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Setup Wars Episode 165 - Budget/Teen Edition

alright guys from now on the budget edition of setup Juarez will have an actual budget let's say around $1,500 which isn't too much considering it includes the price of the PC as well this way there isn't any arguments in the description section and everyone is on the same page of what budget actually means but yeah what that said ladies gentlemen welcome to set of pours episode 165 budget Edition where you submit your desk setup if you guys want to put this up 8 make sure watch the video link down below oh yeah with that said let the setup war is begin huge thanks to dashlane for sponsoring today's video - Lane is the password manager that keeps track of all your passwords in one place I have over a hundred different accounts that I use and - Lane removes the stress of having to remember the passwords of each one of them i used to use other password manager services before but I like using - Lane more because there's a lot more user friendly and I like the password generator feature I'm able to seamlessly autofill all of my credentials safely as well as valuable information making shopping so much easier online and just my subscribers you can get - Lane premium free for 30 days by using my link below and if you end up keeping it make sure to use my code tech source to get 10% off kicking off the episode is a 15 year old from London and his setup for video editing and gaming he did manage to fit to 24 inches monitors under his budget alongside a cooler master master keys light keyboard and mouse combo it looks like the desk is from ikea and it's the popular car bleak countertop being supported by - alex yours for audio he's using a pair of logitech z3 33 speakers and that's pretty much it for the surface I do like that he tied the cables together using some velcro although I'm kind of concerned about the amount of slack he has left for his mouse the cables are managed well underneath the desk using cable clips and a few cable sleeves to hide the wires not a bad job I also see that he hooked up an SD card reader and a USB hub for easy access the pc powering the setup is located on the ground unfortunately and it's got the Rison 7 1708 core processor we got 16 gigs of ram and the asus strix 1050 Ti there's definitely some bottlenecking with this configuration but I simply GPU upgrade later on can fix that so it's not a big deal I just wish the PC wasn't on the ground because it's such a clean build I feel like if he pushed everything slightly to the left you would have plenty of space on the right for the PC it's interesting to see that he would rather have his setup centered than having the PC on the desk in total this setup cost been a little over $1,500 but excellent we're keeping everything clean and organized up next is Brandon from Indiana and a super clean setup that he uses for gaming and video editing so this setup actually has a lot of small modifications done to it which I'll go over in a bit but let's take a quick look at his gear so he's got a 23 inch Acer monitor and below that we got the cursor strafe read the keyboard and the logitech g502 proteus spectrum mouse it's obvious at this point that is going with a black and red color scheme so this is pretty cool check this out the monitor riser is made out of Legos and he left some space in the middle to route the keyboard and mouse wire through very very clever so if you guys are on a budget as well consider using Legos to build some parts of your setup like Brandon did radhiya was using the Dell a 2 to 5 USB powered speakers and the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset the speakers are painted or I guess in his case colored using a red sharpie and the hanger for the headset as some miscellaneous part from his dad's work that he had an abusing to hold his head set the custom pcs God is a little outdated with the FX 6300 12 gigs of ram and the msi gtx 1050 Ti but I loved what he did with the desk he actually made a cutout in the back not only for the pc to help exhaust the hot air but also for the rest of the cables doing this he actually avoided drilling holes in his desk for cable management while keeping a very clean appearance from the front it's quite genius actually he hooked up the power strip on the back board and tied all the cables together job well done he even went as far as to sharpie some parts of his PC including the white parts on the GPU the white gigabyte logo on the motherboard and the stickers on the PSU to keep the black and red a theme consistent you know what Brandon I'm really impressed with your setup you did such a great job with all the mods and you made this setup work with what you got and I want to help you out so you're watching this video I want to give you $100 in cash and I know it's not a lot but maybe it can go towards your next upgrade for your setup so if you're watching this video toss me an email at setup words at gmail to claim your prize congratulations maybe I should call this episode the teenager edition at number three we have jake from the UK and another super clean black and red themed set up for gaming school work and sometimes editing we got a 22 inch monitor the courser k55 RGB keyboard and the her LEF 300 which i recommended in my roundup of the best gaming mice under $20 great choices on the gear and also a great job tying the cables together I love seeing that it really does clean up the surface of the desk sticking with his budget he went with the G 9000 gaming headset and a toner microphone hooked up to the newer boom arm he's also able to keep his PC on the desk although it's a little outdated he is planning on upgrading in the near future however I do recommend moving your GPU to the top x16 slot we do get the chance just to make sure you're getting the most performance possible ok linesman he did attach the power strip underneath his desk using some 3m tape and he held up the cables using a cable clip so I don't have any complaints here there's actually been quite the improvement over his last setup he waited 7 months until his birthday to buy his PC parts and then he had to wait for Christmas to order the rest of the gear for his setup a very nice upgrade for a very clean setup Thank You Jake for entering and number four is another budget setup at this time we got an ultra-wide this is Julian from Germany and his setup for productivity he's walking a 34 inch ultra wide from LG and wireless peripherals we got the anchor wireless keyboard and the MX master 2 s Mouse it's a very simple setup not much to it really we got some bose companion 2 speakers and a pair of JBL charged headphones and since Macs are expensive julian built a custom PC with an i5 6500 and a gtx 750ti I'm concerned the PC would interfere with legroom so I would recommend maybe placing it sideways to give you some extra space we do have a Signum holding up all the cables and a channel raceway to route the PC wires like I said a very simple yet productive setup from Julian thank you for entering wrapping up the episode is a laptop setup from dn and purpose of this is for schoolwork photo editing and light gaming we do have a Lenovo IdeaPad 520 with an i7 8550 you a BIG's of RAM and the MX 154 gigabyte graphics card which is playable in low or medium settings what I like about the setup is that he installed a wall shelf so that the laptop is eye level also giving him extra space to keep some of his stuff up here it also looks like he's sticking with MSI we have the Interceptor keyboard and the mouse and even an msi headset that's hanging underneath the desk he did cut some space behind the wall shelf throughout the cables down and he installed a USB hub so that he can connect this keyboard and mouse and the rest of the wires are grouped up nicely and routed through a channel raceway I do love the extra effort he put into this setup you can really tell he cares about it it's simple but it works thank you Dan for entering and now does the first episode of setup wars if you guys enjoyed it please feel free to drop a like it does help out the channel a ton and make sure you guys vote in the comment section and who has the best budget setup thanks again so much for watching as always I will see your beautiful faces in the next one
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