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Setup Wars - Episode 144

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 144 where you cement your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video linked below but with that said let the setup wars begin starting off the episode is Dave from the Netherlands and his manga inspired setup that he uses for gaming streaming and Photoshop I don't know what anime that's from but it appears he's going for a similar color scheme with green and pink he's walking a 27-inch lg monitor that's sitting on top of the riser that he built himself and below that on the desk we got the courser Gear K 65 luxe RGB and the glaive RGB Mouse I gotta give you points on that cable management on the left side we have a skin the Nintendo switch and the splatoon controller which actually matches the color scheme and will serve an Xbox one as controller for audio dave is using the SteelSeries Octus v gaming headset which is hanging from the side of his drawer and we also got some speakers two clips speakers on the top shelf which is actually a nice place to hide them and a Sony subwoofer on the bottom I don't have any complaints on the cable management I mean everything is off the ground thanks to the built-in rack from the IKEA Mackay desk and finally the PC powering it all is a custom-built Rison build featuring horizon 5 1600 X and an msi gtx 1070 i also like how you split the colors on the RGB strips to be half green and half pink just like the color scheme the setup looks very clean the only minor adjustment i can give you is for the controller's maybe just put them in your drawer if you're not using them or at the very least pick up a charging dock so the controller has a dedicated place on your desk this one on amazon costs only 15 bucks and it has space for your other two joy cons as well a job holding below if anyone wants to check it out other than that minor tweak this is an awesome and very clean setup thank you Dave for starting off the show fat jon is up next with an insane triple monitor setup featuring two BenQ gaming monitors and an Acer predator that are hooked up to the wall-e desk mount it's obvious at this point he's going with a black and red color scheme and I really liked the painted IKEA lack shelves in red but I feel like that kind of throws off the color balance I feel like red is more of an accent color in this setup I feel like if the backside of those shelves were painted black and the horizontal shelves were pane in red what I've actually fit the color scheme a lot better that's just my opinion I was so like that he went with an extra wide table top to accommodate not only all three of the monitors but also the giant PC which is a beast by the way an 8700 K and an msi 1080 Ti inside the courser 780 t case I really like the layout of the keyboard and mouse he tilted the Razer Firefly on its side so that he can route the cable underneath his keyboard and he also wrapped both the wires together using velcro very very clean for audio he's rocking a pair of Logitech speakers and a subwoofer underneath the desk but he does have a hyper X headset chilling on a custom hanger I really liked that he hooked up the surround sound remote underneath the desk so that way whenever he needs to use the headset all he has to do is plug it in the cable management is done really well also the power strips are hooked up nicely the wires are wrapped up together and even the cables behind the monitors are nicely routed well done this is actually a really nice setup for a 15 year old damn thanks for entering and number three is John from Singapore and his razor themed setup that he uses for gaming and editing video and music his loyalty to razer is real all the peripherals are from Razer apart from the obvious Razer keyboard mouse and mouse pad he's also using eraser hammerhead earphones and even the PC case is the Razer edition of the H 440 the only thing missing are the razer kraken headphones sound bar and a microphone to complete the razer collection sandwich king the x 340 prism ultra-right are a pair of Presonus a 5 speakers for monitoring audio and that's pretty much everything on the desk all the essentials he needs to game and edit nothing more and nothing less under the desk he's hooked up a few Signum racks to hold up all the wires and finally the PC pairing at all has a 700 and an asus strix 1070 TI it's a pretty straightforward setup for gaming and productivity nothing fancy going on here but at the same time it's not super simple thank you John for entering this next contestant needs no introduction he is no stranger to setup words in fact this is the third time he's actually been on the show normally I don't accept previous applicants unless they have significantly improved their setup well that so happens to be the case this time as well I'm not gonna go over all the tech in this setup because most of it is the same and you guys can watch episodes 84 and 116 if you want to see everything so it looks like the Asus ultra whites and the peripherals are all the same however the layout of the setup is different I think he actually moved the entire setup on the opposite side of the wall because if you saw the last episode the curtains were actually only the left side and now it's on the right other than the new layout he did change up the wall designs of bits we now have a giant plaque of the ROG logo that was designed similar to the Porsche logo I'm guessing it's because he owns a Porsche Macan or Masson not even how you say that and they even gave him a symbol with his name on it if I had to guess the two things that lock is most into its Porsche pin a Supes I just have a hunch sandwiching the giant plaque are two banners that says respect all and fear none he actually said that in the notes that it represents himself that he shows respect to everyone but he doesn't fear anything are you telling me that you don't have any ounce of fear sitting in front of that giant plaque what if one day comes slamming down on both of the monitors and hits the side of your face will you fear then I'm just kidding it looks very stable it might be even super light you know the hell do I know one of my favorite things about this dual setup has to be the desk it's extremely wide it's actually custom-made with a glossy finish and despite it being very long there is no bowing in the center and that's mostly thanks to it being wall-mounted and lastly we can't forget the RGB ROG logo on the ceiling which is still there the computer is powering both setups are mostly the same however the first PC on the ground has a like upgrade from a 68 50k to an i-9 7900 X it also looks like he picked up a new laptop he said the last one was too heavy and bulky for business trips so he sold it and he bought the GX 501 instead good choice some really nice improvements to an already FX setup Thank You Locke for entering wrapping up the video is URI from Israel and his setup that's used for gaming and photography he was actually featured in episode 124 and he listened to all my recommendations and improved his setup and well now he's back again he's actually improved a lot on his setup and I'm very impressed so the first thing I noticed is the wall he took apart most of the acoustic panels and he added a landscape painting over it which I think looks way cleaner he also listened to my advice and picked up a boom arm for his blue yeti microphone I guess he replaced the Razer siren microphone he had before and then our movement from before was the headphone placement he actually picked up the same headphone hanger I recommended and he routed the cable behind the desk this time and straight into the PC using some cable clips see I told you this will look a lot cleaner nicely done you also put the SD card underneath the desk closer to you instead of leaving it on the desk so nice job there the cable management was great last time so nothing different this time around he did a really good job keeping everything nice and tidy underneath the desk I think the biggest upgrade from last time has to be the PC he switched from the nasty Christmas colour scheme to a black and red with grey accents to complement the setup and he also went soft tubing I much prefer this new system over the last one you had even if it is soft tubing it looks so much better nicely done the only minor recommendation I recommend is routing the mouse wire underneath the keyboard now you can leave as much slack as you want but I feel like if you combine the mouse wire with the keyboard wire it will look so much cleaner but it's not a huge deal and I'm still very impressed with all the changes you have done you even hit the ps4 pearl underneath the desk and I just noticed that you know it's examples like these why I still do the show I love helping people improve their setup even if it is to improve its light and a lot of you guys actually get ideas from looking at other people's setup and that's kind of the purpose of the entire show so and I also love reading your feedback in the comments section so then guess so much for the amazing support I feel like the community is really awesome and I'm really really happy to be a part of it but anyways with that said Thank You Yuri for entering make sure you guys drop your comments below and vote on who you think has the best that's setup I'll announce it on my Instagram page thank you guys so much for watching as always I'll try being set up boards more consistently I'll try and do it every single Monday if I can it just been pretty crazy here at the headquarters but anyways love you guys thank you so much and I will see you in the next video
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