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Setup Wars - Episode 148

what's up guys it's a fan text source welcome back to setup wars episode 148 we used too much desk setup to get featured on the channel and if you want to participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video linked down below with that said let the setup words begin kicking off the episode as angel and his insane quad display gaming setup he also uses this for school video editing and screaming that's good because if it was only for gaming it would have been seriously overkill I mean it's overkill either way but at least it's making good use of all the monitors it also looks like he went with a black and purple color scheme and he kept that consistent throughout the RGB lights from the keyboard mouse and mouse pad for audio looks like he's using the LG sound bar with the subwoofer and some headphones we got these status audios and the Skullcandy crusher by the way those are awesome pair of headphones the bass on those are insane it feels like there are subwoofers right inside your ear and you can actually feel them vibrate it's pretty cool what's also insane is that desk choice really and IKEA linman you have a very expensive setup I mean couldn't you have at least spent a little more and got something more sturdy you got a lot of stuff on that flimsy desk and it's starting to bow in the center I will give you props on picking up an extra linman desk just to hold up your PC Angel is probably like screw that I'm not putting my PC on the floor so he picked up an extra desk and you put the PC on top of that nicely done this beauty is rocking an 8700 K 16 gigs of ram and ladies and gentlemen 210 70s and SL I actually I take back the beauty part what the hell is going on with those cables dude speaking of cables what in the name of Satan's ass crack is this are you seriously using tape to hold up your cables I mean have you not seen the past 137 episodes of setup wars I apologize if you're new to the channel but I always recommend the same thing almost every episode jhi Raceway cable sleeves cable clips velcro straps hell if you're really lazy just pick up a signal from Ikea and call it a day there should be no excuse using tape for cable management come on you know I really like the setup I really do but please fix the cables the right way and getting stronger desk because that's about a fall apart any day now Thank You angel for entering next up is Carl and his setup for work and play emphasis on work because we do have an ultra-wide from LG which is actually the monitor I recently upgraded it's great for productivity but not so much gaming he's also got two LG TVs mounted against the wall and a Dell monitor hooked up to his MacBook on the side you guys know that I prefer I cleaner looks all that stuff on the desk while useful to Carl is a bit too much for me however I do like that he mounted the speakers on the wall otherwise would have been more cluttered if he kept it on the desk under the desk is where his PC is and it's got some nice specs you got a 77 jack a 32 gigs of ram and a gtx 1080 which is more than enough to max out any game however the ultrawide monitor is limiting its potential since it's capped at 75 Hertz also if you're using programs that take advantage of multiple cores like editing software designing modelling then that quad-core cpu you have isn't the best choice by the way the power supply is installed upside down I do recommend for you is to flip it around so it sucks cold air from the outside inside the case and a PC stand like this one which will keep the PC off the carpet that way it's not sucking in dirt or dust also it's gonna be a lot easier to move around in case you need to reach the back to plug stuff in or out overlooking the keyboard why are going across the desk I gotta give you props on the rest of the cable management using those wall raceways to hide the wires coming down from the TVs and the speakers was a great idea with that said you do have a great productivity and gaming setup I just need some minor changes Thank You Carl for entering a number 3 is Jason and his gaming and streaming setup between 229 inch ultra wide monitors from LG I gotta say this is a very unusual monitor setup and I've seen this a few times already on setup Wars normally it's not ideal putting two ultralights side-by-side because you won't be able to see the sides very well if you sit right in the middle that's just too wide but anyways on the desk he's got quite the collection of Funko pops I just wish there was the same amount on both sides he's also using a budget keyboard and mouse from red dragon with the Razer Firefly mousepad I love that the mousepad is worth more than both the keyboard and the mouse combined he doesn't have any speakers but he does have a pair of HyperX clouds chilling in the corner on a headset stand on the opposite side is where his blue snowball ice microphone is mountain very clean job I think that Jason did a great job not only keeping everything organized but also staying true to the white and black color scheme for the most part the PC pairing at all is equipped with a 7700 K and a GTX 1060 sadly there aren't any close-up pictures of the PC to see inside the cable management on Jason's setup isn't bad I mean it did use some zip ties to keep some of the wires organized and technically nothing is touching the ground so it's all good in the hood a very clean gaming and streaming setup thank you Jason for entering now this next setup I included on the show for two reasons and two reasons only first of all that insane view goddamn and the incredible photo quality it only makes sense after all he is a filmmaker and photographer if you guys send in quality pictures like these I'm gonna feature you regardless of the type of setup you can send me a potato setup using a toaster as a desk and I'll feature it as long as the pictures are quality the setup itself is very simple and its purpose is obviously productivity he's got a 2070 MacBook Pro retina we got the Apple keyboard mouse trackpad and the iPad pro with the iPhone X I mean this guy has pretty much every Apple product available I feel like if Apple made computer speakers he'll be using those as well but right now he's using the bose companion speakers instead I'm not gonna bash jcu on his cable management because I know most of the stuff on his desk need to be disconnected easily in case he needs to go somewhere so I understand his situation if he ties the cables together or routes them through sleeve then it's gonna be inconvenient taking it out when he needs to travel I mean at least he's using a cable box to hide some of the cables or the power brakes inside out of all the pictures I gotta say guys this one is my favorite I just love the overall mood it's nighttime outside all the lights inside are off except a desk lamp overlooking the city lights now if this doesn't get you into a productive mood I don't know what will a simple yet effective setup Thank You JC for entering and thank you again for taking your time to shoot these amazing photos ending the episode and quite possibly my monetization on this video because of that wallpaper we have Tony all the way from Belgium and has being set up he's got to deal monitors one is ultra wide but neither of them have gaming specs because they are capped at a 60 Hertz refresh rate I'm actually curious as to why he picked these up instead it appears that Tony is left-handed judging by the placement of the keyboard and mouse by the way Bravo on the cable management it just looks so much cleaner without any wires I also like what he did for his audio setup he's using a 5.1 system from Edifier and he's hooked up the center speaker on the desk and the other four satellites on the ceiling he's got two in the front and two in the back of em so he gets that true surround sound experience if he's not immersing himself in surround sound he's using the Asheville 850 wireless headset which is hanging from a stand in the corner powering this awesome setup is this even more awesome custom loop gaming PC featuring the 8700 K 16 gigs of ram and 2 msi 980 TI s and SL i beautiful work on the bends and great choice on the custom cables since the glass panel is slightly tinted the white colors pop through nicely I also see that is using several racks behind the desk to hold up the wires and you even hooked up the Parrish tip behind the back board which is very clever the only thing I would change in this setup are the monitors for something with a higher refresh rate because I feel like you're not taking advantage of your PC's full potential other than that it's a kick-ass gaming setup thank you Tony for entering and I pretty much wraps up this episode as always guys dropping a like is really simple and it helps support the show and the channel so thank you guys again so much for watching make sure you guys are commenting down below on what setup you think is the best and unless the winners on my social media platforms thanks again for watching I said that three times already I'll see you in the next video
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