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Setup Wars - Episode 166

170 I haven't exercised welcome to set up words episode 166 I might as well call this the Ultimate Edition because we have some pretty sick setups in this episode so yeah if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video link down below but with that said let the set up or is begin make your devices stand out by skinning them skin it offers a wide variety of awesome skins to protect and cover up your boring tech I'm actually using the Deadpool skin for my ps4 pro and it looks really dope it's super easy to apply and the quality of the skins are great skin and also offers various case types for iPhones Samsung phones and more but the coolest thing in my opinion is that you can create your own custom design by uploading a photo it could be for skins cases and even Apple watch bands so check them out by clicking on the link below and just my subscribers you guys get 25% off your order kicking off the episode is Andre from Montreal and his productivity set up for software development we have an ultra wide monitor from Dell let's mount it on the IKEA Sol gen countertop with two Alex drawers as support the countertop actually looks pretty dope with that texture it's the first time I'm seeing this on the show Andre did keep the surface fairly minimalistic he's using the Dravo caliber wireless keyboard with the MX master 2's Mouse this setup is actually being powered by his 2017 MacBook Pro which is held up by the reign design stand although the USBC hub sticking out of the side kind of looks out of place and it's kind of dumb that they made a cable so short like that some of the miscellaneous things he has on his desk are has planned his lamp and a pair of Logitech MX sound speakers even the cables are managed neatly the wires are routed behind the monitor mount and into the Signum rack underneath his desk a very simple yet productive setup Thank You Andre for entering next up is Benjamin from Las Vegas and his insane gaming room we got lots of shelves filled with where collectibles and tons of Lego action figures and on the other side we got a beautiful multipurpose triple monitor setup uses this for gaming photo editing and watching content so we got three Samsung 4k monitors mounted against the wall with the cables being routed through the wall and you guys might be wondering where the hell is the pc i'll show you guys soon but trying to figure out until then so the desk is really nice he's using the ikea barca boda countertop which i think looks really cool with that arrow style texture he's also installed a few capital eggs to add some space between the tabletop and the Alex yours and looks like he used that space to store a few things then also kept the surface of his desk fairly clean and symmetrical we got the Logitech 5.0 speakers which are spread out perfectly and his Man O'War headset which offsets that giant Jim Raynor from Starcraft collectible on the other side in the center we got the razor Huntsman elite keyboard the orb-weaver chroma key pad and the Mamba mouse on top of the Firefly mousepad beautiful work routing all those cables through the desk and behind the Alex door and finally in case you guys haven't guessed already the PC powering it all is actually mounted on the wall right beside his setup it's a custom water-cooled build rocking the Rison 7 1700 X we got 32 gigs of ram and the Ora's GTX 10 atti extreme it looks like he was going for a black and green build but the lighting from the fans kind of throw off the color consistency a little bit not only does this setup have lots of personality but it also has purpose I really like the symmetry and the cable management with the wall mounted PC I think this setup looks really clean lots of thought and time went into all this and for all those reasons I don't see why he doesn't deserve a seal of approval so congrats Benjamin on winning the 16th seal of approval and it's been a while since I've award of one of those I think the last person that got one was last year or something but anyways the seal of approval is a custom made plaque given to someone with a setup that meets all my criteria so Ben if you're watching this video and you want to claim your beautiful custom-made plaque toss me an email at setup for is at congratulations well deserved number three we have a very unique setup by Janice from Germany who was only 17 years old so check this out this is a custom made desk that he 3d modeled and built himself inside it we have a custom water-cooled PC with a belated 7700 K that's overclock 2 to 5 gigahertz we got a GTX 1080 founders Edition and a 16 terabyte mass system from Western Digital now the cool part isn't even the desk itself but how he modded some parts of the desk there's a huge mod list so I'll just go over some of the cool ones that I found for starters he installed a fan controller in the middle of the desk which he can use to control the speed of the fans including his power supply fan he also installed a bunch of stuff on the slope of the desk including a docking station a GoPro charger we got a fingerprint sensor as well and near the bottom he installed a built-in USB hub and some buttons on the other side which I'm assuming is for powering on the system or resetting it he even custom-made 2 separate displays that he mounted on the wall so the left side is actually display of his previous rad gaming mice which I think it's 5 7 & 8 and then on the other side is the leftover parts of his GPU after water cooling it you know it's the little things like these that set this apart from the rest of the moderate PC desks I have seen on the show this whole setup is built for gaming and video editing which I feel is a bit overkill for just a single monitor I would have thrown in at least one more in there maybe even go ultra right at this point the keyboard and mouse are both from MSI and it looks like the wires are routed through the desk and hidden behind it very clean cable work I gotta say though if you're not trolling me and you really are 17 years old and you designed and built this whole setup just by yourself then my friend you are going places just keep it up follow your passion and most importantly stay motivated and you will be successful I mean when I was 17 years old I was fapping daily and playing Warcraft 3 I mean this guy has a bright future ahead of him Thank You Janice for entering my man John coming in hard at number 4 with his ridiculous boner-inducing gaming room I'm sure we have all seen a set up everywhere online so it was a matter of time before he finally got featured on setup Wars so thank you John for submitting your photos I don't even know where to begin but we can all agree that the nettle leaf panels are the first thing we noticed this setup has 62 nano leaf panels and 18 canvas panels off to the left side Jesus I personally think this room doesn't even need an actual light source like he can light up the entire room with just the paddles and three of his life ex trips behind the desk okay so he's got three 27-inch monitor is mounted against the wall and we have a 55 inch TV up top as an overhead below that we got the corsair k70 mk2 special edition keyboard which is actually the one I'm using for my own setup and we got this scimitar Pro gaming mouse with Nicola is this extended mouse pad it's tricky when you have a large RGB mouse pad because you're not able to route the cable together with the keyboard wire so instead you have two different cables going across the desk which it doesn't look as clean I feel like another solution to this other than Jillian two holes in the desk is by tucking the mouse pad cable underneath the mouse pad and routing it towards the keyboard and then routing them across the desk using velcro or zip tie for example to keep them grouped up the cable is pretty thin so it won't be that noticeable underneath a black mouse pad the rest of the cables are routed neatly underneath the desk using raceways no complaints here it does have a headset that's the courser wireless Lloyd Pro which is resting on the Corsair St 100 stem and you can kind of see as ps4 pro tucked away behind the monitors the PC powering it all has a 77 2k that's overclocked to 4.8 gigahertz we got 32 gigs of RAM and the Star Wars Jedi Order Titan XP I gotta say I love that he sleeved the AIO in two different colors that's actually pretty clever I also noticed that there wasn't a consistent color scheme going on which actually works well with this setup because John is able to change it up whenever he gets too bored he can change up the wallpapers and the color scheme to match it whenever he wants you know the setup might seem a bit too cramped for some people because he does have a lot of collectibles and they are pretty big too so it does take up a lot of space I mean he's got two full shelves of them and more on the bottom left side the setups purpose is primarily for gaming but he does watch movies and sometimes stream as well but regardless I think we can all agree that it's a badass gaming room with lots of personality and customization excellent work and thank you John for entering wrapping up the episode as Wesley and his super clean stormtrooper themed setup now I know it's not a big deal for a lot of people but the desk not being centered with the monitors and the TV is kind of driving me insane to be honest my guess is that he mounted both monitors and the TV first since its kind of centered with the wall and then he realized that the desk couldn't be centered because there wouldn't be enough space for the drawer to hold his PC and that's another thing he put the PC on the left side which kind of defeats the purpose of having a side panel and I was not able to look inside his PC I would probably remove that caution sticker off of it as well when you get a chance to but I mean other way you can't really see it from this angle so he's got to 24 inch curved monitors stacked under a 4k TV from LG and under that we got pretty much everything else we got the Corsair k70 RGB rapid-fire keyboard and the m65 Pro Mouse it looks like he doesn't use any headphones just the episode 2.1 active sound bar system so that kia make a desk comes with a dedicated rack for cable management and two drawers for storage which makes it a great desk for setups but I feel like it's not being utilized well here a few minor tweaks like repositioning a few things would improve this setup greatly this is why I strongly recommend measuring things before buying furniture and just planning your setup before you start putting things together to make sure it comes out the way you want it but anyways that's it for this episode as always make sure you guys drop your comments below and felt on who has the best setup in this episode it's gonna be a tough decision all that's the winner is on my Instagram page if you guys want to follow me there drop a like if you guys enjoyed the show as always I love your faces and I will see you in the next one which is probably Friday
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