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Setup Wars - Episode 153

all right there's a few things I want to clear up from the last episode of setup words first of all do you guys really think that I don't know the difference between pokémon and DBZ I was surprised that how many people actually thought I was serious when well play the clip you'll see what I'm talking about let's relax a little bit and check out his gaming room it's obvious just by glancing around he's a big fan of Pokemon now there was a car model on a setup and I called it a charger instead of a Camaro I was dumb there because I should have realized they're friends so I'll take the heat for that but for the pokémon and DBZ come on guys seriously anyways I just wanted to clear that up but anyways welcome to set up for is episode 153 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the show if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video link below but with that said that the Pokemon wars begin if you guys want to find the best deals on tech make sure to check out deal sores tech we have a team of ambassadors constantly searching the internet and uploading the best deals multiple times a day across the US UK Canada and even Germany anything from PC parts to TVs even Windows CD keys you will find them all on deal stores tech check out the link below if you're interested kicking off the episode is email who was on the show over a year ago from episode 104 which he actually ended up winning an ultra-wide monitor from the LG ultralight competition so congrats or once again dude his setup actually changed a lot since episode 104 and it looks like he added a secondary setup on the other wall but we'll get to that in a bit so his main setup is still rocking the custom-made desk with a backboard and I just love how he kept everything mounted against it and it looks so much cleaner against the backboard than on the actual surface of the desk I'm also happy to see that he kept the ultra wide from the competition instead of selling it like some other people out there he's also still using the K 55 keyboard in the M 65 mouse which he drilled a hole for some of the other stuff he has on the desk or his surface pro 3 tablet we got his phone and on the left side is a tray holding his watches and some other miscellaneous things like the remote for the RGB strips the biggest addition to the set up are those polk audio subs which have been painted red and mounted against the backboard speaking of audio it looks like he's added a pair of headphones to his collection so now he has a total of three hanging from the backboard and the last thing hanging from the backboard is the Beast PC which he upgraded since last time he upgraded from an FX 8350 to a risin 1700 X and even upgraded the GPU from an aurochs 470 to a gtx 1080 he also went from air cooled to a liquid cooled system and the red carbon fiber skins on the GPU and power supply are also a nice touch but overall a very solid upgrade from before so this entire setup is actually used for productivity mainly since he doesn't like gaming on the ultra wide while the other setup is for gaming that's rocking a 25 inch Alienware monitor the coarser K 65 board and the logitech g930 much mounted against the wall using a bracket and the other side is being supported by a cubby the audio setup is also pretty simple he's using the corsair void gaming headset and a blue yeti microphone now the cool thing about this setup is that it doesn't have a PC the monitor is actually hooked up to the PC from the main setup and the cable management is excellent he used a wall Raceway to route the cables towards the main setup excellent job now since he has a giant back board he can easily hide the cables under there and I also like that he has a set of cables ready for charging next to the tablet last but not least we have his console gaming setup on the other side of his room and he pretty much uses this to play on his xbox one X or the ps4 slim which are both painted and red to match the aesthetics of his other two setups but he also uses it to screen games and watch content he did build a PC just for this setup as well and it's packing the i-5 35 50 K and an EVGA GTX 1060 the PC is hooked up to his 50 inch 4k TV from Samsung and his other monitor next to his bed which i think is a clever modification you can just chill in his bed while watching videos it's very convenient the awesome backboard and the fact that he's using the same PC for two setups and even small things like adding charging ports inside his desk is what makes this setup unique and stand out from the rest email you have taken and already awesome setup and you made it better with some awesome upgrades excellent work and thank you for entering Frankie all the way from France is up next with a bowl the triple monitor setup and he's got quite the list of occupations he's a geek father husband Archer gamer RC biker and of course a tired man the setups purpose is gaming home working which he is a data center System Architect and watching his new favorite YouTube channel I'm guessing that's me he's walking three 24-inch samsung monitors that are hooked up against the wall and at first glance I thought he ran the cables through the wall but he actually bundled up together and hooked them to a parish tip behind the monitor now he did run the power strip cable through the wall and out underneath the drawer where his PC is it also looks like he routed the Espie hub and the cables for both the keyboard and mouse through the wall and into the PC on the other side very clean cable management speaking of the keyboards and mouse he's using EGA 1000e on keyboard and the G 300s Gaming Mouse both from Logitech other than that he's got two Gallardo models sitting on the desk overall he kept the surface organized and very minimal I do like that he kept things symmetrical the wall shelves are spaced out perfectly along with the bookshelf speakers and the skull in the middle holding the G 433 headset finally the PC powering the setup is equipped with a rise in 1600 X we got eight gigs of RAM and the Sapphire r9 280 the setup kind of has a dark side vibe to it but I liked that he wasn't afraid to give it some contrast by throwing in some white shelves and the drawers overall it's a very clean and straightforward triple monitor setup Thank You Franky for entering speaking of cleaning setups check out this Assassin's Creed inspired set up by johannes from norway now this setup is mainly used for gaming however he does use it for programming and school work as well Oh fun fact by the way Johanna's also won an ultra wide monitor from one of my competitions and he still uses it till today that's actually two people who want ultra wide monitors from previous competitions that are in the same episode and I promised you guys that this was not planned it just happened so this is the 34 inch um 69 G which has a 75 Hertz of fresh rate 1 millisecond response time and an AMD freesync it's always nice to see that they kept the price and they're still using it even till today now he does have a side monitor from Ben Q which is sitting on a custom riser and speaking of custom work the riser is for his desk are also custom made there are 3d printed cubes with the Assassin's Creed logo on them the same logo can be found on the front of his PC you guys probably recall seeing something similar from the Wolverine setup I did a few years back and also season one of setup makeover for peripherals he's using a Logitech g7 10 plus keyboard and the MX master 2 wireless mouse that custom paint job on the keyboard with the mixture of white and red key caps are very nice and I just noticed that the cutout he made on his mouse for the Assassin's Creed logo that's very clever Ferrario is rocking creative inspire a 60 speakers and he logitech g930 3 headset I definitely think that Jonas did an excellent job on balancing the colors over here there isn't one collar that's dominant and he spread it evenly across to set up with great contrast another thing he did great on is the cable management he's using a signal rack but unlike most people just tossing the wires on there he actually kept it organized he also used some cable clips to keep the wires from hanging down and out of the USB hub in the front for easy access the PC powering all this has a 60 600 K an interesting 24 gigs of ram and the msi gtx 1070 although I don't agree with the power supply orientation I do like the backplate that he made and painted himself for the GPU this is a really nice assassin's creed inspired set up and I think Joanna's did an excellent job with the custom work and the color scheme thank you for entering coming in at number 4 is Julius from Poland and his setup for programming gaming and watching movies the massive wall mounted desk was custom made by himself and it's actually where his PC is is located on the left side in his drawer if he ever needs to swap parts out or clean it all he has to do is pull it out talk about convenience it's walking an AMD 78 50 K and an old r7 series GPU so it's a little outdated I'm actually curious what games he's able to play with these specs I do love the custom hardware monitor display that he installed in the drawer which is super convenient and checking out the temps but also adjusting it on the fly if he ever needs to very nice now he is using a single monitor however he does have a 55 inch OLED TV up top from LG that he uses for watching videos and gaming on its Xbox one X it looks like the only audio source he has are the Edifier speakers that are mounted on the wall judging by the wireless keyboard and mouse this setup is mostly used for productivity and actually now that I think about it I think he meant that he uses this setup for console gaming and not PC gaming which actually makes more sense now cable management is pretty much flawless he did build a rack underneath the desk which holds up all the cables and the parish tips for the setup and keeps it nice and hidden away from sight a very nice custom-built setup by Julius thank you for entering wrapping up the episode is Nate and his black and red setup that he uses for gaming screaming and CAD Nate is also an avid watcher of my channel and this setup was inspired from watching set up wars over a year now in fact here is the evolution from his setup since the beginning as you guys can see he made some nice upgrades along the process so he's working two different monitors that are mounted against the desk and below that we got the cursor k55 RGB keyboard and the razer naga chroma mouse i'm actually very glad that you drilled a hole in the desk for cable management it looks very clean speaking of cable management he did an excellent job across the setup the routing is some of the cleanest I have seen in a long time it looks very organized and I could definitely tell you spend some time on this he used a bunch of cable clips to help with the routing and even has a jhl raceway holding up majority of the cables he mounted a power strip and the power brick for the monitor underneath here as well even the cables behind the setup and the PC are managed beautifully overall fantastic job I'm very proud of you Nate I especially loved the fact that he took my advice from setup wars and installed a pencil drawer underneath the desk for additional storage great choice for audio he's using a pair of Logitech Z 333 speakers HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset that's hanging underneath the desk and we also got a blue Yeti microphone hooked up on the right side of the desk for console gaming he does have an Xbox one with a controller charging stand however the system powering the setup is a custom PC equipped with a 7700 K 16 gigs of ram and the almighty Strix 1080 from Asus I do like the color scheme of the setup it's mostly black with subtle red accents which is what I actually prefer I see a lot of black and red setups with a 50/50 split between each color and I honestly get tired of seeing it but I think that Nate did an awesome job keeping the red very minimum here of course we can't ignore his love for Funko pops he has an entire collection on the top shelf dedicated to showing them off alongside a few that are scattered around his setup it always makes me happy seeing awesome setups like these that are inspired from set up Wars Thank You Nate for entering and that there's a first episode of setup warriors make sure you guys comment below who you think has the best desk setup announce the winner is on my Twitter and Instagram accounts thank you guys so much for watching as always drop a like if you enjoy the series dislike if you don't and I will see you in the next video
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