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Setup Wars - Episode 163

what's happening - tech source welcome to setup wars episode 163 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video linked down below we have with that said let the set up or is begin I want to give you huge things to Vikings war of clans for sponsoring today's video Vikings or clans was inspired by famous strategy and RPG games of the 90s like Final Fantasy it's very addicting to play with amazing graphics and it's free-to-play help support my channel by downloading Vikings for free using the link in the description section you guys will also get a special bonus of 200 gold coins and a protective shield which will be extremely useful at the start checking off the episode we have Evan and his epic triple monitor setup that uses for music production and light gaming he's got a single 24 inch Acer monitor in the middle sandwiched by 2 24 inch HP monitors but it looks like one of them needs to be color calibrated the best keys using is the popular IKEA Carl the countertop that's being supported by - Alex yours pretty much the stable of most set ups on the show the benefits of going with a kitchen countertop from Ikea is the length giving you lots of room to work with Evan took advantage of all that and mounted his speaker's scratched at two sets of speakers we have the Yamaha hs7 sitting on the stand and he Mikey CR threes right on top this is actually the first time that I've seen something like this especially in a music production setup I wonder why anyone would need two sets of speakers for monitoring audio maybe my music producers could let me know in the comment section for peripherals he's rocking a Logitech G 403 wireless mouse and a DC 60 keyboard with gmk camping keycaps which i think looks really clean aside from the speaker's he does on a pair of cans as well we got the ath 8900 X's which are hanging from his PC underneath the desk there's an i7 6700k 32 gigs of ram and EVGA gtx 1018 here with custom sleeve cables and a backplate from v1 tech a very clean looking PC inside the NZXT s340 ali case it's a shame that beautiful PC has to be on the floor dough kale management is very clean we have a Signum holding up the cables no complaints here I guess the only thing I would suggest is maybe colour correcting the first monitor and then fixing some of the acoustic panels because the gaps between some of them are big enough to be noticeable I feel like small things like that take away from the overall appearance and presentation of this setup I would also try and find a way to put the PC above the setup because if you took the extra time to mod it and make it look that good then it deserves to be seen more maybe grab an extra luggage or and squeeze it on the right side of your setup either way it's a killer setup thank you for entering now this guy knows how to treat his PC right up there on the center shelf so this is Jasper from Sweden and his cluster phobics set up for gaming design and video editing in case you guys haven't noticed to use a big fan of Star Wars hence the wallpaper and the theme of the entire setup to match his synth build it's got a 9 383 50 K 32 gigs of ram and the NVIDIA Titan XP galactic empire edition which fits beautifully with the bean there's some serious bottlenecking in this build but who cares look at how dope that sfx case looks right below that we got the Acer x 34 all Troy that's mounted against the wall and underneath that is an interesting combo the Apple magic keyboard and a razor lancehead Mouse so Jasper is an art director and he's so used to using Apple products because of their design but he also loves to gain hence why he compromised with the Razer Mouse I gotta get points for the commodore 64 that's being proudly displayed in the shelf above nothing must go for a lot now he's also got a few oh gee consoles up there like the original Nintendo Sega Dreamcast and the Mega Drive also from Sega for anyone that's in their late 20s or early 30s you guys remember the Sega Genesis even till today I remember some of the best games I've on that console Golden Axe three Sonic x-men Clone Wars we got Battletoads and even Street of rage - if you guys have played any of those games you are a true og and you've earned my respect chaos I managed beautifully with a single channel raceway hiding the wires from the PC and the monitor all the way down to the cable rack excellent use of space for a compact gaming and productivity setup well done Jasper and thank you for entering at number three we have Joachim from Sweden and I know I butcher the crap out of your name so I apologize but we have here his gaming and productivity setup featuring a 48 inch curved 4k TV from Samsung and a 27-inch monitor that's mounted vertically this is an interesting way of setting up two different sized displays he even managed to pick up the perfect size so it fits flush right next to it he did do a good job keeping the surface of the desk clutter free we have a bar mellow keyboard and a large tech g43 Mouse and next to that is a tray holding his remotes and other miscellaneous tech I know I recommend this a lot of my videos but this desk has plenty of space to add a pullout drawer under it so that he can hide those items instead of leaving it in plain sight for audio he does have a few sources he's got the Sennheiser RS 185 s and you guys remember that super expensive speakers from that rich guy in episode 161 well this guy's rocking the same pair the keV LS 50s with the iso acoustic stands he does have a mic setup as well a blue yeti hooked up to a boom on the desk is using is custom made with a built-in cable management rack and all the wires are routed straight to the pc which has a 5820k 16 gigs of ram and the ACS GTX 1080p is tricks it's a beautiful yet powerful productivity and gaming setup but I feel like it's missing some personality I feel like it's all work and no play maybe got some posters or even a wall shelf with some of your favorite stuff on there to give it some spice but yeah overall it's a solid setup thank you Joe Kemp for entering and again I apologize for butchering your name kuba from Poland is coming in at number four with his gaming and photo editing so he has a 43 inch TV sitting on a shelf that's really close to his bed and he uses that for gaming through his Xbox controllers and this display is also connected to his PC the main setup has a 24 inch asus monitor hooked up to another core oblique counter top down these tables are popular apparently so on the desk we have yet another compact keyboard this one is from moto speed and it's the CKD 61 with custom sided led key caps and a self-made coiled cable which looks really cool and kind of blends in with the keyboard LEDs for audio he has a pair of fender r50 speakers and the HyperX cloud headset resting on a hanger powering it all it's a custom PC rocking 860 600 K 32 gigs of ram and the gtx strakes 1060 cables are neatly managed underneath the desk with an SD card reader attached for convenience no real complaints support this setup I feel like it's organized very well with purpose however it could use some more lighting maybe adding an LED strip behind the desk will brighten up the setup a bit more but I got a feeling you like a dimly lit setup either way Thank You kuba for a to me last but not least we have Trevor and his gaming setup he's actually using my favorite tabletop from Ikea the halas dad and he's got to alex' yours as support mount on the desk are two different 27-inch monitors from Asus and below that we got the corsair k70 luxe RGB keyboard and the Razer DeathAdder elite mouse which he drill a hole for nicely done per audio he's using a pair of DT 990 headphones and the blue Yeti microphone which is next to a Lego NASA Apollo Saturn rocket and next to that we got the PC powering at all which has an 8700 K 16 gigs of ram and the gtx 1070 from asus an interesting color choice he's using green sleeve cables with RGB lighting but then the lighting from the keyboard mouse and RGB strip are purple so nothing's really consistent here what is consistent is the cable management a signal rack to hold the cables underneath the desk and a mounted power strip obviously I would recommend the hangar to all of your headphones but other than that it's a really clean and straightforward setup Thank You Trevor for entering and that wraps up this episode of setup boys make sure you guys comment below on who has the best desk setup in this episode I'll announce the winners on my Twitter and Instagram accounts thanks again so much for watching as always leave a like if you enjoyed the show and dislike if you didn't and I will see you in the next one
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