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Setup Wars - Episode 15 (LG Edition)

what's up guys is that back again from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 14 can't be right what's up guys it's ed back again from tech stores and welcome to setup wars episode 15 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel and win a prize this episode is also sponsored by LG where the winner will receive a 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor if you guys I need to do series we want this make sure that's set up make sure to watch the video linked down below but with that said let the setup war is finally begin this video is brought to you by g2 a where you can buy super cheap city keys for any game on any platform this is where I get all my games from as well as win those keys for my monthly PC builds but I'll leave a link down below so you can see for yourself so in case you guys missed it right before this episode of setup or is that you uploaded another video announcing another competition from LG where 10 lucky contestants will win an ultra wide curved monitor and one of those lucky 10 contestants will win $10,000 towards their dreams setup but you guys can check out the video link down below for more information as always the entire gear list for all the setups will be listed down below in case you guys want to check them out but with that said the ten lucky contestants for this week's episode are email herman john joseph Jayson Calton Marcus Mike Sven and Tom congrats for making it into setup for episode 15 first up is a male with his simple dual monitor setup we have an Asus 23 inch and a Dell 19 inch display on the IKEA Malm desk we have a pair of ath m50x headphones Logitech k7 40 keyboard and an MX anywhere Mouse from Logitech kill Benjamin is great and you have a simple and clean PC build as well with a 4790k processor and a gtx 760 nothing bad to say about this setup really straightforward and really clean productivity type setup and number two is Herrmann with his triple displays I'll give you a point for showing off my channel but I much prefer to see an awesome wallpaper on those monitors we have three Asus 24-inch monitors on the table and we also have a razer blackwidow keyboard along with a Death Adder Mouse is that is that iPad screen cracked I'm not sure why you would show off a cracked iPad but you got a six set up to compensate Caleb management is really good and I'm digging those LEDs you have on their desk I also see that you listen to my advice and attach to your remote on the top of the table or at least I'm assuming that you got that idea from setup Wars does it look so much better that way we are really straightforward triple monitor setup thank you for entering and number three we have Jonathan with a wireless dual monitor productivity set up we have two 22 inch monitors one from LG and the other from sannio both of them are hooked up to a coggan dual monitor stand and on top of those we have a 40 inch sony bravia tv on the desk we have a dell wireless mouse and keyboard and a bunch of debris and scratches and stuff kale management is pretty decent at least you wrapped them together with some zip ties so not bad I also notice that you have a pair of Logitech Harmony 650 speakers mounted on the top of your bed which is an interesting place and I'm really liking the blue walls but nothing much else to say pretty clean setup for the most part next up is Joseph and his team green setup we have 324 interview sonic monitors a Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard Razer Naga Mouse and an orb weaver all the way on the left side all of this on top of the razor Goliath this extended mouse pad we also have a pair of riser tiamat headphones hanging from one of the monitors and an 80 20/20 condenser microphone job well done sticking with the green tea even what a better way to complete the build than a PC walking a nvidia gtx 980ti inside that case and omar dog when in God's name is going on in that case what what's up with those cables bro besides they run this cable management inside the PC let's take a look at the cable management of your setup and oh my god you can't fool me with those two boards I can very well see that it's a mess back there as well anywho besides the cable management I say that you have a pretty solid setup I would strongly recommend getting a bigger desk though because that looks super cramped next up we have another triple monitor setup but this one is from casein we have three issues 24-inch monitors on the Ergo tech desk stand Joseph if you are watching this take notes my friend this is how a triple monitor setup is done I think I'm in love under desk we have a Corsair k70 RGB keyboard Naga epic Mouse and yet another orb-weaver keyboard on the left side even till today I still don't know what those are useful I mean what can you possibly need a second keyboard for you guys only have two hands anyways back to the setup we also have a charging cradle for the ps4 controllers a high-rise stand for your iPhone and my favorite a cursor extended mousepad can you impress me anymore good sir let's take a look at cable management and of course as expected it's spotless let's go and take a look at the PC so we have a black and red build inside the air 540 case 2 GTX 760 s and an FX 8350 beautiful work on the cable management and I approve of the color combination I mean I'm speechless this setup is amazing and I give it a ten out of wait a minute you why are your headphones just hanging from the desk like that I was so close to give you the first-ever 10 out of 10 seal of approval from setup wars until I saw that I know I said I wasn't going to recommend stuff but I just have to in order to complete this setup so I'll leave a link for an awesome headphone hangar that works with your setup down below but other than that you get a solid two thumbs up for me absolutely gorgeous setup this is how old triple monitor setup should look like kiloton is next up with yet another productivity setup and it's actually a lot of these in this episode so on the desk we have a 23 inch ioc monitor which is hooked up to the 2011 13 inch MacBook Pro also no desk we have the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse and on the left side is a pair of Bang & Olufsen 2 I headphones it's interesting that you have your MacBook on one side and your monitor on the other I would just put them together and use both of the screens but if that works for you then it works for me excellent job on wire management and I see that you attached to Ikea LED remote on the roof of your desk just like the other set up I really want to know if you guys got this idea from setup wars or did you already have it set up like that I'm really interested to know we are overall a very clean productivity setup I don't have any complaints at number 7 we have Marcus with a triple display setup an asus 24 inch and a 21 inch monitor on the bottom with a massive 40 inch TCL TV mounted on top on the desk we have a Vengeance k70 keyboard SteelSeries qck mouse and a pair of razer kraken headphones let's go and take a look at the cable management there are a lot of cables but at least you try to keep them off the ground by placing them on the rack not a bad PC we have a 34 70 paired with a gtx 960 graphics card you could work on cable management a bit for both the PC and your set up but overall it's a really dope setup I also like how you put the LEDs under the shelves and behind the TV as well good job there next up is Mike with his ancient setup is that oh never mind for a second there looked like a setup straight from the 80s not a bad time piece to add to your setup it definitely spices things up so we have a 27-inch Dell monitor with a 2k resolution and vertical mode don't tell me the only purpose of that is for the wallpaper because I will cut you on the other side we have a 32 inch 4k Mon from bang key with a Corsair k70 RGB keyboard and am 65 RGB mouse on the table also no desk we have a pair of Edifier speakers and a pair of sennheiser HD 650 headphones on the copper color headphone stand plus one on that mod Mike you have installed on the headphones by the way kill management is great all the wires are behind a desk so not much work is needed to hide them I must say you have a pretty sweet PC build I've never seen a more colourful build in my life it almost reminds me of Christmas morning with the green and red cables definitely one of the more interesting builds on setup or is maybe you should enter PC Wars just saying well yeah man overall a really sick setup thanks for entering at number 9 we have Savannah with his triple monitor setup starting from the top we have an Acer 22 inch monitor and below we have two Asus 24 inch monitors at least you arrange them from largest to smallest so I won't give you crap about them other that's we have a Logitech G 19 and G 13 keyboard a Logitech G 700 mouse with the Z nano 6 speakers also on the desk we have a SteelSeries Wireless H headphones and the road NT USB mic cable management is great I love how you rattle them through that Raceway against the wall that's a really great idea I also like the Shelf of figurines and the little fan that you have hooked up there as well there are a few extra items on the desk for my taste but overall it's a pretty sweet setup last but not least we have Tom and Jerry and his dual 2k monitors from Hasbro we have a Corsair k3 keyboard and a steel series Kinzua gaming mouse I'm definitely digging those genius gaming speakers you have with the red LEDs balls on the desk we have a pair of Sennheiser RS 180 wireless headphones and a 55 inch sony bravia tv which you stated is used as a third monitor Kayle management is really great and you have a pretty sick water-cooled PC build as well it's rocking a 4930 k with a gtx 770 and there's something about water-cooled builds using stock PSU cables that makes me want to cringe but overall it's a pretty solid setup anyways that's it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys click on the sraw poll link down below in the description section and vote on what you think is the best desk setup as always voting will end this Saturday and the winner will be announced on my Twitter and Instagram account so sure you guys are following me there if you want to know who wins as always if you guys enjoyed setup always I want me to continue doing these every single Monday you guys know what to do smash the crap out of that like button to show your support but that's basically it this is Edie the host of setup wars and I will see you in the next video you
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