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Setup Wars - Episode 158

thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this episode of set-up wars the first 500 of my subscribers to use the link below will get a 2 month free trial yes guys I know trust me I know the madelief panels in the back are not symmetrical I know there's gonna be a bunch of people in the comment section what are you doing which trust me I know that and the reason why is because it's missing a few panels I've ordered them they're coming and once I install them they're gonna be perfectly symmetrical but I did change up the background a little bit in case you guys haven't noticed number 1 I installed more leaf panels of course number 2 that cable running down from one of the panels is no longer there because I know I was driving a lot of you guys crazy trust me it was driving me crazy as well I took care of that and moved it all the way to the far left side so that way you guys can see it and finally I added three lie fix RGB strips underneath the wall just to kind of give it a nice glow but yeah so far I think is looking pretty good what do you guys think let me know in the comment section down below as they log intro let's just let's just get started welcome to set of four is episode 158 which means there are two more episodes left for everyone's favorite episode of the worst set up edition but anyways yeah what that said let the set up wars begin I don't want to give huge things to Skillshare for sponsoring this video Skillshare is an online learning community for creators with more than 25,000 classes in design business and pretty much anything you can think of I know you guys like my PC build guides but there's a class on there that actually goes more in-depth on how to design and build your own PC what I like about this course is the fact that he goes over how to select your parts and he explains everything in detail so not only do you learn the process of building but you also learn how to troubleshoot pcs if problems arise the premium membership gives you unlimited access to courses like this so you can join the classes and communities that are right for you and your new year goals it's also really affordable after the free trial is just less than $10 a month the first 500 my subscribers to click on the link below will get a free two month trial we haven't seen a music production setup in a while on the show so we're gonna kick off the episode with a beautiful one from alexey coming from new jersey other than music production sessions on his twitch channel he uses this setup for gaming I really like how he made good use of the space with all of that gear he built a riser using the IKEA wall shelf for both of the dáil monitors and he even installed a pullout drawer underneath the desk for all three of his launch pads for peripherals he's rocking a cooler master keys light L keyboard and mouse combo you know despite having a pullout drawer under the desk you can still drill a hole for the keyboard and mouse wire you just have to use a cable clip to keep the wire against the desk but I'm assuming he didn't want to cut a hole in his mouse pad so it's all good placing the speaker's on those stands is actually a great idea compared to mounting it on the wall because they won't interfere with the acoustic foams by the way side note I really like the design and I'm also impressed that you're able to keep those foams so white usually they turn a yellow after a few weeks so you got some really good ones there sandwich in both monitors is the complete audio interface which has the MXL 770 microphone hooked up to it using the rode boom arm and underneath the desk we got a pair of audio technica m4 TX's cables are managed beautifully using a couple sleeves to wrap the cable going into the cable box on the floor although I'm curious as to why that one cable is not included inside the sleeve the rest of the cables are routed through the channel Raceway and we have a bunch of cable clips helping out down here is the PC which has a 67 GK 32 gigs of ram and diesel tank gtx 1060 i like that you made an effort to keep with the white and black color scheme like adding a GPU backplate with white fans but there are some other things you can do to spice up the pc like SSD covers custom sleeve cables and of course an a i/o sleeping kit for the cooler if you do end up spicing it up with those I do recommend removing your PC from the ground and placing it on an Alex your next to your setup otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose of having a see-through side panel if it's just gonna sit underneath your desk you know I really like all the small modifications here and there to make everything accessible and convenient I think that a great job building something that works for you and what you do well done and thank you for entering coming in hard from the dark side is Hans and his epic triple monitor setup that he uses for pretty much everything from gaming productivity editing and crypto mining that's right guys this is technically a dual setup the Left PC is actually a server with a rising 3 and an EVGA GTX 1080 while the other PC has a 6700 K 32 gigs of ram and 2 EVGA GTX 1080s so we have the Acer X 34 in the center sandwiched by 2 27-inch BenQ monitors and they are all mounted against the wall but what I want you guys to look at is how he routed the cables because he did such a clean job so he basically grouped all the wires using velcro straps and he ran them across the wall and straight down behind the Alex drawer the rest of the wires are channeled through a couple raceways and since both of the PCs are hooked up to the same monitors he has a port switch on there here so that he can swap his mouse and keyboard with a click of a button speaking of which I would rather run the mouse wire underneath the keyboard since you already drilled a hole in the desk for it but it's not a big deal picking up a few stands for your phones would also be a great idea and leaving them flat on your mousepad this way you're also able to look at notifications as they come through there's a bunch of them on Amazon that can do the job but here's one that cost fifteen dollars and it can hold two phones you can actually place this underneath your monitor in the center since you like to keep things symmetrical anyways I'll drop a link below if you want to check it out and finally for audio we only got a pair of Mac ECR four speakers just barely making it on the desk you know it's always recommended to position the speaker's at ear level so I do recommend picking up stands like these which will help lift the speaker's 9 inches off the desk and you can even use these isolation pads to prevent distortion but they'll also allow you to pick from five different angles once again I'll drop a link below if you want to check it out you didn't include pictures of his old setup and it's quite the improvement over the time but I'm confident with some more minor tweaks you can improve this set up even more Thank You Hans for entering shutting down the gears a bit we got a super clean and minimalistic set up by Luciano he uses this for gaming and productivity I'm assuming productivity is priority because of the ultra ride unfortunately it's capped at only 60 Hertz maybe 75 if you can overclock it for peripherals he's using the Logitech G 810 or Eon spectrum keyboard with the G fellow to Mouse and I just love that little hole he drilled for both the cables and he even covered it very clean for audio he's using my favorite pair of speakers in the world the Edifier Eclipse and he was smart enough to pick up the HD version nice he does have a gaming headset as well the g930 threes which are hanging underneath the desk and take a look at the wire management ladies and gentlemen if this doesn't give you any wood I don't know what will first off he has a cable tie on the left side holding up the wire for his headset and moving over to the opposite side we can see a memory card reader for easy access and towards the back or music to my ears I love what he did with the channel Raceway it's actually really smart so instead of installing one large Raceway he picked up three individual ones or maybe he cut them into three pieces I'm not really sure but this way he's able to route the wires in between each one instead of having the wire go over the raceway I gotta give you mad props on this mess it looks way cleaner also down here we got the PC powering it all which has the 7700 K paired with the gigabyte GTX 1080 and 16 gigs of RAM one thing I would recommend is to bring the GPU to the top PCI slot just to make sure using the full potential of that card but you might have your reasons for keeping it down there I do however like that you put something underneath your PC instead of leaving it on carpet like I see people do so many times on this show also I just realized what a hell is everything plugged in I don't see any wires anywhere what sorcery is this is there an outlet underneath your PC because I do see a cable going in there and I do see a cable going underneath your door which is then plugged into the outlet on the other side but I could be wrong the only minor thing I would recommend is raising the speaker's a little bit now because of the color scheme you got going on I do recommend you do something like my setup back at home where you can use IKEA wall shelves and Capet the legs to raise them up well like I said it's not a big deal and I'm sure you wouldn't want to drill holes in that beautiful desk oh and don't think I didn't see that entire shelf of Predator collectibles it's pretty obvious whose side you're on it's nice to take a break from the crazy setups and look at something super clean and minimalistic thank you Luciano for entering well that didn't last long back to crazy setups now this one is from now or all the way from Israel and I'm so sorry that butchered your name can we just take a moment and look at the wall-mounted ps4 pro with both of his controllers all right so this setup is used for gaming streaming and programming and it's got an interesting setup with three displays so we've got an ace use 34 inch ultra wide in the center and a secondary monitor towards the left it looks like both of them are mounted against the wall and they're being used with the PC the 50 inch TV from Samsung up top is used for console gaming and most likely watching videos below all that we got the add-on unit from Ikea which looks to be kind of supporting the monitors weight but surprisingly the desk is not bowing even though it's got a linen tabletop so the add-on unit is great for additional storage plus it can prop up your monitor if you need a monitor riser however in this situation I don't think it's that useful because the left drawer might have some clearance issues with the keyboard so you can't even open it all the way making it somewhat useless but the right one should be fine if you move the mouse around I'm thinking those custom white key caps on the corsage wave keyboard by the way I think those look very clean alright so for audio he's only got a wireless headset from Logitech which I'm assuming is used mainly for the ps4 however I don't see why he can't use it for his PC as well either way I do recommend picking up some speakers for this setup at some point you can even put them next to your monitor these over here cost $22 and they have really high ratings on Amazon and I think they go really well with your setup so the acoustic panels kind of seem out of place and I'm assuming you put those there to cover up the cable Raceway maybe add some spice to the setup but to be honest is kind of looking a bit bland going across like that maybe go with some sort of design like the first setup and you can also pick up the white and blue foams so that it matches your setup colors even better I feel like the black kind of sticks out the most since your setup is mostly white cables are managed fairly well thanks to the Signum rack so there's nothing really to complain about here and finally the PC powering everything is a dope looking water-cooled rig it's packing the 87 decay which is belated by the way and overclocked to 5.1 gigahertz a.m. we also got 60 gigs of ram and the EVGA 1080 TI FTW three of that right there is a beast now here's one thing I would do differently if this was my setup now obviously white is the most dominant color here and because of that the black case seems out of place I would have gone with the white version of the crystal 460 X which I think personally would have looked so much better with the blue coolant and the black fittings you could have even gone as far as to replace the black fittings with white ones if you really wanted to stay consistent with the color scheme and this way it would be a white and blue setup with minor black accents but anyways that's just my two cents and everyone has their own preference and tastes either way you got a killer set up there Thank You naor for entering and again I'm sorry if I butchered your name wrapping up the episode is Worley and his enemy theme setup rocking 3 LG monitors that are mounted on the wall he uses a setup for gaming as well as photo and video and the desk is made up of the IKEA lemon top and to DIY cabinets one of which has the PC inside and my first reaction is I hope that PC doesn't have high temps because there is no exhaust on the top for the hot air to escape despite the front being open I don't think it's an issue considering the specs but you know what I got a point out those awesome RGB fans and you might ask me Edie what's so special about those fans well for starters it has an RGB ring on both sides let me repeat that guys both sides have RGB rings and I've never seen that on a fan before so regardless of how you position it you're gonna get that RGB goodness sadly these are not available in the US why hasn't course our thought of these already for peripherals he's using the Kim a text to keyboard and Nutella Mouse both of them are from a company called RAC which I'm guessing are from the Philippines because that is where Worley is from Braulio he's got a pair of Logitech Z 213 speakers and the Razer Kraken pro v2 headset he does have a siren microphone from Razer as well but it doesn't seem to be a part of the setup our ladies waiting for a boo mom or something there's not much going on in this setup for me to recommend changes it's pretty straightforward I would try and put the PC on the right side of the desk because it does look like there's enough room and also if you're going with an order to be build with tempered glass panels just to put the PC on the meet your desk then what's the point of you and having it pretty simple setup Thank You Orly for entering it under the first episode of setup wars as always makes you guys vote down below in the comment section and which of these setups is the best it's actually a pretty tough episode so let me know what you guys decide I'll announce the winners as always on my Twitter and it's the fail accounts that you guys so much watching drop a like if you liked the series and a dislike if you didn't and I will see you in the next video
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