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Setup Wars - Episode 149

hey guys real quickly before I begin the show I'm gonna give you an update on the submission process currently I'm still backed up until January here's a screenshot of the current submissions I'm working on yeah I'm still working on submissions from January so if you guys submitted in the past few months or the past few weeks and you're wondering why you haven't been shown well it's either one the quality of the picture is on good or - you are in a very very long queue so please be patient guys I am still focusing on going through every single submission in order those submissions aren't including the ones that I've weeded out I stuff to go through those and remove the ones that have bad quality or a bad setup and all that stuff but anyways just want to give you guys an update there was a very there's a six or seven month wait time to be on set up for so that is why your setup or one of the reasons why your setup hasn't been featured on setup boards but anyways with that said welcome to set up words episode 149 if you guys want to submit and wait they watched a video linked down below but with that said let the set up wars begin hey guys real quickly I want to thank the sponsor of this video trade coffee it's actually a funny story they started off as a sponsor for this video and announced my favorite place to get coffee personally I love coffee I need it to be productive and it helps me focus on content creation believe it or not I have 10 to 12 hour days seven days a week making YouTube videos so coffee is what keeps me going here's why trade is awesome their mission is to churn coffee drinkers like myself into coffee lovers so they have this quick sixth question quiz that matches you with the coffee you're most likely to love so when I took the quiz they actually matched me with the FTO House espresso and one thing I love about this coffee compared to the one I'm using right now is it has so much flavor that it don't need to add any creamer trade has a diverse offering of the very best seasonal coffees with exceptional taste ethically sourced from respected farmers and producers and prices start around 15 dollars a bag I love the convenience of the entire process having trade matched me with the perfect coffee for my taste and having it sent directly to my home is awesome it's also roasted just after your order is placed which is why it's always so fresh currently they ship to the US only and right now you can buy a really great bag of coffee yourself suited for your own taste why now trade is offering the first 100 subscribers who click on the link below and use the promo code text source 50% off whatever coffee is recommended for them but you got to be quick because it's not gonna last long kicking off the episode we have this super clean setup from Kai he uses it mainly for gaming and occasionally for making YouTube videos and other miscellaneous work we have an ultra-wide from samsung mounted against the wall and instead of running the wire straight down check this out he ran them across the wall and behind his pc which looks way cleaner he also has a 23 inch from Dell and it's sitting on top of a box for some reason in the notes he did state that the reason he didn't mount it on the wall is because his wife frequently moves it to her desk for when she needs to work from home he also said that he spaced the monitor a little bit from the ultra-right so that it's more symmetrical with the PC on the other side and I gotta be honest it doesn't look bad there's a nice balance here and the box underneath tomorrow keeps it almost level with the ultralite the desk itself was built using the IKEA egg back in black stone countertop which is being held up using some capital eggs this basically gives the tabletop some spacing between the Alex yours which is great if you ever needs to store things in between it also it raises the desk a bit actually see this method a lot for people who are tall there's not much on the desk itself he has a minimalistic approach we got some IKEA plans maybe an Xbox one controller and his keyboard and mouse he's added white key caps and it appears that the mouse itself is modded either with paint or vinyl wraps I'm not really sure it looks really good though and the black mouse pad with the white accents really ties the peripherals together beautifully the only source of audio he's got are the sennheiser HD 6 xx headphones which are neatly hanging underneath his desk and I do have to point out the placement of the snowball ice microphone it's a very subtle placement it doesn't stick out nor does it take up any extra space on the desk it looks like he hooked it up to a boom arm and he left it in the corner behind the monitor so it's not visible nicely done I actually thought it was hooked up on the monitor mount itself the cable management on the setup is exceptional all the PC wires are tied together and routed beautifully underneath the desk and into the j-channel raceway and out through the other side of the desk I couldn't be more proud and finally the PC pairing at all which is a beauty herself we got the 7700 K 16 gigs of the RGB trynna Z RAM sticks and MIT EVGA 1080 Ti it looks like he's mod at the side of the case after his YouTube channel using vinyl stickers and we also got some custom sleeve cables I also love how the entire fan itself has lit helping these up from a go and these are the white LED fans but they do have our DB versions as well one of the things I like about this setup is that it's dynamic a lot of setups tend to have a specific color scheme that can't change so they're kind of stuck with that but this setup has a neutral color and all he has to do is change up a few colors and a wallpaper to give it a new and refreshing look excellent work on this setup it's definitely one of the cleanest I've seen Thank You Kai for entering speaking of a clean set up Luke is up next with a set up focused on gaming and engineering design first thing I noticed is the interesting layout of the monitors so instead of sandwiching all three displays side by side like most people he mounted the smaller one on top to make space on the desk for his PC also who says you need a wall to mount your monitors you can actually use Windows too well the wooden portion at least but at least this gives you the option to have that levitating monitor look while having your set up in front of a window at the same time you just got to make sure that there are actual mounting points near the windows otherwise it won't work the desk itself has an industrial theme to it with a wooden countertop from Ikea and custom-made steel pipe legs for the support on the screw got the corsair k70 RGB keyboard with the custom white key caps and the razer deathadder mouse drilling a hole right behind the mouse Bungie is actually a really awesome way of hiding that cable instead of running it underneath the keyboard or even worse winning across the desk another thing I noticed out of bookshelf speakers in the back we are both being blocked off which is gonna affect the sound quality I'm actually curious as to why you mounted them on the desk itself instead of picking up floor stands which will allow you to lift the speaker's even higher I didn't recommend these from a Pearl Smith I think that's how you say which can be extended up to 45 inches high so it's gonna give you that extra boost that you need so it's not being blocked off alternatively you can also mount them on the wall although you might have to move that painting on the right side to make space for it aside from the speaker's he does have a wireless headset from SteelSeries that he also uses this is actually very similar to the previous set up Luke also routed his wires across the wall instead of straight down it looks so clean because you can't really see the channel raceway that he used to route the wires through since the monitors are blocking it it's a very clever trick to enhance the presentation of the set up nicely done dude the PC parameter setup has a 7700 K 8 gigs of RAM and the AC strakes 1070 with custom black sleeves the setup itself is nice and organized however I would change at the placement of the speakers if possible so that you can take full advantage of them but otherwise thank you Luke for entering and number three as moshae I hope I'm not butchering that name with dual setups one strictly for console gaming and the other four PC gaming and editing so the console setup has a dedicated desk and two gaming monitors for both the ps4 and the Xbox one while the PC has an all red Deadpool team going on with a single ultra ride there's definitely a lot of red even for my tastes but he did try and balance that by adding black for contrast some great examples on the speaker stand the Mophie wireless charging pad the lambo and even the DAC for peripherals is rocking a Logitech G 9 10 keyboard he got the g9o 3 Mouse and the power play mouse pad that doubles as a charging pad for the G nano3 and the G 703 wireless mouse so that's really cool you don't have to plug in a mouse and charge anymore just leave it on the mouse pad and you're juiced up sand watching the ultra whites are a pair of monkey banana speakers and next to those are Ikea lamps with Philips RGB bulbs which of course are set to red lighting aside from the speakers he does have your Logitech G 6:33 headset hanging underneath the desk and while we're down here let's take a look at the cable management it looks like he's using the good old Signum rack to hold everything up and a few will CROs to keep the wires from hanging down overall a very clean job personally I think covering the entire wall with acoustic foams is a bit overkill if you're doing it mainly for acoustics then it's fine I guess but if it's for aesthetic reasons I would have preferred either wallpaper or even a paint job if you must use acoustic foams maybe you should have done like a cool design with them or something but I don't know what do you guys think leave your feedback in the comments section I do like the two Deadpool posters and the painted wall shelf with collectibles at least there's some personality in this setup I mean the Shelf isn't exactly centered in the middle but I'll give you a pass what the hell I feel like if Deadpool on the gaming PC this is what it would look like at 6600 K 10 atti from Oris a couple of Deadpool figurines and of course plenty of red lining you know I haven't seen a set up that relies heavily on a theme like this in a while but it's always refreshing to see I think it did a great job over here keeping with the Deadpool theme thank you motion for entering and I'm sorry if I butchered your name this next set up is from Knauer again at sorry if I'm butchering your name is very impressive because it's the first set up I've seen on the show to have great cable management using a glass this is impressive because you can't really hide stuff underneath it since it's all see-through but he found a way around this by grouping up all the wires together using a cable sleeve and compressing them together with zip ties that's actually a very clever way of doing it and if you guys have a glass desk at home you should probably consider this method if you want a clean setup the only other drawback from a glass desk is that you can drill any holes for the keyboard and mouse because either way you're gonna see the wire going across the desk either above it or underneath it also you might end up cracking the surface around it all right so the setup is used for gaming and programming he's using a 4k monitor up top with 2 quad HD gaming monitors on the bottom and he's hooked up all of that to the VL desk mount the benefits of having a corner desk is that you can have your main setup on one side and keep the rest of your gear including the PC on the other without having to pick up extra drawers or shelves there's the ps4 console docking station with controllers and the headset off to the side in the corner is where the custom water-cooled PC is the courser 460 x case has appeared twice already in this episode specs wise he's using ad leaded 8700 k that's overclocked to 5.1 gigahertz very nice and it's also equipped with 16 gigs of ram and the EVGA 1080 TI FTW 3 a beautiful custom loop with hard line tubing this is a very compact case because of the PSU shroud so I'm impressed that you're able to fit an entire loop in here despite going with a single radiator splitting the pump and the res was actually a great idea however I do recommend picking up some custom sleeve cables at one point to complete this awesome awesome build it's very refreshing to see a badass set up on a glass desk and I think he did an awesome job putting it all together and keeping it very very clean thank you now our foreign trade wrapping up the episode is Ryan and his final fantasy obsessed setup we got two separate setups actually you want for PC gaming and the other for console gaming the PC side is rocking three asus monitors that are actually hooked up to a monitor mount you can't tell because he cleverly hid the base behind his surface 3 on the desk he's got the K 95 Platinum keyboard got the SteelSeries mouse and the cursor RGB mouse pad one thing you can do with those wires is by drilling a small hole right above the mousepad where you can wrap both mouse and mousepad wired through if you ever want to clean a look alternatively you can rotate the mousepad sideways so that the cable isn't as noticeable since it'll be closer to the keyboard but those are some options of cleaning up the wires a bit I do love the charging hub that you installed on the left side of your desk it's a very convenient way of just plugging stuff in and juicing it up however there is another way of doing this without drilling holes in your desk and it's by picking up this charging hub or something similar and hooking it up on there to desk very similar to what you did with your router on the right side of your desk but either way works at all matters and what's more convenient for you speaking of convenience the speaker is mounted on the wall was a great idea considering you have no space on the desk for them and speaking of no space sadly the PC had to go on the ground I would have personally put an alux drawer where the chair is right now in this picture and put the PC on top of that because it looks too good to be on the floor but maybe you're using that space in the corner for other things I don't know that's just what I would do the cables are managed very well he's using a channel Raceway near the back and some wall raceways in the front to route the wires through I guess that works to the console gaming setup is pretty straightforward he's got the 46 inch Sony TV and underneath that more consoles than any single person should own ps4 we got the Vita xbox one 360 and Nintendo switch but where the hell is the VR stuff I think the only thing you're missing is maybe like an HTC vive headset or even a PlayStation VR I do like the overall theme of the room he said is going for an orange and black theme and me being a huge final fantasy fan as well I'm really digging it it's not my preferred color choice but I like how you decorated everything with the collectibles the posters and other miscellaneous stuff there's definitely a lot of personality in the setup Thank You Ryan for entering so that's it for this episode what I've set up for is as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk set up out of the five and as always I'll announce the winners on my ieg account make sure you guys are following me there for some sneak peeks as well some pretty cool stuffs happening on the channel all of your faces and I will see you in the next one
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