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Setup Wars - Episode 151 (New Season)

what's happening guys I'm from Texas welcome to the new season of set-up wars after every 50 episodes I tend to start a new season but this time I want to do something a little different you guys I've been doing setup wars for over 150 episodes and it's pretty much the same format for a long time so I'm trying I'm gonna try something different and I want to see if you guys like it so after watching this video please either leave a dislike or a like a dislike meaning you don't like the new format you want me to go back to the previous style of setup wars if you guys like the new format just drop a like that's all I asked for that's gonna determine if I continue this series or not but anyways what that said let the setup wars begin so a lot of you guys I've actually seen my current set up back at home which was the ultra ride with the white and red color scheme I'm actually gonna be redoing that setup from scratch and that's gonna be coming up later this year but there's something that I use with my setup on a daily basis and that's LastPass which is also kind enough to sponsor this video a lot of you guys know that I worked the last past multiple times before and I've used them for years now way before they reached out to sponsor this video and they just made my life so much easier by keeping track of all my passwords as a content creator I have so many different accounts and websites that I use to essentially run my channel whether that's looking up music for my videos downloading games the benchmark purchasing products for review or just simple everyday tasks LastPass takes out the stress of remembering all my passwords and keeps it safe from hackers also their multi-factor authentication keeps all your information secured and protected to learn more about LastPass click on the link below once again a huge thinks LastPass for sponsoring this video all right guys so this is how the format's gonna be for this episode unlike before which was scripted I had notes and stuff ready to go and what to say for each setup this time it's gonna be Rob I didn't have any time to prepare this is actually my first time opening up these setups I've never seen them before so you guys will get my first real reaction as well as impressions and at the end I'm just gonna give my overall rating of this set up out of 10 pretty straightforward stuff and to help you with this I'm using my editors MacBook Pro he recently picked this up and I have no clue how to use this thing to be honest but he showed me a few things of how to swap between photos so he set everything up for me so I'll have to do is just go to the pictures and give you guys my impressions and tips and stuff like that but yeah anyways with that said let's just begin alright guys so here goes nothing I'm hoping up the first setup which I believe it's from David and start their show okay okay so first impressions this is one hell of a badass-looking setup I'm actually impressed the presentation is really nice it's symmetrical so that's always a plus and without even looking at the notes I can tell he's some sort of a programmer or a coder judging by those vertical place monitors speaking of notes actually take a look at and see where he's from so this is David Sarah he's 37 years old located in LA and he's actually a developer slash consultant for VR AR games and experiences okay that's pretty cool and the setups purpose is developing editing and gaming okay let's dive in a little closer that's a really clean set up so for the monitors looks like he's rocking two LG 24-inch monitors that he hooked up for portrait mode honestly it says 24 inches in the notes but I don't think this sees these are 24 inches they are you seem a little wide for that to be honest but I don't know so the middle monitor is the Acer predator X 34 which is a gaming ultra wide and on the top we've got a BenQ 24-inch see the top monitor is actually more like a 24 inch whereas the side monitors aren't 24 inches let's take a look at the peripherals looks like he's using the same mouse as me got the Logitech G 904 the keyboard is the code 87 keyboard with the portable key caps for audio those look like he has a set of headsets hanging from the left side over there we got the pair yet zik whatever that is and for gaming he's got the Astro a 50s for the Xbox and PC so yeah this is actually a custom-built desk by David and looks like he painted everything in matte black there's even a cutout here on the side for his PC a 59 60 X 2 eb g a titan x and sli this is the water-cooled version from EVGA and we've got 64 gigs of ram at 2800 megahertz overall a beast PC and it's really clean with the white and black color scheme I don't know so much about the blue Ram stick but overall everything else looks really clean looks like I'm outside of the wall he's hooked up his VR gear that the oculus rift looks like HTC vive and the controllers and check this out guys he has some sort of a strap hooked up on the ceiling so he can hook up his headset on and bring it down whenever he needs to play which is pretty clever I gotta say oh here's an entire area dedicated for VR check this out guys he's calling it the lab Wow looks like there's some Cable's up top that's holding up the actual VR headset oh so it doesn't get in the way when he's walking around that's actually very smart that is pretty sweet I'm not gonna lie as that is the ultimate VR setup right there I wish I had that much space honestly for my HTC vive it's one of the reasons why I might have been using it at my home because it is so cramped in the loft area I do gotta give you props on the audio game we got a set of Wharfedale diamond 220 speakers that are hooked up to the creative soundblaster excellent work with the cable management honestly I don't even see where the wires are underneath the desk looking at the notes actually looks like it's oh the wiring is built into channels within the desk and inside the walls and across the ceiling so yeah excellent work with your wire management against the wall over here looks like there's some more controllers and a UPS system and even the wires on the top of his desk are clean no wires coming from the keyboard and there's even a channel raceway your honor if you guys can see that behind the phone the sound blaster and even his Amazon echo this setup is freaking pretty much flawless guys I don't know what to say everything's on point it's organized it's well thought out I love the custom build desk it works perfectly with this setup organization symmetry it's got purpose I have no reason not to give this guy a seal of approval what do you guys think wow I can't believe I'm doing okay yeah David congratulations dude if you're watching this the submissions from January by the way so I don't if you still subscribe to the channel but if you are congratulations dude I'm giving you the setup wars seal of approval I have no reason not to give you one and just to recap someone who receive the seal of approval will get a hundred dollars in cash a techstars t-shirt if they want but most importantly a one-of-a-kind unique custom-made plaque that they can gladly put on their setup or whatever they want but yeah David congratulations do this is a badass gaming and productivity setup I'm really loving your your VR setup you got there but yeah if you're watching pus and email setup words at gmail o'clock llama toss and email to set up wars at to claim your prize absolutely stunning setup dude I'm impressed all right next up is the Jacob from Atlanta Georgia he's 32 years old and his profession is a cardiovascular technologist I honestly don't even know what that is the set of purpose is gaming and research the first thing I noticed is the pictures are in vertical mode that's actually one of the requirements you have to put them in landscape mode but for some reason this set up made it to the cut that's it's oh we got nevermind we got some landscape pictures here oh it's a hybrid setup we got a PC and a laptop on there as well so the theme over here seems to be Star Wars so we got an all-white with some black accents that PC looks really nice actually there's some pretty cool props in there how does you fit two lightsabers in there oh this is actually a water-cooled PC those those lightsabers aren't props they're actual tubes that Wow okay let's take a look at some specs it's rocking these 7700 K at 5 gigahertz MSI 1080 which is overclocked and we've got 16 gigs of ram and of course a bunch of water cooling parts from ek take a look at those fan grills that looks pretty sick looks like everything was custom made in here I love the little props down here - looks like we got Darth Vader and looks like Skywalker in a very awkward pose what is he even doing okay so the custom build took him over a hundred modification hours to complete Oh even the case has some nice artwork around it on the side panels and in the front as well alright looks like we have an LG Ultra ride hooked up on the wall this is actually the 34 inch curved ultra wide and underneath that we have his MacBook Pro so peripherals he's rocking a Sade's RGB keyboard we also got the logitech 303 gaming mouse yeah it doesn't look like he drilled a hole for the keyboard and mouse but the rest of the wires are being held up using the Signum rack he just kind of just dumped everything on there my overall thoughts on this setup I think you did a great job putting everything together it's consistent with a color scheme it's organized cable management's great the desk surface itself isn't that cluttered looks like you only kept the stuff that you're really using on there I don't know so much about the MacBook Pro placements maybe we can put that on a stand and push it off to the left side but I'm guessing you put that there to kind of cover up the ultra wide mount and as well as cover up cables for the mouse and keyboard so I guess that's fine the only other thing I would really recommend is maybe putting some wall art above your monitor your first picture actually has a five piece mural painting of a stormtrooper but in your other pictures it's not there so I think you just photoshopped it there just to kind of show what it looks like but honestly it looks really good up there and I do recommend picking up some sort of painting or wall art and putting it on top of your setup I feel like that would be the icing on the cake so to conclude my overall rating I would say seven out of ten only because there are some things you can tweak or maybe add to your setup to make it pop more and I feel like that PC by the way beautiful beautiful PC but I feel like it kind of stands out it's such an awesome custom modded PC and then we look at everything else it just kind of seems basic it kind of seems out of place but I don't know that's just those are just my thoughts maybe you could do some other cool custom work across your setup to kind of match the level of creativity that your PC has again that's just my two cents I was up to know what you guys think about his setup do you agree with my rating if not let me know in the comments section okay moving on to the next set up all right next up is Jan he's 18 from aria Austria he's a student majoring in computer science and the set up purpose is gaming after effects video editing graphic design and programming what is this some mistake just put just a bunch of pictures did you send me a list of your where's the photos dude oh my god he's sick oh I think he misunderstood was asking for this guy is he trolling did he legit just Photoshop his own setup there is even a setup for his seal of approval on the wall he even cut look at this even Brooke cable management the wire for the keyboard is going underneath the monitor oh my god how much time did you guys spend on this it's a 5 out of 10 alright moving on okay now here we go now this is a setup holy cow this is this has my name written all over it look at that just beautiful presentation alright so this guy's name is Joe he's 21 years old he's from the US New York specifically I was just there actually a few weeks ago his occupation he's a United States Marine oh very nice and he's also a student thank you for your service by the way Joe this is honestly a beautiful setup Alex really clean I just I love the black and red consistency throughout your setup beautiful work on that okay so monitors looks like he's got a BenQ a 24 inch 1080p BenQ monitor on the bottom and you also got a 23 inch 1080p LG monitor up top and we even have a laptop on the side here it's an alienware 15 r2 it's a 4k laptop with touchscreen for peripherals he's got the Logitech k5t 5 keyboard we had the logitech g502 proteus spec mouse an extended black and red mousepad and even has an extended mousepad for his audio interface check this out guys that is that is adorable oh I just noticed the speaker's - they're kind of blending in with the wall so these are the Rockville I think that's how you say it a s + v bookshelf speakers his audio game is actually that bet he's rocking the scarlet audio interface with the cm 25 microphone and studio HP 60 that now the pc powering everything also looks really nice it's got the i5 7500 we have a GTX 1080 and 16 gigs of ram one thing I do recommend right after but I noticed is obviously your SSD it sticks out because it doesn't blend in with your color scheme a simple fix to this is just picking up some skins from Amazon they're really cheap either in black carbon fiber or red whatever color you want but it's really easy to skin that SSD and make it blend in with the rest of your build the rest of the bill is actually looking really clean I love the color choices you picked on the cables it's actually it's different its unique cable management very clean looks like he's using a J channel Raceway running the wires through that as even some things hooked up underneath the desk like it's Parrish grip and we even have an anchor USB hub over here for easy access overall thoughts a very beautiful setup put together very nicely I always love setups when they put a lot of attention to detail and keeping the color scheme consistent throughout and you can definitely see that and Joe setup symmetry is definitely there I love the black and red acoustic foams he's got in the back and the lighting is also on point it's not too obtrusive yeah I got no complaints all recommendations this setup is put together really well I think Joe knew what he was doing this was this setup is on point he actually has a setup check this out guys this is his setup b4 this was a little over a year ago which he submitted to setup wars and he didn't get approved but this is actually a huge huge upgrade from coming from that look at that I don't come across a lot of double stack monitor setups like this but I would say this is definitely in the top 5 from what I've seen on the show so far excellent excellent setup my rating on this is a solid 9 out of 10 but again guys let me know what you think in the comments below a number four is Johan coming all the way from Sweden and this is his white and black I'm guessing star wars-themed set up right so johan is 39 and he is a CTO at a software company and the purpose of the setup is for gaming and developing martyr of choice is the PG 3 for 8q from Asus it's an ultra-wide and looks like we've got the courser k 65 rapid fire RGB keyboard with the Death Adder elite mouse from Razer and he did in fact the drill a hole for both the wires nicely done the setup is very minimalistic I like that he only has just the peripherals and his Edifier speakers Luna clips by the way I recognize those from anywhere because I'm using the same ones the red version is actually for my own setup absolutely speakers I love them to death now the PC is mounted on the wall and that is the first thing that caught my attention let's take a closer look at this beast so is using the popular thermal take white p3 case which is I would say one of the very few cases that you can actually mount against the wall the cpu is the 7 8 20 x8 core processor we also got Asus GTX Strix 1080 which by the way is painted in white beautiful work third and four Ram this is actually interesting he's got 98 gigs of ram and he's using two different types of sticks four of them are the Vengeance RGB and then the other four are the regular Corsair Vengeance lpx sticks the cable management is pretty good looks like we have a rack up there holding up a lot of the cables I don't know what's going on around this area but there is a channel raceway routing a few cables down to this massive power strips a power strip I think is thick as hell Jesus but we also have a shower Raceway for the PC cables as well so yeah all the PC wires are running through this channel Raceway near the bottom very clean job there I don't really have any recommendations on this setup it's really hard to recommend or critique a setup that's minimalistic like this one for example especially since it is such a great job keeping everything so organized and clean the PC is honestly one of my favorite things about this setup but you did a great job overall Johan my overall rating for this is a solid 9 out of 10 hands down thank you for entering last but not least we have Victor while that's actually a wow that's a really nice present station look at that pub Japan huh okay so yeah this is Victor he's 29 he is also from Sweden welcome fellow Sweden viewer his occupation he's a project leader for construction and the set up purpose is for gaming screaming and working that is a hell of a setup for working so the monitor is using is a super ultra wide from Samsung this is a 49 inch it's very similar to the one I actually reviewed on a channel looks like it's actually mounted against the wall and the cables are running through the wall itself because I don't see any cables coming out of the monitor nicely done the keyboard is the SteelSeries M 800 we've also got a SteelSeries rival hyper beast mouse with a SteelSeries mouse pad for audio he's rocking a steel series 840 headset and I think he has a set of speakers which are the Sonos play you've got a 5 by 2 and a Sonos sub which I'm guessing is underneath his setup another desk setup is actually two different desks and there is using the IKEA lemon tabletops with the Alex George to hold them as support I said a PC powering everything is actually water-cooled it's rocking the 7700 K at 4.4 gigahertz come on you can overclock that better like that thing can easily hit 5 gigahertz especially since it's water-cooled we also got 64 gigs of ram Jesus and it's at 3600 megahertz with the MSI Seahawk 1080 TI using the ek wanna block really nice oh it's got a second PC which is a streaming PC there's really nothing any pictures of that but that one is walking at 6700 K at 4 gigahertz we got 16 gigs of ram and it's got an Asus 1080 founders Edition I didn't even see that PC in the back oh you can kind of see it from this angle over here okay so it's kind of hidden behind the his main PC interesting what's also interesting is that he's using a single three sixty millimeter rad to cool both the CPU and CPU it's interesting unless there's another radiator in the back but I could be wrong there's not that many pictures for this setup I was hoping to see more but overall very simple not much going on here to be honest I do love the lighting though I like how you put those Phillip hue bulb things behind the PC and also behind the speakers the Lightning on here is on point now here's something I would recommend since you are drilling holes through your wall to route the cables through and you're using a case that can be easily mounted against the wall what I would do is mount that PC on top of your monitor right directly in the center mount the cables through the wall and you can move that other PC your streaming PC closer on the right side I think that will look a lot cleaner I only say that because there's not much going on above your monitor you got this big blank white space maybe you can put some artwork on there or something but I do recommend using that space though you kind of just give you set up a more full look and since we're on the topic of mounting stuff on the wall maybe even mount your speaker's on the wall either using a wall shelf or just mount them directly against the wall the reason why I say that is because you went through the trouble of mounting your ultra-wide against the wall with no cables being shown so I think this setup would look really awesome if it has this levitating look so keeping the surface area very clean and having everything else mounted against the wall without any wires showing would look really really sweet in this setup oh yeah that is my two cents my overall rating I would say a solid 8 out of 10 thank you very much victor for entry yeah guys I pretty much wraps up this new episode of setup wars don't forget to vote on your favorites setup by leaving a comment down below also please don't forget about the rating system dislike the video if you don't like the new style of setup wars but leave a like if you did like it personally I had a blast making this video it was really fun just to sit down and go with the flow don't worry about any scripting or any nonsense it was it was actually really fun to shoot this video maybe because it's something new but whatever it is I really enjoyed it and also guys if you really enjoyed it like you really really enjoyed this new style of setup wars compared to the other one I think I can promise I don't wanna promise yet but I think I can bring back set up words every single Monday I can do this style every single Monday because it's actually a lot easier to shoot and a lot easier to edit everything is already synced up I just throw in our timeline do some cuts render it out so if you guys really enjoyed it I think I could bring it back and do it every single Monday for you guys but anyways that's up to you that's not up to me thank you again for watching as always I will see you in the next one
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