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Setup Wars - Episode 147

what's up guys it's a Pentax horse welcome back to setup wars episode 147 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on that channel if you guys want to participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video linked down below with that said let the setup wars begin hey guys so before I begin the episode I'm gonna give a quick update on setup makeover season 2 it's taking a while to start because we're still on the final stages of selecting a winner we are going through a lot of applications and we're finally narrowed it down to 5 final contestants and we're still doing interviews with them so by the middle of July we would have concluded and picked a finalist so thank you guys so much for your patience hopefully we can launch episode 1 sometime in August that is the plan but yeah things are still moving I've not forget about the about the series thing guys again for your patience and yeah let's get back to the show kicking off the episode it is Jude and his compact gaming setup featuring the asus rog swift gaming monitor and some corsair gear he's got the K 95 RGB platinum keyboard the M 65 pro mouse with the Polaris RGB mouse pad and even the headset and headset stand are from Corsair I feel like I've Corsair made speakers it would even be in this setup as well but instead he's using the bose companion 2 speakers i like where he drilled a hole for the mouse and mouse pad wire it looks more cleaner this way instead of routing it underneath the keyboard nicely done in fact all the cable management looks clean in this setup looks like he used a channel raceway to out most of the wires in the back along with the help of some zip ties and cable clips to keep things nice and tidy excellent work there's really nothing over-the-top or extra in this setup it has all the essentials any gaming setup needs we got the mechanical keyboard a gaming monitor speakers headset and of course a beast gaming pc walk in the 8700 k and on Asus Strix 1080 the coolest thing inside the PC is the 50 Cal bullet that's made out of pure silver the reason is because it has an awesome story behind it it was actually given to him by his dad after surviving a massive brain tumor that almost killed them it has the words Invictus engraved on the side meaning unconquered you know it's easy to forget about all the terrible stuff that's happening outside in the world we are tucked away nice and cozy in our rooms watching videos and playing games you know there are people out there who have battled against sickness and death or just live in very poor conditions if anyone watching this video is struggling with those problems I just want to say hang in there don't give up on life and I really hope that my videos give you at least a little bit of joy to help you with these tough times Julian is up next all the way from Germany and his editing setup which appears to be inside of Harry Potter's closet or I mean it could just be an attic or something it's interesting that this is mostly an editing setup instead of gaming seeing as he's only using a 6700 K which is a quad-core I'm not really sure what programs he's using to edit but I know most programs are heavily dependent on CPU so I expect that at least six cores if not an eight core inside this PC he's got a good amount of RAM but the CPU choice is interesting the desk choice is also interesting so he managed to cram three monitors on that tiny thing using a mount which is genius by the way who says you need a large desk to fit multiple monitors this is definitely one of the solutions if you don't have enough space on your desk there aren't that many things on the desk however he's got the shark own keyboard MX master mouse and his Logitech Z 906 speakers now since the desk isn't up against the wall Julian had to bundle up the wires together and run them through this side of the desk and behind the PC using some cable sleeves I'm actually pretty impressed that he was able to achieve this type of setup given the overall table size well done and thank you for entering here's another triple monitor setup this one is by Justin from Singapore and its purpose as gaming editing and audio production he's rocking three 24 inch monitors that are hooked up to a desk mount and below that we got the corsair k70 and Logitech g600 mouse for audio he's using the creative soundblaster X katana and a pair of son Heiser Game one headphones I like what he did with the headphone wire he used a few cable clips to keep it from hanging down and he routed it underneath the desk very nice one thing I would change however is the cable clips that you're using for your charging cables it looks a bit difficult to remove when you need to use them for charging so instead I would use these magnetic cable clips instead it will allow you to remove and the cables a lot easier than your current setup but the rest of the cable management in your setup is done well I mean lots of cable sleeves are used to hide the wires coming from your PC and the monitors we also got a power strip that's hooked up underneath the desk it's a shame that the PC had to be on the ground though it's a great looking rig rocking these 6700 K and a 1080 from Zil tank with custom sleep cables honestly for up to me I would install a wall shelf on the right side of your setup and put the PC on top of it cable management would also be a lot easier since you can just run the wires inside a cable sleeve straight down against the corner behind your PC but that would require a little extra work speaking of cable management I would mount that Seagate external drive underneath the desk as well and bring it closer to you like I did in my setup not only will you clean up the surface of your desk but it will also be closer to you in case you need to use the two USB ports on there as pass-through just make sure to use these heavy duty velcro straps instead of regular 3m tape one thing I do like about the setup is the neutral color scheme which means that he can change up the colors depending on his mood so it's not always the same it's a nice multi-purpose setup Thank You Justin for entering if you're wondering what a 17 year old cryptocurrency investor and student is using as their set up well here you go the purpose of the set up is gaming investments and school he's using an ultra wide monitor with 120 Hertz refresh rate and gsync for gaming while the other vertical monitor is used for productivity most likely to look at stock related info i love the unique black purple and blue color scheme of the setup he did a great job keeping it consistent with the RGB lighting from the keyboard and mouse also look at that speaker placement he spaced out the monitors just enough to make sure that they are not blocked off nicely done aside from the speaker's he's also using the SteelSeries Siberia 800 headset the cable management is really clean the wires are tied together nicely and capped off the ground using the net underneath the desk the PC powering it all has a 7600 K and an MSI GTX 1080 inside the 460 XK from Corsair this is a really clean setup and I don't have any complaints at all the only thing I recommend is maybe putting some more stuff on that wall shelf because it seems overkill just holding up that letter cave I know it's the first letter of your name but maybe add some extra stuff on the sides to contribute to your personality they could be anything maybe stuff from your favorite hobby movie or game I feel like it's just missing some spice that's all other than that I love this setup thank you clown for entering last but not least we have Neil from the Netherlands with an interesting type of setup so he uses this for gaming but mostly for productivity the mahogany desk was purchased used but he sanded it down and oiled it so looks new when he even picked up matching speaker stands for his Yamaha hs8 studio monitors personally I'm not a fan of wood desks because it always looks out of place when compared to every other tech that's on it but it seems to be blending in well with Neil's set up for some reason it could be due to these speaker stands or the neutral white and black colours I'm not really sure four monitors he's using the 27-inch Acer for gaming while the HP Pavilion is used mainly as a second display also one of us we got the white eagle z77 keyboard with the logitech g502 mouse and both wires are going across the desk alongside the cloud 2 gaming headset wire which is a big no-no I mean the wire is long enough to be routed underneath the desk I'm not really sure why he would take this approach instead just pick up some cable clips and route the cable underneath the desk for a cleaner look my dude the rest of the wire management looks great the Signum is holding up the cables I have no complaints other than that headset wire the PC powering the set up looks very clean with a black and red theme custom sleeved cables and a 3d printed destiny ghost to keep guard of his PC I admire the originality of this setup not only did he make the painting on the wall but he also made that wallpaper on his actual monitor it's a very nice setup overall it just needs some minor tweaks Thank You Neil for entering so that is it for this episode I've setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup if you guys enjoyed the series make sure to also like to show your support if you don't like the series please leave a dislike I encourage you guys thanks again for watching and I see you in the next one
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