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Setup Wars - Episode 161

what's happening guys I'm textures welcome to setup wars episode 161 we used to make your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below but with that said let the setup wars begin the coarser one I forty and I sixty gaming PC is incredibly fast with Intel's ninth gen 8 core processor up to an RT X 20 atti graphics card and 32 gigabytes of vengeance l PX RAM all packed inside a compact bead blasted aluminum shell with excellent cooling both CPU and GPU are cooled using a patented assisted convection liquid cooling system achieving higher clock speeds lower temperatures and minimal noise with coursers advanced IQ software you can configure the system's fan monitor system performance and personalize your lighting to learn more click the link below kicking off the episode is a very clean dual monitor setup from Dennis that is used for only video editing apparently he's rocking two beautiful 27-inch 4k monitors from LG that are mounted on his custom made desk which is being supported by two Alex drawers so apparently it took him two years to build this setup and the IKEA drawers were an accidental purchase he meant to grab white ones so that it matches the theme of the setup at least that's what he says in the notes if that was the case why not go with the white version of the view 27th hour the front panel is black and it would match the other black accents and the gear in his setup so in a way the black drawers kind of worked out because it gives us set up a nice contrast I think the pink LED accents from the keyboard/mouse the wallpaper and even the RGB strips give this setup a nice glow and it makes it stand out more instead of sticking to only two colors he does have only one source of audio which are the yamaha HS 5 speakers I personally would have wrote it I'm a little more towards the center but I know why you did it that way so looks seamless with the monitors no drilling in the desk for the keyboard and mouse which is fine but the rest of the cables underneath the desk are managed well thanks to the Signum rack and a few zip ties what I would do to clean up those wires hanging down is by grouping them up together with some velcro and tying them with the modern amount the PC pushing all those pixels is a beast we got the risin 7 1700 at 3.8 gigahertz 32 gigs of RAM and a gigabyte GTX 1080 I would have personally took advantage of that awesome side panel and go with some custom sleep cables but it's still a clean looking PC and a clean set up Thank You Dennis for starting up the show speaking of clean setups we have felix from germany and his triple monitor gaming and editing setup we have three 24-inch monitors hooked up to the desk and he Logitech z3 33 speakers mounted against the wall it's obvious that Felix wanted to go with a minimalistic setup hence why he opted for wireless peripherals also he does have a glass top so he probably didn't want to drill any holes through it aside from the speakers he does use the JBL headphones and we also got a rode NT USB microphone which he stores in the shelf right by him this setup definitely has a lot of storage space and I like how he added lighting in different areas in order to spice it up otherwise it will look pretty bland with all of that furniture the PC partner setup unfortunately is on the ground and it's rocking the 3770k eight gigs of ram and the gtx 1050 Ti I'm actually surprised but the 1050 Ti is able to push those three monitors I'm also kind of confused with the fan layout in the case you have the bottom fan as intake but the top-end Raider is exhaust while you have two additional fans in the top as exhaust as well there isn't any positive airflow in this case I personally would have switched the fan on the radiator the other way so that it pulls in fresh air from outside other than the PC bill that's a pretty solid setup Thank You Felix for entering changing gears a bit we got Nate and his insane battle station that he uses for pretty much everything from editing streaming photography and of course gaming fun little fact he actually calls the setup a circuit breaker because he blew his circuit breaker three times with this setup damn okay I got to be the first one to say that the desk does not go with this setup unfortunately when you first look at this setup your eyes are drawn to all those awesome displays and then the excitement kind of dies down as you shift towards the bottom half I would have easily thrown in a couple egg back in tops and some Alex drawers as support if this was my setup but everyone has their own preference there's actually a lot of questionable things about this setup which we will get into but first let's check out the first setup so we got two massive curved 55 inch TVs from Samsung as overhead and below that we got three 27 inch monitors mounted against the desk below dad he's rocking he Razer BlackWidow chroma v2 and the abysus mirror gaming mouse I'm assuming this setup is the one he uses for editing judging by the mixer and the audio gear he's also using a DT 990 pros and the Presonus speakers for monitoring audio and actually has the same pair of speakers for his other setup okay for the first setup he's using a shure microphone while the other setup has a blue yeti and moving on to the other setup is where you'll start to see some questionable choices first off the display setup is a little different we have a curve 55 inch TV in the center that's sandwiched by two ultra lights in vertical mode and below that we have another set of three 24-inch monitors you know I'm trying to believe that this guy works for NASA or CIA or something well what could he possibly use all those monitors for he's got to be spying on some people with that I mean he's even got maps and pictures of Earth should we be worried anyway so here's the interesting part so he's using a Razer BlackWidow chroma and a $13 vo-tech Gaming Mouse I just find it odd that he couldn't spend a little more and buy a better Mouse this setup is the most expensive out of the two after all which he apparently uses for gaming and then we got the PCs which are tucked away in the corner now I'm not really sure which PC is useful what's set up because the specs are quite interesting so check this out the PC tucked away in the back is equipped with a thread ripper 1950 x clocked at 4 gigahertz we had 64 gigs of ram and 2 different GPUs he's got a 1080 Ti up top and a gtx 1070 on the bottom from asus he's not able to use them in sli so both GPUs are running independently which makes sense since he is outputting to 6 displays some things that noticed about this build is the fan layout so first off the PSTU is upside-down and then we have the fans mounted on top of the radiator instead of underneath it so I'm kind of curious as to why he went with this configuration at first I thought this PC was probably his editing rig judging by the processor in Ram but then I looked at the specs of the PC that's in front of that one and kind of got confused PC in the front has here isin 7 1700 at 3.9 gigahertz we got 16 gigs of RAM and 2 different GPUs as well you got a 1050 Ti and a GTX 770 the first PC has a way better GPU so it's kind of confusing which one he uses for editing and which one uses for gaming I would have used the first PC for gaming since it has a GTX 1080 Ti but then that's the PC that has the thread Ripper and 64 gigs of ram so it's kind of confusing the cables are hidden from both setups thanks to the massive back boards and that pretty much does it for this command center I do see a lot of potential in this setup but sadly it's overshadowed by some poor choices regardless thank you Nate for entering now here is a beautiful custom-made setup by Sasha from Germany it's used mainly for gaming and photo editing and I gotta say the first thing that caught my attention isn't the backdrop it's actually that wallpaper he has on the entire wall it's pretty unique and I feel like it ties in the setup perfectly on that beautifully made backboard we have a 35 inch monitor which is sandwiched by two Berringer speakers and I really like how he kept the surface really clean and minimalistic he's only got a keyboard and mouse which he drilled a hole for and that's about it everything else is mounted on the back board sasha also did a great job keeping everything symmetrical and the white on red contrast was a great choice so it looks like majority the cables are routed through the wall and the cables that need to be plugged into the PC are wrapped into a spiral sleeve I gotta say I do love how the PC has its own little island off to the side we got a rising 7 in here with 16 gigs of ram and the Asus GTX 1070 Strix this is a really creative and super clean Harley Quinn setup I mean it has personality symmetry purpose and creativity I would say it's a seal of approval worthy had the PC been mounted on a wall shelf closer to this setup I feel like that spiral cable coming out of the setup takes points off but either way it's a kick-ass setup Thank You Sasha for entering grabbing up the episode as Simon and his dual stacked monitor setup so he's got a 29 inch ultra white from LG on the bottom and a 27 inch up top you know some people have risers in there but don't really take advantage of it which is why I like how Simon uses it in this setup he put a USB hub there and rattled his cables underneath it personally I feel like there's a lot going on here with the cables drilling a hole in the desk would really clean everything up since you have an RGB mouse pad as well but I get it now many people want a permanent hole in their desks you can also mount the USB hub underneath the desk using some 3m tape if you really want to clean up the surface a bit for audio is rocking a pair of Mackie cr4 speakers and these sennheiser hd25 headphones which are resting on the speakers the cables are decent underneath the desk he did put an effort to mount the power strips underneath the desk and he even used some cable clips throughout the cables but I feel like a Signum rack would be ideal here I would also try and velcro the cables above the setup and route them underneath the desk so it's not as visible the PC part of the setup has the 2700 X at 4.1 gigahertz 16 gigs of ram and the msi gtx 1060 I feel like this setup is all over the place and can be tidied up easily if the cables are cleaned up a bit but it's a great start nonetheless Thank You Simon for entering and that wraps in this episode of setup or is as always make sure you guys vote in the comments below on who has the best desk setup and announce the winners on my Twitter and Instagram accounts thank you guys so much for watching I love your faces drop a like if you enjoy the show and the dislike if you didn't enjoy it and I will see you in the next one
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