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Setup Wars - Episode 159

what's happening guys I'm Tex or welcome to season three of setup or is the show where you submit that setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video link down below but with that said let the set up wars begin kicking off the episode we have a very clean set up from Blue Mill coming from India and there's an interesting story behind this setup so apparently boom mill was planning on building a PC but he hesitated because he wasn't confident enough to build one but after watching my build guides he decided to go for it and build his very first PC and I gotta say this is your first build you did a fantastic job putting it together I love how clean it looks great work with cable management and extra points for going with the custom sleeve cables the only thing I would change in this build is moving the GPU to the top slot so that you're getting the most performance out of that PCIe Lane but other than that it's a beast PC and the specs are insane as well this goes to show that anyone can build a PC if it's your first time do not get intimidated there are so many helpful guides out there that can help you out whether it's YouTube videos or other websites and I even have a bunch of videos on my channel that can guide you from start to finish even for overclocking and installing windows and all that stuff but actually I have another build guide coming up very soon so stick around alright so the setups purpose is coding graphic design and gaming and he's walking a gaming ultra light from LG that's sandwiched by two Presonus speakers and I love that you picked up some stands for them believe it or not tilting the speakers even just a few degrees so that their position at your ears makes a noticeable difference keeping with the minimalistic theme we got the surface wireless keyboard and mouse although I'm very curious how you gain with those especially with that tiny mouse pad actually as soon as I said that I just noticed the gaming keyboard and the mouse in the other drawer so I'm guessing he swaps these out for gaming I do like that little shelf he installed next to his desk to hold his Octus seven wireless gaming headset and the samson microphone I probably would have painted that shelf in white though so it matches the desk but it's not a big deal right next to his PC setup is his console setup with a 43 inch Samsung TV na JBL cinema soundbar and we also got his ps4 pro console I would try and mount the sound bar on the wall above the TV if you want the best sound the cable management is very clean but it's interesting as well so instead of leaving the cable box on the ground he actually mounted it against the wall and he used a channel Raceway to hide the cables going down but looks like he also covered the bottom portion of the wall with some paper and some tape it looks like I'm not really sure what's going on down here the wires behind the PC are neatly wrapped in a spiral sleeve and the cables behind the desk are managed well the LED lighting with the nettle leaf panels up top give the setup just enough spice to stand out and I think it did a great job putting everything together Thank You Bluebell for entering next up is Kristian aka crow man who broke the Internet on December 28th after he uploaded his mancave for the world to see apparently someone to the math and everything in here costs over a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars I featured him on my IG page on the 29th and people went crazy so I decided to bring him on setup Wars where it belongs let's not if I'm looking at both of his setups over here in the corner which is powered by one ridiculous water-cooled PC the setup on the right has a 31 and a half 8k monitor from Dell and know that is not a mistake it's an 8k display Jesus it looks like he's using the same course or keyboard for both setups and only one Mouse that he swaps between the two of them which makes sense I mean why spend another $70 on a second Mouse when you can save that money although I would buy a mousepad for the other setup with the 49 inch super ultra ride from Samsung Christian definitely knows a thing or two when it comes to good audio this guy is rocking a pair of keV LS 50 wireless speakers and for those of you who are not familiar with these these speakers go for around $2,000 and they are well known for their excellent music reproduction as well as burning hall and wallets but it doesn't even stop there he also has high-end headphones we got the Sennheiser HD 800 s which he claims are the best headphones for gaming due to their stellar soundstage and imaging now if you think $2,000 speakers are expensive then you don't want to look up how much has focal utopia headphones cost I'm just glad he's using a really good DAC an amp for both his headphones he definitely knows what he's doing here you know one thing that caught my attention was the desk that he's using it's the IKEA lemon tabletop and it's interesting to see a cheap $150 desk when everything else on top of it is so expensive personally I would have gone with a much nicer countertop like the egg backend or even the Lille Trask because I say it they're built better and will look way better in this setup the pc powering both of these setups is a beast so check this out the cpu is the 79 80 XC which is bend and be lidded and it's also overclocked to 4.6 gigahertz on all 16 cores he's using the asus rog rampage 6 motherboard with 128 gigs of ram and not one or two but four Titan XPS in SLI truly an overkill beast right over here and this is just one corner of his insane man cave on the other wall we have his productivity setup which consists of a 10 core iMac pro we got a dell 5k monitor and a 2018 eye 9 MacBook Pro with a pair of those keffe speakers and the Sennheiser HD 800 s headphones I'm not sure if that's the same pair or an extra one but who cares at this point personally if my office was in that room I would not get any work done we wrapping up this insane mancave we have the home theater set up on the other side of the wall powered by Dolby Atmos he does have a massive 78 inch curved 4k TV from Samsung however he uses a hundred twenty five inch projector sometimes to game on his consoles but let me tell you why this console setup is so awesome first off he's using $10,000 floor speakers from vocal combined with a bunch of keffe speakers and subs but the icing on the cake is Dolby Atmos which really changes the way you experience sound I actually had the chance to experience this at CES and I even made a video on it and it's kind of hard to explain it in a video format this is one of the things you have to experience it yourself at least once to know what I'm talking about but really those feel like the game comes to life or what kind of sucks you in the game it's very immersive and it's definitely an experience I've never had before this guy is truly gaming the right way but sadly Dolby Atmos isn't supported on a lot of games yet but once it does he's got the perfect setup for it a side note I do like the custom made NES coffee table in the center I mean what can I say it's an epic man cave and it's pretty much everyone's wet dream to own something like this is it overkill obviously but in the end if it brings happiness who cares next up is James from Washington State and it's perfectly executed dual setup there's a lot of planning and wiring that went into this which I'll explain in a bit but he's rocking to 27 inch HD monitors that are mounted against the wall and it looks like the cables are routed through the wall itself the keyboard mouse and keypad are all from Razer and he has oldest connected to a USB switch which allows him to swap between his PC and the laptop on the left side he also installed two HDMI switches which allows him to swap between the monitors and the TV so that he can use his racing rig he even went the extra mile to include a wiring diagram to show how everything is connected I really hope he didn't make this diagram just for this show because that looks like a lot of work and it was definitely not necessary I don't want you to waste your time but regardless I do appreciate the effort Bharati oh he's got a few headsets hanging from the wall we got the action of a 50s for the PC the astroid 20s for the Xbox one and the Bose AE twos for listening to music in addition to headphones he does use speakers from Logitech for his setup now on the other side he does have another monitor with a keyboard and mouse so that he can use the PC from this location as well speaking of it's a blacked out clean build equipped with the rising v 1600 X we got 32 gigs of ram and the EVGA 1080 FTW inside the air 540 case from Corsair the rest of the cables from the set up are managed well but I'm more impressed at the wiring and having everything set up in a way to make things convenient like swapping between multiple sources adding a wall shelf to hold up your sub is actually a clever idea and so is using the wall mounting brackets to hook up the desk to the wall instead of using actual legs you know it's very impressive to see the transformation from your previous setup in just a few months of planning and it makes me happy that my channel gave you some inspiration excellent setup and thank you James for entering at number 4 is Bryce and his super ultra white setup that he uses for gaming and graphic design I do like the tricolor scheme of this setup white red and black which kind of reminds me of my setup colors so the desk is being held up by some capital legs and then we got the Alex drawers as support and that we got the razor chromakey board with the m65 RGB mouse from Corsair for audio he's using the white at blue yeti microphone and a pair of Kanto speakers I was going to say something about putting the speakers on its sides but I do see that you put pads underneath it so I'll let that go I do like the custom backboard that you made to cover up the messy Signum rack behind it but the wires from the PC can use some work I do recommend a braided cable sleeves to wrap the cables so it's not as noticeable finally the PC part in the setup has an 87 2k 16 gigs of ram and the MSI GTX 1080 there's not much going on here it's a pretty straightforward setup Thank You Bryce for entering wrapping up the episode is a very clean and minimalistic setup from row he'd coming from the Netherlands this setups purpose is simple gaming and it's pretty straightforward we got a 27-inch Samsung monitor mounted against the wall and below that we got a z77 eagled mechanical keyboard with the Razer abysus Mouse I really love what he did with the PC mounting it on the wall shelf is a clever way to deal with space limitations and avoid leaving the PC on the floor I'm just not sure how secure that shelf is without any support because it kind of looks like it's tilting down a little bit so I would be careful it doesn't come slamming down speaking of which it's actually a pretty beefy build it's got the 4790k 16 gigs of ram and the GTX 10 atti it actually fits beautifully with the entirety mother setup with the exception of the monitor there is a much cables to manage over here a simple Raceway coming down from monitor and we also have one behind the set up the only thing I would have done differently was use a white raceway instead of a black one for the monitor cables nonetheless it's a very interesting compact setup you got here Oh he'd thank you for entering and that wraps up the first episode of season 3 of setup wars as always makes you guys drop your comments below and vote on who you think has the second-best setup because obviously Christian takes the crown on this one let me know if you guys enjoy the new season or if you guys enjoy the intro let me know feedback in the comment section as well and try new things obviously but as always leave a like if you enjoyed and a dislike if you didn't and I will see you guys the next one
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