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Setup Wars - Episode 16 (LG Edition)

damn I really need to shave skin ridiculous what's up guys it's that back again from tech store so welcome to setup wars episode 16 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on a channel and a chance to win a prize this episode is actually sponsored by LG where the winner will receive a brand new 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor and if you guys I need to be serious and want to submit your desk setup make sure to watch the video linked down below but with all that said let the setup Wars begin this video is brought to you by g2a where you can buy super cheap city keys for any game on any platform this is where I get all my games from as well as Windows Keys for my monthly PC builds but I'll leave a link down below so you can see for yourself real quickly before I begin the episode I want to address some concerns you guys have a lot of guys are wondering why your setup hasn't gone featured yet even after me downloading the files the current wait time to get featured on setup wars is at least 90 days that's how many submissions I've been getting every single day so for the LD submissions I am picking them randomly as they come but after the series are over I'm gonna go back to my regular schedule basically accepting them as they come em so I'm gonna go back to accepting the submissions in the order I received them so I'm actually me sorry if you guys don't get chosen there are literally hundreds and hundreds of submissions that I have saved up on my computer so if you guys have patience please wait you guys will get featured so with that said let's take a look at the ten contested here ten contestants for this week's episode we have Benjamin med bill Eber basil Jason Jose Julianne Noah and Sol easy I don't know if Zoe Z is your name but hey that's what I got as always all of the gear you guys see on these setups will be featured down below in the description section for anyone that is interested so with that said let's take a look at band setup so we're starting to step aside strong with bands triple display setup we have three ASIS 24 inch monitors hooked up to a wall mount on the desk we have a k70 keyboard logitech g502 mouse on top of the course our extended mousepad also under the monitors we have the Razer Leviathan sound bar cables are all hidden away on that rack so great job on there and also notice that you have an Ikea LED strip installed under the desk SiC PC by the way we have a 4770k and an Asus GTX 770 in the obsidian 450d case say what you will about the overuse black and red combo I still love it and it's my favorite color nation but yeah overall a very simplistic triple display setup job well done next up is Noah with a somewhat cramped setup so we have an AC 27-inch monitor sandwiched by two older Fujitsu monitors honestly I would toss those two motors aside and grab another 27-inch if you really use all those pixels on the desk we have a logitech k120 keyboard and G 602 Mouse with a pair of LS 21 speakers we also have a tryin Pro headphones hanging from the is that is that your bed Wow okay so it looks like you converted the bottom portion of your bed into a storage unit with a bunch of shelves to hold your games and other stuff it's not a bad idea what a good way to make use of something you are not using I guess another great invention you have on the top of your PC never in a million years what I have ever thought of this you're actually using your PC fans as an actual cooling fan I gotta say that is really cool and all right kela management is also really good and plus 1/r mounting your router and other stuff against the wall like that to free up some space on your desk honestly you have a pretty clever setup it's a bit too cramped for my style especially with those huge as speakers taking up a big portion of your desk it definitely has the potential of a dope setup if you rearrange and get rid of a few things next up is bill with a dual monitor display two 27-inch Dell monitors one in 4k and the other and 1080p on the desk we have the Razer BlackWidow keyboard g6o to Mouse on the left side and an Apple Magic Mouse on the right we also have a high sense TV up top Harman Kardon sound sticks on the desk and I really like this setup because it's both a Productivity and a gaming setup we have the six core Mac Pro all the way on the right side in your custom PC on the bottom a beast PC I might add with a 5820k CPU paired with two gtx 980ti s i also like the fact that you hung your headphones on the wall but it seems like it's a bit far from reach and that you have to actually lean in a bit to grab them not sure if that was a good idea cable management is great as well I don't really have much complaints you have a pretty sweet hybrid setup and number four we have Eber with a dual display setup on the IKEA B can't desk an acer 27-inch g-sync display and a dell 4k display on the silverstone monitor stand on the desk we have the corsair Shrieve gaming keyboard ami onyx savior mouse and the Edifier speakers awesome job on cable management is pretty sweet that the desk comes with a net for cables it definitely makes everything a lot easier also on the bottom is the black blue and gold PC so it's rocking a 4930 K with a gtx 960 but yeah I mean I love the LEDs and especially that moderate amount I think it really cleans up the entire setup great job dude next up is Faisal with a simple and clean set up we have an Acer 28 inch 4k monitor a courser K 65 keyboard and an M 65 mouse on the extended mousepad we also have a coolermaster scorpion Mouse bungee which I rarely see on these episodes awesome job keeping your ath m50x s on the mov headphone anger and i'll give you a point for not only hooking up the USB hub on the roof of your desk but also using the cable drops to wrap your USB cables to the top of your desk for easyacc says fantastic job on cable management as well now let's talk about a PC so I won't go over too much about it since you entered PC Wars as well but all I can say is that you have some serious skill my friend majority of these parts are custom made by him and I can't wait to show you more pics later on honestly this setup is worthy of an ultra-wide monitor I can really see the effort that takes you to keep such a clean and organized setup and if you do win the monitor you will definitely take good care of it Jason is next up with his dope red LED setup so we have a 27-inch Asus 1440p monitor a corsair k70 keyboard and an Ouroboros mouse on top of the X track record gaming mat you also have an extract zoom mouse pad on top of that as well but finally something a little different from Corsair extended mouse pads I gotta say that these do look pretty sweet also in the desk we have a pair of Cerwyn Vega bookshelf speakers and sign Heiser HD 580 headphones resting on top I love the custom painted microphone and the red LEDs just works so well with this setup excellent job on wire management and you have a baller PC as well with a gtx 970 and AE 4370 a really awesome presentation and a really clean setup thank you Jason for entering a number 7 we have Jose and his wall mounted setup we have an Asus 27-inch rog swift 144 hertz gaming monitor hooked up on the wall with a Logitech G 710 gaming keyboard and a g502 gaming mouse on top of the Genesis mousepad also on the desk we have a sign Heiser game 0 headset and Logitech speakers I really think that the blue desk makes the gaming gear pop out especially that awesome custom water-cooled PC you have there it's rocking a 4930 K which is overclocked to 4.5 gigahertz and 2 GTX 780 Ti is in SLI pretty good job on cable management although I think you can definitely do a better job wrapping the cables I like how the table comes with a few holes which helps routing the cables through given a set up a very clean look but overall not a bad setup next up is julienne with yet another triple monitor setup we have one Asus 28 inch 4k monitor and Tuli llaman Pro lights 24 inch monitors on the right on the desk we have a g7 10 mechanical keyboard g700 gaming mouse and a pair of X 41 round sound headphones from Turtle Beach we also got a few other headphones on this hanger sign Iser 363 DK me headset and a pair of San Heiser momentum headphones I'm not sure what the deal is with the cable coming out of the keyboard towards the front but that would definitely bother me so maybe wrap the cable another way if possible unless it doesn't bother you at all other than that the cable management looks pretty awesome down below and this is a pretty cool multi-monitor setup at number nine we have med with a pretty interesting setup we have an Asus 27-inch 2k display and a Dell pivotable 1080p display next door the wallpaper looks pretty familiar I wonder where you got that from but I will give you a point for being creative with it on the second display though that looks pretty sick so there's a bunch of stuff on your desk we have an apple wireless keyboard and trackpad along with the Logitech G 710 keyboard and a bunch of gaming mice a Mad Catz rat 5 logitech g502 Razer Mamba and finally Logitech MX Mouse for productivity despite having all that gear you still managed to keep the desk very clean so props on that I love the red tilt wireless charger you have on a desk and now red and black dxracer chair you have and I think that really blends in well with your color scheme you also have quite a collection of headphones as well a pair of sony pulse gaming headphones total beach 7 headset and a Logitech G 430 gaming headset for consoles you are rocking both the ps4 and Xbox one but it's missing some D band skins I see that you have some on the MacBook Pro so you should definitely pick up some carbon fiber ones for your consoles as well pretty sweet PC as well that's an MSI GTX 970 graphics card and it's rocking an Intel 46 70k processor you have a bunch of awesome gear but the cable management is slacking so I would definitely spend some time and clean it up but overall you have a pretty badass battle station and gaming room well done last but not least we have Sully Z with the very first wide dual monitor setup we have 2 LG 23 inch monitors a Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard DeathAdder chroma Mouse on the coarser extended mouse pad also the desk we have two beats pill speakers and a Triton kun a gaming wireless headset on the geek reah acrylic headphone stand I absolutely love how symmetrical this setup is you have the blue Yeti macro two speakers on the bottom and the mousepad centered directly in front of monitors plus one for the symmetry tale management is also a spot-on it looks like you attach the power strip to the roof of the desk with some zip ties and connected all your stuff to it pretty sweet PC as well as walking a 4790k and an msi gtx 970 GPU in the very sexy h 440 pc case honestly i love the setup very clean and very organized job well done so easy so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys click on the strawpoll link down below and vote on who you think deserves the ultrawide monitor or whoever has the cleanest setup or whoever has the best setup i'm gonna leave it to you guys and vote on whoever you want to as always voting closes this saturday and allows the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram account so make sure you guys are following me there if you guys want to know who wins as always if you guys enjoy setup words you want me to continue doing these every single Monday then beat the crap out of that like button to show your support but that's basically a thank you so much again for watching I will see you the next video you
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