse and the Firefly mousepad he does have a set of speakers as well as the Razer Manowar wireless headset that's resting on the table along with a few miscellaneous items like the ps4 controller and the Titan X GPU block I'm guessing it's an extra one because his PC is rocking two of them now here's a disappointing part he's using these 6700 CPU which is a lock CPU by the way why would anyone do a custom loop on a locked CPU is just such a waste not to mention those ugly naked Ram sticks I mean it just doesn't go with the badass water-cooled PC I'm also curious as to why you have your microphone all the way on the left side it's not even connected to anything at least he redeemed himself with his cable management everything is grouped up together and held up against the desk using some 3m tape and cable clips he even drilled a hole in the desk to have his keyboard and mouse wires good job there's definitely some questionable choices when it comes to maurices setup but he's only 16 so I can't be too hard on him Thank You Maureen's friend train wrapping up the episode we got Nico and his interesting setup that he uses for gaming editing and Media consumption it's obvious this man has no interest in symmetry I think the first thing that came to my attention was the soundbar that's mounted underneath his TV that's an odd place considering the angle of the TV I do recommend getting a soundbar mount and hooking it up underneath your TV for the best sound experience that way no matter what angle your TV is aimed at you're gonna get the full experience from the sound bar the other monitors is using our ultra whites both from LG but in two different sizes the 34 inch one is used for gaming due to the hundred forty four Hertz refresh rate while the other is for editing because of the color accuracy the keyboard and mouse are both from Logitech and is interesting that he snuck in a smartphone stand underneath his mousepad that's actually pretty clever and I've never thought of that before Ferrario he's got the Philips Fidelio headphones hanging from the inside we also got the Leviathan sound bar from Razer like I mentioned earlier and a microphone setup using the popular at2020 tequila management on the other hand could definitely use some work I do recommend a few cable raceways to hide the wires running down the walls especially the cables underneath the sound bar other than that the signal rack took care the rest of the cables so good job there the PC powering the setup which is sadly hidden behind the monitors is rocking a 7700 and AC Strix 10 7 8 it's such a clean and sexy bill but it's being blocked off by one of the ultra lights I mean at this point you might as well just put it right underneath your setup at least that way you can still see it I don't see any other option I mean if that TV wasn't mounted there I would say you can move it to the left side but you don't really have any desk space the only other way I can think of is by stacking your monitors which I don't think you want to do and the other option is by mounting it on the wall using a wall shelf either way it's a pretty beast set up it just needs some minor tweaks Thank You Nico for and train and that does it for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments below and vote i'm hugh thing has the best desk setup announce the winners on my Instagram account so make sure you guys are following me there thank you so much for watching I love your faces I will see you very soon
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