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Setup Wars - Episode 157

what's happening guys I'm tech source welcome back to setup wars episode 157 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below with that said let the setup boys begin kicking off the episode is that win and his upgraded setup since episode 127 he actually went from a triple pyramid stacked layout to a dual monitor setup and uses this for gaming video editing and other work related tasks including music recordings with his drumming gear in case you guys haven't noticed this setup is powered by a laptop the dell inspiron 7:59 which is dot on a station by the way real quickly if you guys want to see a laptop edition of setup wars where i feature the best laptop setups i've seen on the show let me know in the comment section how about in symmetry there's a few other things I really like about this setup first of all the desk he's using is the IKEA Hal Assad countertop with the aluminum borders and that's being supported by some capital eggs and the Alex drawers I like that he went with grey Alex drawers instead of the white ones to give it more of a contrast with a desk another thing I like about the setup are the speaker placements so he mounted two IKEA lack shelves on the wall and he mounted the speaker's right underneath it which not only looks cooler in my opinion but also allows him to use the top of the shelf to put stuff on the aluminum border he added on the wall shelves are actually very clever and it blends in nicely with the countertop accents a lot of benefit of mounting the speaker's like this is that cable management is a lot easier all you had to do was route the cable straight down using some wall raceways so all the cables run straight down and into the channel raceway which then lead to the laptop I personally don't think the middle leg is necessary for support since he doesn't have that much stuff in the middle and he's only running dual monitors the counter tops from Ikea are very sturdy so he wouldn't be experiencing any bowing and I'm speaking from personal experience I also feel like the support really bothers your legs judging by how close it is to the front it really bothers you and you don't want to remove it I do suggest pushing it towards the back a little bit that way gives your legs some extra space I like what he did with the position of the RGB mousepad and routing both cables underneath the keyboard and through the desk looks really clean he does have a drum set behind his setup and he uses the v-moda crossfade headphones for that and the Audio Technica m40 axes for his actual setup I was a like where he mounted his blue snowball ice microphone the actual boom arm is hooked up on the monitor arm itself and not on the desk and that's why he's able to extend a microphone that far out behind the monitors for laptop setup this is actually very impressive v1 stayed in the notes that he's constantly on the road hence why he prefers this type of setup but he is planning on purchasing a desktop PC later this year thank you that one for entering John is up next from Austria and his beast triple monitor gaming setup so he's rocking three quad HD 165 Hertz gaming monitors from Asus that are mounted on the wall and below that we got some Razer gear he Black Widow X chroma key board and he lands her tournament Edition Mouse now for audio he's got the Razer Leviathan Bluetooth speaker and the black shark gaming headset he's also using the assayer and microphone and he mounted it an interesting location right above his calendar on the left side of his setup in the notes he stated that he was going with a black in green color scheme with some red accents which we can see across the setup and also inside the pc by the way props we're using the PC tower as a nightstand so it looks like it's running on two separate loops and it's packing the 6800 carry 16 gigs of ram and qac Strix 980 T is an SLI cable management isn't bad however I would find a way to wrap the cables from the monitors maybe using a white sleeve like this from Amazon will help keep the cables hidden while the same time blending in with the wall it's not a bad setup but it could use some more work to improve mostly on the cables thanks Jen for entering at number 3 is John all the way from Germany and it's very clean dual monitor gaming and productivity setup looks like he's rocking to BenQ monitors that are mounted on the desk I don't know why but I'm kind of digging those black out key caps on the master keys Pro s keyboard it kind of gives off this cool stealthy look the speakers he's using are the popular Mackie CR 4s which are being held up with the IKEA shelves and the cables are neatly hidden using wall raceways nicely done he does have some headphones as well we got the Sennheiser HD 598 C headphones that's resting on the mov headphone stand and for audio input he's using the rode anti microphone which he tucked behind his monitor when not in use the PC powering the setup is inside the tiny end case m1 and it's packing the 4790k we had 16 gigs of ram in the EVGA GTX 1080 by the way the tempered glass panel was custom made by him and so was the 5 inch screen inside the PC that displays the stats and the temperature of the PC not bad I may not agree with the loose wires on top of the desk but the cables under the desk are managed well thanks to the Signum rack and the help of some raceways I think it's a pretty clean and straightforward setup thank you John for entering next up is Matthew from New York and this interesting setup with a scary theme to it so math it was actually been a longtime subscriber the channel and you set up words to gain inspiration and improving his setup over the years this is what he currently has a dual stack monitor setup that he uses for gaming music production and recording videos for his YouTube channel both monitors are mounted on the massive 98 inch hollow stat countertop from Ikea and that's being held up by some Capitol eggs and the Alex your units all right now 98 inches is pretty wide and since there is no support in the middle you can start to see some bowing due to the weight of both monitors in this particular setup I would recommend adding a leg in the center as support but I would keep it towards the back where the monitor stands attaches to the desk it's not a huge deal but it will prevent the desk from blowing more in the future so one of the squee got the razor sino so chroma keyboard with the Razer DeathAdder Mouse I'm actually glad he grouped up both wires together instead of leaving them alone it looks much cleaner this way since Matthew uses this setup for music production he does have a lot of audio gear we got preamps audio interfaces and a mixer all within reach and he also has a few headphones as well the PlayStation Gold wireless headset and the Air Force X 42 is for gaming while he uses the beats solo wireless headphones and the krk studio headset for music I'm actually surprised to find out he's using a Logitech z6 23 speakers instead of a pair of really high-quality bookshelf speakers but he's a professional here or not me cables are managed very well for the most part I can tell that he got inspiration from setup wars because this is cable management 101 that I always talk about in my videos we got channel raceways to route the cables we got 3m tapes for the power strips and the power bricks and cable clips to keep the wires organized nicely done the PC powering this setup is tucked away in the corner and it's equipped with these 7700 K we got a GTX 1080 from Asus and 16 gigs of ram if he's not gaming on the PC he's obviously on the ps4 or Xbox one aside from the weird masks and costumes you have scattered everywhere I think this is a dope setup and you did a great job putting it together especially coming from your original setup a few years back thank you Matt for entering last round least we got Nicolas who was a student and he uses this setup for gaming and editing highlights for his YouTube channel it's a black and blue team set up using two monitors that are mounted on his motorized desk which makes sense why he's using a cable sleeve to cover the cables on there here there has to be some sort of slack available so that it can expand and retract along with the desk for peripherals he's using the coarser K 65 luxe keyboard and the g43 wireless mouse the only audio source he has are the HyperX cloud wireless headset which is hanging from the NZXT puck and I really like what he did with the cables over here he used a clip to hold it in place he does have a microphone as well the blue Yeti that's mounted on the desk using a boom arm and finally the PC that's powering everything which has a 7600 K 16 gigs of ram in the asus strix 1080 the cables are organized very well underneath the desk looks like he mounted pretty much everything under here we got the power strip we got some power brakes from the monitors and the clips and tape to hold everything in place there are a few things I would recommend to improve your setup firstly adding a tiny pencil drawer like this one underneath your desk will give you easy access to store things like your RGB remote and whatever that hardshell case is secondly I will route the cables behind your TV towards the right so that way you can just run the channel raceway straight down because it doesn't look good going diagonally lastly I feel like the mic can be positioned in a better place either move your PC to the right a little bit so that you can squeeze the mic between a second monitor and the PC from the back or try mounting the entire boom arm on the monitor mount which will give you much longer reach I don't know if either methods will work out but it's worth trying it out if you're not happy with your current setup but that's pretty much all I got is a solid gaming setup for a 15 year old Thank You Nicholas for entering and good luck on your YouTube channel and that does it for this episode of setup worries as always make sure you guys drop your comments below and vote on who you think has the best that's setup and allows the winners on my social media platforms if you guys enjoyed the show make sure to drop a like and if you didn't you know what to do thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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