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Setup Wars Episode 145 - Budget Edition

this video was sponsored by Noir DPN and right now they're giving my subscribers 77% off a three-year plan by using my link down below if you guys aren't using a VPN by now then you're putting yourself at risk every time you use the Internet you never know who's watching and keeping track of your data Nord VPN uses military-grade encryption to keep you private while your online shopping downloading files or sending sensitive information to other people they have over 3,600 servers in 61 countries and it even works in China and the Middle East so check them out at North VPN comm slash tech source or by clicking on the link below to get your seventy seven percent off a three year plan I like the fact that Eadie doesn't know that splatoon is a video game not anime yeah I kind of dropped the ball on that one guys I've heard of the game splatoon I had no idea that wallpaper on the monitor was actually from splatoon so yeah it shows how much I know about switch games then again it shouldn't be surprising to you guys at this point if I'm not butchering names I'm calling something wrong on the show where there's the wrong console or I can't figure out what anime or game character it is is there's always something going on in each show so yeah you guys should expect that for me so starting from now guys I'm gonna be reading the top comments of my previous episode I'm gonna respond to it in the next episode that makes any sense but anyways with that said welcome to setup wars episode 145 budget Edition I do have to remind you guys budget doesn't mean cheap it means that they have a specific budget that they are working with it could be a high budget it could be a low budget but that is the theme of today's episode so yeah with that said let the set up wars begin so starting up the show we have Jamie from Ireland and his cozy setup that he uses for gaming and the occasional streaming he's using a 24-inch AOC monitor that's resting on the redstone computer desk that he picked up from Amazon and he managed to fit everything on it the coarser k55 keyboard the SteelSeries rival 1/10 mouse and his pc which was mostly built around a budget except the RAM sticks it's obviously picked those up because of its RGB feature and it blends in with the AYGO igb fans but 16 gigs is overkill for this build he could have saved $100 by going with only 8 gigs and use that extra money on other parts or he could have bought a nice headset for yourself I don't know if using a Bluetooth speaker as your main audio source is a good thing as I mentioned before he does stream occasionally which is why he has a blue snowball microphone attached to a boom arm one thing I did notice is the cable management he went with the let it hang method if you guys have seen my how-to video on the cable management basically you wrap most of the cables together using a cable sleeve and use a cable box to hide the power strip and the rest of the cables being plugged into it other than the usual recommendation for the keyboard and mouse wire I think you have yourself a nice and cozy setup Thank You Jamie for starting up the show Bryce is up next from Iowa and I know what you guys are thinking Edie this guy has two monitors why the hell is he on the budget edition well it's because he built his set up with a budget of $1,500 and he spent only 1487 and also he has a broken phone so he's using two Acer monitors that are hooked up to a mount and underneath that we got the courser k55 keyboard and the Logitech M 310 mouse oh and by the way the K 55 keyboard is Corsairs budget keyboard I like what he did with his setup he personalized it it's not just another setup out there the pictures on the wall and the stuff on the shelves all contribute to the setup and his personality and speak of the drawings you actually do all of that himself very talented a few things on the setup that got Brice into the budget addition in the first place are the self-made low budget phone stand-in he built from Legos which by the way he's holding a shattered phone and his PC of course it's rocking the i3 8100 and an EVGA GTX 1060 I don't know if 16 gigs was a wise choice in this configuration though again just like the first contestant I would have just gone with 8 gigs and put that extra money in something else aside from the PC he also has a MacBook for when he needs to travel Ferrario is rocking a single sound bar from insignia unfortunately he does not have any headsets or headphones but what he does have is excellent cable management just look at how beautiful she looks from the back I haven't seen anything this amazing on all fours so good this is a very balanced setup with budget in mind Thank You Bryce for entering Elijah is up next from my hometown California represent this is his gaming and editing setup featuring two BenQ 24-inch monitors that are hooked up to his desk and he's also using the eraser BlackWidow chroma keyboard and the red dragon m7 10 RGB mouse for audio he's using these cyber acoustic speakers which are in an interesting location they are underneath his desk on the shelves I don't know how much of an impact that has on sound but I guess he wanted to keep the top of the desk clean he does have a headset as well which is also in an interesting location it's way back there underneath the desk it honestly looks pretty far away I notice the Livesey likes to keep things hidden for a cleaner look as opposed to going for convenience I do like the placement of the mic setup on the left side of the desk however the PC location kind of worries me not only is it directly on top of the carpet without anything in between but it's right next to his legs this means you won't be able to stretch them out and relax while gaming editing or even watching videos it bothers me just by looking at it I get that there is no space on the desk for the actual PC but another thing you can do is actually pick up a drawer or a nightstand or something similar and place the PC on the right side of your entire desk or better yet if you can move your xbox 1s on the other side and remove the middle piece of the shelf underneath your desk you can actually place your PC right there on the bottom assuming you can even take that piece it actually might be supporting the desk but those are just some options out there despite the placement of some items that I don't necessarily agree with I will give you points on the cable management you kept everything very neat and organized using a cable sleeve to hide the wires behind the monitor is a great idea however I would recommend using cable clips to help out some of those cables for example the cables coming from the microphone it will help keep them in a straight line which will look a lot cleaner but nonetheless a very compact setup with purpose Thank You Elijah for entering 40s is up next from Indonesia and this is his music studio and the first thing I noticed is that it's very different from other setups in the sense that it's not the usual desk against a single color wall there's a lot of stuff going on here it's not that it's messy it's just more busy it's got a productive studio vibe going on and I really like it he's got a 25 inch ultra light from LG hooked up to his desk and he's using a budget keyboard and mouse now Ferrario is actually got a pair of Edifier are 1600 T speakers and he Samson are 850 headphones hanging from the shelf next to him I really like the microphone placement the boom arm is long enough that it can reach over the monitor and when he's not using it he can fold it and tuck it behind so the shelf next to him actually has multiple uses it's used as a desk for his music production gear and he also uses the bottom portion for storage it's also where his PC sits it's a micro ATX build inside the elite 130 case from Coolermaster and it's packing the i5 4460 16 gigs of ram and the galaxy gtx 750ti the cable management is interesting because he hooked up the power strip against the wall next to the shelf and he kind of used that as the main hub and then there's a ton of cables coming from the other side of the wall which I'm guessing is used to power the rest of his audio gear I mean judging by this picture most of the cables are coming from the mixer I do like the way he wrapped the cables together using zip ties and he managed to keep the wires underneath the desk nice and organized as well I'm not sure what those two planks of wood are used for but it looks like the bottom portion used as support for the table but what about the rest of it above the surface I'm wondering why fur leus didn't cut it past the table top because it kind of just sticks out like a sore thumb music production setups are almost always on the expensive size so I'm glad to come across a budget focused version on setup Boris thank you for Ali as for entering wrapping up the episode as Jack and his first ever budget focused PC desk mod which I never thought I'd see on the budget edition of setup wars so on the surface it's pretty straightforward he's using fairly outdated monitors and a budget keyboard and mouse combo for audio he's got the Logitech z3 23 speakers and a gaming headset from San Heiser and that's pretty much it for the setup the MVP here is obviously the custom-built desk and the PC that he built inside it jack is a mechatronics engineering student and the purpose of this setup is for studying programming and the occasional gaming the PC is using an AMD x4 955 CPU which is a quad core and he's using four gigs of HyperX Ram yes that's two gigs each and a gtx 950 so the story behind the setup is that having a desk pc was a dream for jack but he didn't really have the budget to build it after graduating IT school he started working as a web developer and started saving money for the build it took him six months throughout the weekends to create the setup and even now he's still not done as a lot of things he wants to upgrade well you know where to find me once the upgrades are here and you're ready to resubmit once again a very impressive custom-built setup while sticking to a budget thank you jack foreign terrain and then pretty much wraps up this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best budget set up and I'll announce the winners on my Instagram account so make sure you guys are following me there thank you so much for watching as always I will see you in the next video
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