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Setup Wars - Episode 154

what's happening guys I'm from Texas welcome to setup wars episode 154 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on that channel if you guys want to submit your setup to get featured make sure to watch the video link down below with that said welcome to setup wars episode 154 kicking off the episode is this gorgeous set up from bent who lives in the Netherlands so uses it for gaming video and photo editing along with some 3d design he's rocking a 29 inch ultra ride from LG as the main monitor and he's got a 23 inch on the side which he probably uses for photo editing on the desk we got the corsair k70 luxe RGB keyboard with the m65 pro RGB mouse and it's interesting to see that he routed both the wires using a cable raceway on the desk I mean even this approach looks cleaner than just running the wires across the desk I respect the fact that bent did not want to drill a hole for the cables but he did come up with a different solution for hiding the wires so I will give him points for that I don't necessarily agree with the location of the Xbox controller and the phone but it's not a big deal now for audio he's using the Logitech z3 33 speakers but he's also using some headphones as well we got the Razer Krakens and the Audio Technica m50 X's which are chilling on a desk now obviously I would recommend the headphone hanger for both of them I mean it's kind of a staple of setup boys at this point this one from anchor has a spot for two headphones and it only goes for 12 dollars just slap it under your desk and keep your headphones on there when you're not using them it will definitely help clean up your setup a lot I'll drop a link below if anyone wants to check it out the rest of the cable management is pretty good the net underneath the desk is holding up most of the cables and it looks like he added a spiral sleeve for some of the wires going down towards the sub it's not the cleanest cable work I do see a lot of loose wires hanging down on the left side what you can do with those is by using these cable clips and hook them against the desk and it will pretty much prevent the cables from sagging down the PC powering the setup has an i-5 7500 eight of RAM in the GTX 1060 if you're using your PC for a lot of 3d design or video editing work I strongly recommend throwing in another 8 gigs of RAM for a total of 16 you're bored it does have two extra DIMM slots so I would make use of that only if you're using the PC for heavy editing because I feel like 8 gigs of ram just isn't enough the build also looks really clean I feel like if you added a white backplate to the GPU it would look even better make sure to check out v1 Tech and their awesome back plates if you're interested your setup has come a long way from before just using a laptop and a single monitor to dis it's a very clean setup with purpose and I feel like with some minor tweaks I'm confident you can make this even better think you bent for entering Jules is up next from Germany and his setup that he uses for gaming editing live-streaming and photo editing ok he's using a kitchen countertop from Ikea with some capital eggs as a riser on top of to Alex drawers he's walking to 24 inch monitors that I hooked up against the wall and I like how he covered the wires going across the wall looks like he used some sort of tube or Raceway to route the cables very nice he didn't drill a hole for the keyboard and mouse because he said in the notes that he's eventually going to switch to a wireless setup which is understandable he's got a pair of bose companion 3 speakers on the desk and the HyperX cloud headset hanging underneath it he also uses a microphone which he hooked up to a boom arm but I'm curious why he extended it all the way up if he's not using it I much prefer folding the arm and hiding the mic behind the monitor because I mean it just looks weird this way doesn't it maybe it's just me I don't know cable management is really clean it looks like all the cables are hidden behind the drawers and down here he's got a few things for easy access like a few USB hubs and his remote for RGB lighting the PC part in the setup has an 87 jack a 16 gigs of ram and the msi gtx 970 and that's pretty much it not much else - the setup is very clean and straightforward Thank You Jules for entering Lazaro is up next from Greece and his awesome modded water-cooled PC desk even though he sent me potato pictures I decided to feature this anyways because it's such a dope desk setup so he's got a single 24 inch monitor that's hooked up on the wall with a race to hide the cables and below that ladies and gentlemen is a custom-made all-glass desk that's mounted against the wall the keyboard and mouse are both from cooler master and is rocking a pair of Logitech Z 333 speakers surprisingly he's not using a headset with this setup so on the left side is where the main components are located we got the motherboard the CPU Ram and even the GTX 1050 Ti with a single 360 mil radiator and on the other side is where the pump reservoir and the other 360 mil radiator is at obviously he's a fan of Razer not because of the color scheme but because of the obvious razor plaque he created also if you look closely you can see that he skinned the reservoir and black carbon fiber it's really interesting to see something this high-end on a low budget PC it's almost seems like a waste of money to me I feel like the water cooling parts cost more than the actual PC itself I mean at least he didn't go with a GPU block so that's good I'm guessing saving enough money to buy a more powerful GPU and water cool that as well this is a very unique PC desk setup and it's been a while since I've seen one of these on setup words but Lazaro's I hope you get to upgrade that GPU at one point and throw that in the loop as well once you do feel free to submit your new setup pictures thank you for entering the number four is standard from New Jersey and his setup for gaming and photography work so he's rocking dual monitors that are mounted on the desk and it's interesting that he went with two mounts instead of one so on a desk we got the courser k95 RGB keyboard with the asus rog spatha mouse and the Tartarus keypad from Razer I don't know where he got that dope mousepad from but I'm loving it the white caps give off a nice contrast between the keyboard and the mouse pad I also love how you drill a hole on the desk for cable management and added a cover so it looks a lot cleaner by the way if I find out where that mouse pad is from I'll drop a link below but feel free to help me out if you guys find it faster than me alright so for audio he's rocking a bose companion 5 speakers and the corsair void RGB headset I do like the placement of the boom arm holding his microphone it's not on the actual desk but on the monitor itself very nice cable management is neat thanks to both the Signum racks and I like how he zip tie the power strip underneath the rack that's actually a really great idea if you don't have any extra space on the rack itself if you're watching this video and have the same issue feel free to use this hack to solve your problem the pc powering the setup is a beautiful beast it's the water-cooled build with the 77 2k 32 gigs of the Trident Zr GB RAM sticks and these tricks 1080p I really amazing job on all the custom work from the acrylic panels on the sides of the PC to the PSU shroud and even the decals across all the parts the attention to detail is just amazing even the case has been modded for better airflow the cutouts in the front as well as the extra vents on the top contribute to better airflow really awesome work but I gotta say the icing on the cake definitely has to be the five piece mural of attack on titans on the wall this is a well balanced gorgeous setup and I think that standard did an awesome job putting it together and keeping it very contrasty thank you for entering wrapping up the episode Assyria from Israel and his setup for gaming and music production by the way I'll drop a link to his SoundCloud below if you guys want to check it out and show him some support his PC is the first thing that caught my eye I'm not gonna lie it's gorgeous but we'll get to that in a bit so the setup itself is pretty heavy there's a lot of things going on here but he did keep it very organized we got a gaming all tried monitor from Asus the courser k95 Platinum keyboard and the mm 800 RGB Polaris mouse pad there was a few other things on a desk like his focus right audio interface a MIDI keyboard and some statues I mean he still has some extra space on the desk so it's not really that cramped this is a music production setup so you better expect his audio game to be on point he's rocking a pair of Yamaha hs7 speakers that I mounted against the wall and underneath the setup he's got the Sennheiser HD 650 s and the m50 X's now since he used capital leagues to raise the desk above the drawers he did manage to squeeze a few extra things in here like the ps4 Pro and his router this setup doesn't have a lot of cables but the Signum is there to help out with what he's got right now because the monocle PC and side a modded coarser 570 X case it's rocking a 69 Andrew K 64 gigs of RAM Wow and the gigabyte GT X 1080 Ti I'm just loving the mods inside the case you got the rear fan cover with a custom backplate on the sound card not the GPU but the actual sound card has a backplate that's crazy and the custom power supply shred with the asus rog logo i also love that he went with red coolant to make the pc pop just beautiful work and a beautiful setup Thank You Yuri for entering so that's it for this episode were set up or as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on anything has the best desk set up and allows the winners on my Twitter and install a count's make sure you guys are following me there if you are interested thanks again for watching as always I'll see your faces in the next one
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