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Setup Wars - Episode 146

so top comments from last episode says I'm all about that budget life and it actually got 357 upvotes it's not an interesting comment so I'm just gonna read the one on there Nats the one under that says I was quoting my quoting when I said in the video just look at how beautiful she looks from the back that's what she said and actually the comment that's responding to that I've never seen anything so beautiful on all fours I've also said that in the video when I was talking about the cable management from the back I purposely made it sound sexual and I'm surprised not a lot of people got that for some reason maybe I've got underage audience I don't know but yeah that was purposely set in a sexual way so I'm glad somebody actually noticed it so yeah and oddly enough that their comment just says boobies okay yeah Edwards guys welcome to setup wars episode 146 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate you know what to do watch the video link down below but with that said let the set up wars begin this video was sponsored by world of warships who reached out and asked me to try out their awesome game it's a tactical game where you team up with other players and go head to head online against enemy warships you can command a massive naval fleet featuring some of the history's most iconic war vessels and you get to unlock new ships as you progress through the game they've spent a lot of time making the game look awesome and realistic each ship is very accurate to the real thing and since launch they've added over 200 ships across 8 definitions and racked up over 7 million players it's free to play but if you guys download using my link in the description section you can get some awesome goodies like a million credits 3 days of premium access 250 dublin's and more is however only available to new users and you have to use the code listed on the screen kicking off the show is adam from canada and is insane Zelda theme setup which actually takes some inspiration from the channel judging by the custom-made risers that's holding up the countertop I gotta say right off the bat I'm a fan of the white on white color scheme as well I mean there are other colors in there that add some contrast like the blue risers the mousepad and even the colorful black ops zombies soda perks on the top so not everything is white but I do appreciate the overall consistency so the purpose of the setup is for console gaming which is interesting considering he has two monitors and no TV he's also using a MacBook Pro so I'm pretty confident he uses the setup for productivity as well otherwise this is definitely overkill just for console gaming I mean he has four different headsets hanging from the top we got four astro a 50s to the ps4 and two for the Xbox one s that is some serious brand dedication right there I do have to say that the setup has a lot of personality that's for sure the consoles on the left all have Zelo skins and even a five-piece mural painting on the wall is Zelda themed well specifically link themed one of the things I really love about the setup is the lighting and under a fine job balancing it be now leaf panels on the top not only represent the Triforce from the Zelda series but it also contributes to the color scheme that is going with and the icing on the cake has to be the individually lit sodas in the center he basically hooked up an LED strip behind each one of them to give it that extra glow I've seen as many times on the show before so it's not really unique but it's definitely a great idea some of the other tech that Adam has on his setup are the ps4 VR set on the right side which has it's very own charging dock for the controllers as well and I'm set up is very OCD friendly I mean everything is nicely organized it's symmetrical and a cable management is just beautiful to Signum racks holding up everything and a bunch of zip ties to group the wires together I mean this guy is so organized even the cables inside the drawers are wrapped up nicely a beautiful and organized setup with lots of personality I think Adam did a great job overall putting everything together thank you for entering next up is Antoine from France and his multi setup so the first one features the ultra wide is actually used for gaming while the second one is used for music production and overall productivity the setup on the left side of his gaming one is actually his roommates and you can tell it's pretty lame compared to his I mean even the cable management is like 10 times worse you know I think it's time you introduce your roommate to setup wars it might change his life or very least his setup all right back to the gaming setup so he's rocking the ducky one keyboard and the logitech mx518 Mouse I actually like those custom key caps it looks like it's transitioning from white to black and I think it looks pretty cool per audio is using the Edifier are 1700 bt bookshelf speakers and he's also got the knob sound amplifier which is hooked up to his audio technica m50x is next to those are the SteelSeries Siberia gaming headset and finally a blue snowball ice as his microphone it's an interesting location sitting on top of the speakers but I'm guessing he brings it closer to him when he needs to use it the PC powering the setup actually has workstation parts which I found odd seeing as the first set up is used only for gaming I don't think I've actually ever seen anyone use a cooler for their RAM sticks but I guess it looks a lot cooler than showing up that ugly green PCB it looks like a total of four setups in this room three of them are powered by PCs and then there is a media set up in the middle of the room that has Kodi installed and two massive floor speakers another thing that caught my attention is this shelf dedicated to Assassin's Creed collectables and some keyboards and mice you know I've always wanted a place asin's creed and I've been reading so many bad reviews about the entire game franchise and at this point I don't even know which one's good or which ones worth playing so any fans out there that's played entire series let me know which one is good to play that's that's worth my time that I might enjoy in the comment section because I think it's ready to dust off my ps4 Pro some interesting choices on the hardware and placement of certain items but overall a solid setup with purpose Thank You Antoine for entering a number 3 is Daniel from Canada and his dual monitor setup that he uses for video production and school work but mostly for gaming he's rocking two different monitors that are hooked up to a desk mount and actually surprised that he was able to fit two displays and his PC on the desk it's very compact but everything is organized and spaced out very well the keyboard and mouse are both home courser and so is the headset chilling on a stand he actually has three other headphones the HD 598 SR and the m50 X's which are hanging underneath the desk we also got these Sony headphones which are stored in one of the drawers other than the headphones the other source of audio are the largest xz6 23 speakers it's obvious the color scheme of the setup is black and white and daniel did a fine job keeping with it the skins on the m50x is the Omni mount cable sleeve even the phone case and pretty much the entire PC is all in the same color scheme it's pimped out with an i7 6700k 32 gigs of ram and the msi 1080 TI with a sexy backplate from v1 tech he also painted a few parts like the side radiator and the PCIe brackets nicely done this is a really clean setup all the wires are managed very well and I'd like you to use a couple cable sleeves to help them out with the PC wires and pretty much everything else underneath the desk it's a really balanced and organized set up Thank You Danielle for entering at number 4 is Henry and is insane a triple monitor gaming setup between three different monitors that are hooked up to the karlby countertop I really like seeing super wide tables like these because it gives you so much room to work with and be creative and a tabletop some ikea are built really well that you won't get any bowing in the middle even if you have three monitors mounted without any support in the center it's just like Henry you know the monitors he's got the Corsair k70 Lux keyboard with the Zowie white edition mouse and the HyperX mousepad for audio he's rocking the m50 X's with some D brand skins once again there's a lot of em 50 X's in this episode apparently we also got the blue Yeti blackout microphone that's hooked up to a boom arm behind the monitor it's very nice placement with the mic the PC providing all the juice is packing and overclocked 6700 K we got 16 gigs of ram and the EGA 1070 superclocked GPU I think your top fan isn't working though you might want to check that out but I do like the consistency of the color scheme throughout your entire setup great work with the cables underneath the desk it looks like the Signum is holding up most of the wires and you even attached a parish trip using some 3m tape no complaints here other than your headphones just laying on a desk but overall it's a solid badass and clean gaming setup Thank You Henry for entering wrapping up the episode is will and has very clean and sophisticated productivity and music production setup tell me the shot of a setup doesn't give you guys an eye gasm so damn clean all right so the setup is being powered by late 2013 Mac Pro and a single 27-inch LG 4k monitor one of the benefits of having an off-the-wall setup like this is that you're able to put stuff behind your desk without having to worry about taking space off your desk or not having any space at all to work with in Welles example he took full advantage of this type of setup placing two massive JBL speakers and a Yamaha subwoofer on the ground obviously there are some drawbacks going with this style for example the main one is cable management you don't have that support of the wall to hide the cables in between the desk but will actually did a great job with his he basically tied all the wires together and ran it down the center of the leg underneath the sub woofer and straight back into the curtains the rest of the wires and the power strips are hidden behind the Alex drawer and the traffic it looks like I would say this was executed perfectly I'm even impressed that he was able to mount that focus right AI underneath the desk it actually looks like he drilled it into the desk am I really sure because I was gonna say there's no way he used velcro or 3m tape to keep that beast up there it's way too heavy the setup is obviously for music production which means he must have a few headphones laying around I'm always curious to see what headphones people use for music related setups so looks like he's got the bose qc25 s which are actually really comfortable and sound great I actually have a pair he's also got the beats of solo Wireless to the Sennheiser HD 380 pros and of course the Apple earpods I really like the selection here because he pretty much has audio for every occasion some of the stuff he's got on the desk are his Apple keyboard and trackpad the MX master 2's Mouse and of course the skin iPad pro I would say this has to be my favorite setup from this episode I'm getting that calm relaxing productive vibe it's very clean and I think that will did an awesome job putting it all together excellent work and thank you will for entering and that pretty much wraps up this episode I've set up boards I hope you guys enjoy the show let me know by leaving a comment down below on which of these setups you thought was the best and I lost the winners on my social media platform and specifically on Instagram make sure to follow me there if you guys want to but anyways that does it dropping a leg would be awesome if you want to show your support for the series I love your Chin's and I will see you in the next one chins
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