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Setup Wars - Episode 156

what's happening guys haven't xrs welcome to setup wars episode 156 will you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video linked down below now if you guys are gonna be submitting photos please please do your best to send them high quality pictures so make sure there is a bunch of light in the room you can have a crappy setup but still get featured as long as the picture quality is awesome so that is what I'm looking for in these submissions but anyways with that said look the setup boards begin hey guys so right now you can get a Windows 10 Pro cd-key for less than 15 freakin dollars but if you guys use the code ts 20 you can get an extra 20% off from your CD case comm so check the link below if you're interested this is crazy kicking off the episode as Colin from Colorado and his ridiculous wooden themed setup that he uses for pretty much everything from gaming entertainment and design like I keep saying in previous episodes wood is not my cup of tea but Colin over here makes it look real good and I officially got wood from this pic and you know what I just noticed his plaque on top of his PC that right there is my official set up wars seal of approval plaque that I give to people with a perfect set up okay so this guy was from episode 56 back in June 2016 and goddamn his setup has changed by a lot since then I also noticed he had went back then as well if you know what I mean so tomorrow choices are interesting here and I like that he wins with a single ultra right in the center which is sandwiched by two 22 inch new Sonic monitors there's no reason why anyone should put two let alone three ultra wide side by side other than to flex and show off let's be realistic here your eyes can't see that wide so why on earth would you put two or even three ultra wide side-by-side you literally have to like lean in to see what's going on on the corner of the monitors I mean to be fair even Colin's monitor setup is a bit wide for me but if it works for him then so be it on top of the triple displays is a massive 50-inch 4k TV as an overhead and all that is mounted against the wall with a couple ways to hide the wires going down and behind his setup on the desk he's still using the corsair strafe RGB keyboard from before but he did replace his MX master mouse for a logitech g502 I also like that he drill a hole in his desk for both wires and speaking of the desk it's custom made from beetle kill pine wood and resin which is what that blue translucent material is going across the surface you can actually look up resin tabletops they look pretty cool some of the stuff he has on a desk are his crystal pokeball of alakazam and a few Xbox one controllers with bee brand skins he did a really great job keeping the surface clean and minimalistic I also noticed that he kept the same microphone as before but this time he mounted it on a boom arm next to his bookshelf speakers the only other audio source he has are the a th and 50 X's which are hanging from the side of the desk and this is also where he keeps his Xbox one console neatly tucked away underneath his desk while we're down here let's take a look at the cable management looks like he did a great job keeping the wires hidden behind the back board and I just realized what those pipes are used for actually I thought the monitors in TV were mounted against the wall but it actually turns out it's mounted on a giant piece of wood that's being supported by the metal pipes that's interesting that is actually a really smart way of not damaging or poking holes into your walls so kudos to you good sirs finally let's take a look at the PC that has been upgraded the most senses last time on the show real quickly this is what his PC looked like over two years ago it's nice to see some up-to-date specs like the 6700 K 16 gigs of ram and the asus strix 1070 nicely done I also like the custom woodwork on the front panel of the PC and the drawers once again it's not my cup of tea but since the desk is so huge it does blend perfectly with it and keeps the theme consistent throughout the setup excellent attention to detail and organization you have taken a great setup and made it even better Thank You Colin for entering and Congrats on that nice upgrade next up is a fellow Armenian from LA his name is ho-ho I'm surprised you didn't mention anything in the notes about being Armenia and B I don't know if you know this by its yes LM high so this is the setup he uses for gaming and watching movies he's rocking the 34 inch ultra wide gaming monitor from Asus and the cursor k95 Platinum keyboard with the Wireless razor Mamba mouse I like what he did with his speakers it's actually very clever they're sitting on wall shelves and because the wall is covered in the acoustic foams he's able to route the wires behind them for a cleaner look now one thing I would have done differently was maybe use some red acoustic foams to give off some nice contrast between the black foams especially since there are some red accents across the setup and inside the PC or option number 2 would have been to paint the IKEA shelves in red which would have made them pop more since the speakers and the foams are both in black but that's just my taste I do like where he keeps his headphones he has them hanging from the left side of the desk when he's not using them and that's also where he charges them along with the switch very nice kataoka me bon Hardison L at Naqada match of Karen I'm gonna feel really dumb if you don't speak Armenian I'm just talking to myself in Armenian but yeah if you understood what I said let me know in the comment section so the TV up top isn't exactly centered with a setup and he offered an explanation in the notes stating that the studs on the wall prevented him from centering at which I can understand the cable management is very clean I love that he took advantage of the acoustic foams and basically routed most of the wires behind it and out from the bottom behind the drawer with the help of a channel race waves nicely done the massive PC on the desk is packing some nice specs as well it's got the 7700 K 32 gigs of ram and the Strix 1080 TI 32 gigs of ram is definitely overkill just for gaming and watching movies which leads me to believe that you picked up three two gigs just to fill all four slots of the motherboard I'm not gonna give you any hate because this literally sounds like something I would do I also love how clean the build is custom cable sleeves and the a IO sleeping kit from cable mod is definitely a nice addition I just what I'd love to see more red across your setup now it doesn't have to be over-the-top but some red accents would be really nice there are some nice mouse pads on Amazon with red stitching which would look really nice and even some skins on the Xbox would spice things up and really bring together your entire setup I think that you have a solid foundation here but I feel like with some minor tweaks you can definitely improve the aesthetic of your setup Thank You ho-ho for entering coming out number three is john from canada and this awesome vici inspired so actually never mind about that we got a Captain America shield and he's spider-man right in the center so actually now that I'm looking at it it looks like DC is on the left and we got Marvel on the right but anyways back to the setup he's rocking an ultra light from LG that's mounted on the wall and below that is the razor or not a chroma keyboard and he logitech g502 proteus mouse i like the cable management but i have concerns about the cable slack of that mouse is it me or does it look like there is just not enough slack there so a fun fact about john he actually used to be a hardcore console peasants before watching my channel till today he actually has over 300 games across I think four consoles he said I couldn't be more proud that you are now part of the PC master-race welcome I do have to give points to John for his amazing coordination just look at the symmetry it is on point from the centred wall shelf up top to both the Zelda swords and even the shelves holding up the collectibles well done good sir Bharati I was rocking a pair of Logitech speakers which he ended up painting to match the color scheme and he's also got a say DS gaming headset hanging from the side of the desk I loved what he did with the wire management so he used a bracket that he picked up from Home Depot to wrap the cables around that's actually very clever all the collectables around the setup are nice and it definitely adds personality don't get me wrong but I much prefer things that are unique and cannot be bought or replicated for example the art that your wife painted the Joker we got Kratos from God of War and that badass venom vs. spider-man paintings had way more personality than any figurine or collectible because it's unique and it also has sentimental value cables are hidden behind a desk very well with the help of some channel raceways covering the monitor wires and also looks like we have a cable sleeve wrapping up the wires behind the pea see it's not the best-looking rig out there which makes sense why it's on the ground but it does pack some serious juice we got the 47 19 on K version 16 gigs of RAM and 1080 founders Edition which is plenty for a 1080p gaming a very impressive setup with lots of personality and the symmetry just gives me more wood than the first setup featured on SEPA so d thank you John for entering at number 4 is Rob from Montreal and his mancave so he's got a TV set up for console gaming and watching videos while the other set up on the right is used for gaming taking coding courses and the occasional fab session why do people keep writing down the notes so he's rocking three monitors all of them are different models so my OCD just kicked in that's great the desk itself is pretty straightforward we got the elimin tabletop with an Alex your as support I do advise against the lemon tabletop because it's not really built well especially for a triple monitor setup and you'll start to see bowing in the center just like Rob's setup I always search people who are going with a multi-monitor setup to avoid linman tabletops for this very reason they are not built well guys there's a reason why it's this cheap I recommend shopping in the kitchen counter top section of Ikea if you must buy a table top separately these are built much better and can support more weight for peripherals we got another or not a chroma key board from Razer paired with the Mamba however this time he has an extra mouse which I'm guessing is used for specific type of games probably a memo if I'm not mistaken so I love the hold that was modded in the desk before the wires and this is actually interesting he used another mouse pad which sits underneath the sound bar and provides padding for his other tech but it also covers the wire from the keyboard kind of like a multi-purpose mousepad other than the sound bar he does have a razer kraken headset hanging from underneath the desk and i just noticed this collection of World of Warcraft I don't know if he's still playing but I started playing at the end of BC and I quit one week into Cataclysm and that game literally sucked three years of my life away but you know what it was fun ko Management is interesting so we have a power strip that's mounted on the wall instead of underneath the desk some reason maybe because of the weight but either way it's a pretty clean job down here I also like how we use cable clips to route and keep the wires from hanging down good work now the PC is using is a prebuilt but I do agree behind his reasoning back then GPU prices was ridiculous because of cryptocurrency and believe it or not it was way cheaper buying a prebuilt instead of building your own because of that so the TV setup on the other side is pretty sick he's literally got a gaming chair this thing is hooked up to a pro flight X 56 system plus he's got his ps4 console the only thing I would recommend later down the line if you do end up changing your monitors is getting a different tabletop something that's more sturdy but other than that I'm definitely digging this man cave I think you did a great job putting everything together thank you well before entering wrapping up the episode with Skyler with this very clean and ultra wide gaming setup so he's rocking the x34 from Acer that's hooked up to the wall and below that we got the ps4 and some Corsair gear the k70 RGB keyboard and the harpoon RGB Mouse I feel like if I were ever to get a wood tabletop for my setup it has to have a glossy finish like this one I feel like it looks way better than the original / audio he's using the razer kraken pro v2 headset which appears to not have a dedicated place but he does have logitech speakers as well nothing fancy when it comes to cable management who got the basic a cookie cutter setup with the Parrish tip underneath the desk and some cable clips holding up the wires the PC is probably the coolest part of this setup it looks pretty damn amazing with the white and black color scheme I like the white custom cables and the MSI 1080 TI trio but what's up with the RGB lighting from the RAM sticks I noticed the RGB lighting from the keyboard and mouse as well I mean it's not a big deal but I'm just curious why the PC and some parts of the setup have specific colors but the lighting is left on the default RGB colour saree Garlits if they dope set up pretty straightforward nothing I can really recommend here to improve Thank You Skylar for entering so that's it for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup this is actually a tough episode we've got a bunch of awesome setups allows the winners on my Twitter and stuff al counts make sure you guys are following there if you are interested at all if you guys enjoy setup or as Tasi like to show your support as always if you guys hate the episode please drop it this like I will not be upset as always I love your faces and I will see you in the next one
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