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Setup Wars - Episode 164

what's happening guys having sex toys welcome to setup wars episode 164 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel you guys know what to do if you want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below but with that said let the setup Wars begin I wanna give a huge thanks to CleanMyMac for sponsoring this episode of setup wars finally we have a multi-function hub and a cleaner app that does what it says other cleaner apps make it a chore to wipe and protect your files but on top of doing these tasks efficiently CleanMyMac will help speed up your computer it has a simple and intuitive interface and the standout feature I really like is the drop-down menu at a glance that lets you see how much space is available on your computer as well as other important processes like CPU load and memory use which shortcut to the app itself once installed it's very straightforward the tab on the Left showcases all the main features smart scan is an automated detection pulling up results from all the other Suites this includes cleaning protection and suggested speed improvements these reports all have individual diagnostic reports which can be manually viewed so there is no accidental deletion or unwanted processes it does a great job of breaking down the report for you now run this task every once in a while just as a preliminary measure and to free up space it's also a quick and safe way to resolve any errors brought upon broken items now the other suite of tools like malware removal privacy optimization and maintenance all have the same scan which in the end tells you what processes to terminate this can be really helpful in speeding up your Mac's performance without winning obtrusive fishy tasks in the background the applications and files suite can also come in handy say for instance you want to delete files unrecoverable or remove applications and extensions safely additionally CleanMyMac can reset apps bringing them to their initial state and keep user created files intact there's even a search bar at the top right to help you navigate the app as the name suggests it's a beautifully clean and powerful utility that will make your Mac as good as new if you're interested in links will be in the description below for you guys to check out CleanMyMac and download a free trial my editor uses this for both of his Macs and it does the trick every time okay is it me or did Adrienne just walk into someone's home I don't know if he lives here or what but it's pretty badass having an entire place just for gaming and editing so we have a triple monitor setup with a 29 inch ultra light up top and all of that is mounted on the back hand desk for peripherals he's using the Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard the Mamba elite Mouse and even a pair of astro a 50 s he does have a mic setup as well the road NT USB microphone that is hooked up to a boom arm and it probably sounds really good since half the room is covered in acoustic panels I love the addition of the wall shelves he has one on the left for his ps4 and the other for his PC which has an interesting spec list and 8700 K with the stock cooler and a gtx 1070 I mean come on at least spend $15 more and get a better cooler than that that 8700 K is probably starving for cold air it's also not overclocked which is a lot of wasted performance for kala Management he ratted all the cables from the ps4 and the PC straight towards the back of the monitors using cable sleeves and a Signum rack I noticed he uses a lot of LED strips not only does a setup have it but the side of the refrigerator has one and even the ceiling I can't help but get a feeling that this place is very similar to an insane asylum with RGB lighting it's kind of creepy to be honest but it's still a badass gaming setup Thank You Adrian for starting off the show and I'll drop a link to his YouTube channel if you guys want to check them out this next set up from Alex is kind of entertaining it's built for gaming editing and school work and it features three 1080p monitors from HP which he ended up painting to match the color scheme the desks are also custom made and he painted the surface on both of them but the most interesting thing about the setup is the wall-mounted PC that does not look safe at all and if one of the parts were to fall down it's gonna take the rest of the system with it he's using a moto speed CL 108 keyboard with a world gaming mouse and he has a set of PlayStation controllers under each of the modern he did drill a hole in his desk for the wires which run underneath his desk and behind the backboard I feel like the PC is mounted in a weird location and it should be closer to the actual setup maybe on the right side of the wall but other than that it doesn't look bad for a 16 year old setup I'm really digging the custom work on the monitors and that desk thank you Alex for entering Andre is up next with a razor inspired triple monitor setup rocking three 27-inch philips monitors that are mounted on the wall I mean you should look at those thin bezels Wow sticking with razor gear we got the Deathstalker chroma keyboard an Ouroboros mouse which has been skinned in white and we also got the Goliath has extended chroma gaming mouse the headphones are also from Razer he's using the kraken 7.1 cromoz however the speakers are from micro lab you know you could have just picked up a Leviathan from Razer and called it a day cables are neatly managed underneath the desk and routed in the back of the PC through a cable sleeve unfortunately the PC is sitting on the floor but he did say that he has plans on buying wall shelves so that he can place the PC on top of those another much needed upgrade as the GPU because we got bottlenecking for days an 8700 K paired with a gtx 1050 TI what in tarnation nonetheless that's a very clean and minimalistic gaming setup with potential to grow Thank You Andre for entering sticking with minimalistic setups we have JM and a beautiful white and black stormtrooper inspired gaming setup which is also used for video editing for his YouTube channel and programming he's rocking a 24 inch Asus monitor the Razer BlackWidow X mercury keyboard and the lancehead Mercury Gaming Mouse excellent choices on the peripherals for audio he's got the Logitech z2 13 speakers which he painted them in white and he Logitech G 633 headphones I'm not too sure why he went with a black headset when there are other great selection of white headsets like the Void HS 70s from Corsair and the Turtle Beach Recon 200s although the black on white contrast is really nice majority of the gear in the setup is white even the PC itself adds a budget build inside the s3 for the elite case with an r5 1600 and a gtx 1060 I'm loving the custom sleeve cables the RGB fans and the custom stormtrooper SSD cover from v1 Tech that's pretty much it on the desk other than a painted gamepad from Logitech now underneath the desk we got the cables which are managed very well for the most part using cable clips and zip ties but I do recommend grabbing a cable raceway to make it a lot easier and less messy this is definitely a clean and compact setup that just works thank you JM for entertaining I should probably call this episode the super clean edition wrapping up the episode is Sam from Texas and is setup for doing homework I truly hope that's a typo and that you use this for more than just doing homework otherwise why else would you have an alienware with a 6800 k 16 gigs of RAM GTX 1080 last time I checked you can run Microsoft Word and 1080 P over 100 FPS with any graphics card even a crappy laptop anyways back to the setup so he's using the IKEA mom desk to support the 34 inch ultra wide gaming monitor and a few other things like the case M on the keyboard M 65 pearl mouse and the cursor mm 800 RGB mouse pad I would personally rat the mouse pad wire towards the keyboard and tied them together using a zip tie or something so that there's only one cable going across the desk it will look a lot cleaner poor audio he's rocking the audio engine a 5 plus speakers and very similar to the first setup Sam also has wall shells mounted next to his setup however it's to hold different things his alarm clock and solo three wireless headphones really is it me or doze wall shell was kind of overkill for what they're holding I think he originally mounted them to hold up a speaker's but then realized they would look better on the actual desk without cables running down from there I mean if cables are what you were worried about then you could have easily hid them using these white wall raceways the cables underneath the desk are managed well thanks mostly to the rack but the rest of the wires are grouped together with zip ties nicely done I do have to say that I approve the use of a rim to hold up a PC and leaving it on the carpet hey if it works it works this is a really clean setup but I feel like something's missing specifically that massive gap between the acoustic foams it's really hard to ignore maybe you can add a poster or a painting of your favorite game or maybe anime to fill that gap and give this setup some more life thank you Sam for entering and that's it for this episode of setup warriors make sure you guys vote in the comments section below one who has the best desk set up and if you guys enjoyed the show feel free to drop a like and if you didn't enjoy you know what to do thanks so much for watching as always I will see you in the next one
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