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Setup Wars Episode 162 - Ultimate Edition

what's happening guys seven tax lawyers welcome to the ultimate edition of setup wars where we take a look at the past 10 epic setups that you guys probably missed and then we're going to crown one of them the winner and that person takes home a beautiful custom-made plaque that they can showcase next to their setup if you guys like the idea make sure to drop a like and also let me know in the comment section what theme I should focus on next either budget laptop minimalistic or teen setups those are your four choices and what that said let the setup wars begin the red devil 8 gigabyte graphics card is power colors premium series featuring very efficient power delivery and VRMs for maximum clocks and power efficiency it comes with two modes overclock and silent making it suitable for those who want to push the limits with overclock or have the most quiet card it's perfect for 1080p gaming and right now my subscribers can get $25 off using the code on the screen dropping the price to only 180 $4.99 and on top of that you get to select any of these two titles which alone cost $99 make sure to click the link below and use the code to get this limited time offer kicking off the episodes angel from episode 142 and is insane a triple monitor gaming setup that's powered by two gtx 1070 s and sli i do like how personal the setup is he isn't afraid to slap some posters in the wall and change up the wallpapers and lighting across his setup depending on his mood cable management isn't the strongest suit of this setup but it does have personality and purpose it's always been a pleasure watching the rog brothers improve their setup every year but their last submission from episode 144 had a huge improvement we got upgraded custom pcs walking 1080p is powering the rog ultra rides but the most impressive thing about these setups aren't the actual gear but the custom work and done to the room itself you have a massive LED overwatch logo on the wall and there's even an RG logo on the ceiling which can change colors and topping it all off with a custom made desk that was built to support both setups lots of careful planning and hard work went into creating this gaming room and it's definitely one of the most unique setups I have seen on the show Henry from episode 146 had a really clean gaming setup we got triple monitors mounted on the beautiful karlie countertop from Ikea and I really liked how he kept the color scheme consistent throughout the setup by using V brand skins and custom sleeve cables inside his PC we have the mic properly mounted on a boom arm behind the monitors and cables neatly managed a very organized gaming setup by Henry from Finland David not only had the best setup from episode 151 but he also took home the 15th seal of approval with this awesome gaming room I mean sure the setup was that baked with quad displays wall mounted speakers in the special spot in the wall just for his PC but the real excitement was actually behind this setup he built a dedicated place just for VR not only that but is designed for friction-free gameplay using ceiling mounts and pulleys well worthy of a seal of approval and still one of my favorite setups to date who can forget about pirates epic man cave from episode 152 lots and lots of expensive collectibles in here and I think we counted what like four or five ps4s in this entire room his console setup alone has two of them and then we got two X boxes on the opposite shelf black and red are obviously his favorite colors and we can't ignore the beautiful cable management on his main setup he's got tons of tech to connect and he took the extra time to tidy everything even though it's behind a backboard so you can't even see it that episode was definitely worth a watch if you guys missed it because there's way more to show off in this battle station speaking of black and red setups Emel took the win from episode 153 with this beautiful dual purpose custom-made setup absolutely love the color contrast that he kept consistent throughout the setup and I love that backboard he built to mount everything against including his PC so the main setup with the ultra light is actually used for productivity while the other setup is used for gaming and both of the monitors are hooked up to the same PC excellent cable management and attention to detail definitely a setup that deserves to be in the ultimate edition Colin's setup from episode 156 almost took home another seal of approval if it weren't for some interesting choices but it's not a big deal considering he already owns a seal of approval from his previous set up he did make some enormous changes coming from episode 56 he added an ultra-wide in the center and a massive 50-inch TV up top as an overhead cables are beautifully hidden using wall raceways and he used the same material for the front panel of the pc and his drawers to stay consistent with the wooden tabletop excellent work my favorite setup even till today belongs to FC from episode 141 and truly the most epic setup i've seen on the show and I don't think there was anyone out there that could top this the attention of the ETL alone was enough to award him the 14th seal of approval but the reason why this is my favourite set up is because of how unique it is we got a massive desk that was custom-made for cable management we got LED lighting in all the right places a drop-down project there that comes out of a slit in the ceiling are you kidding me and a dedicated spot on the wall for his PC if I can give this guy two seals of approvals I would outstanding work by my dude epsy I think we can all agree that Christians setup from episode 159 gave us all boners his insane luxurious mancave shows us what you can do with just over $100,000 two setups powered by one overkill gaming PC rocking for Titan XPS and an 18 core 79 80 XC which was deleted and on the other side we got his ridiculous Apple powered productivity setup it's got all the high-end specs that you can currently buy in the market including a 5 K Dell monitor a 10 core iMac with the new i9 MacBook Pro don't even get me started on his pair of Nike mags which are apparently going for around $40,000 I don't even know if that's accurate you know what that stuff isn't even the most impressive part of this mancave my personal favorite is the home theater setup that he has on the other side with a 125 inch projector that he uses for console gaming definitely give that episode of watch if you want to see the rest of this insane mancave wrapping up the Ultimate Edition is Nate and his set up from episode 161 so he called this setup circuit breaker since he blew the circuit three times with this set up one of the few gripes I had with a setup with a desk switch I feel took away from the overall aesthetics and the specs of the PCs which didn't make a lot of sense based on their purpose but other than that it's an epic setup anyways that definitely belongs in this episode and that's it for the ultimate edition of setup wars as always make sure you guys vote in the comments section and who has the best desk setup because that person is gonna take home a custom-made plaque I lost the winner on a Twitter account if you guys enjoy this and want to see more of it on the channel make sure to drop a like I love your faces and I will see you in the next one
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