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Setup Wars - Episode 167

what's happening guys I'm textures welcome back to Senna for his episode 167 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys wanna participate make sure to watch the video linked down below but with that said not to set up or is begin this year is raid Shadow legends it's an addicting new RPG title that's got me playing for literally more than six hours a day the game has a great storyline awesome 3d graphics PvP battles and my personal favorites giant boss battles in dungeons you can collect hundreds of champions and customize them to your preference I was actually lucky enough to get to legendaries already big gun is my favorite right now because he has powerful AoE attacks that can clear multiple enemies and just look at the level of detail this game has it's beautiful rate is getting popular very quickly so make sure to click on my link below to download the game and start playing for free there's also an upcoming special launch tournament with crazy prizes so make sure to click my link below and download raid for free you guys also get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program kicking off the episode is andre from columbia and a super clean white and black theme setup featuring a 27-inch monitor thats hooked up on a custom made desk he picked up a tabletop and legs separately and skinned the surface with a glossy material to give it a nice glow sticking with the color scheme he's got the courser k 65 keyboard with the white key caps and a SteelSeries rival 100 gaming mouse for audio he's using the Corsair boy pro headset which is hanging from underneath the desk however he does use these Sony SRS speakers for listening to music or watching videos I really like those RGB lamps it adds a level of customization since he's able to change up the colors whenever he wants the beauty of having a mostly white setup is that most colors work well with it the cables are neatly tucked away in the back using some double-sided tape to hold up the power strip so no complaints here and finally we have this beauty over here on the right side powering it all it's such a good-looking PC and I feel like there is a good balance of white and black in here you could have swapped the black fans for the white version instead from course or get an all-white back plate but he did keep it consistent with the colors of the setup well done it's a beautiful setup with a gorgeous PC Thank You Andre for starting off the show so this was Dan's original setup that he submitted to set up Wars a few years ago but sadly it was rejected fast forward a couple years and dozens of setup wars episodes later we have this a black and red themed setup that's focused on pretty much everything the 2008 MacBook Pro is used for music production the PC on the ground is for media consumption while the Xbox one X is for gaming I gotta say the presentation is beautiful with all that acoustic foams and a three-piece mural right in the center a lot of people don't realize that adding stuff on the wall regardless of what it is adds personality and spice to the overall setup I mean this is what the setup would look like without anything on the walls do you see how much more boring it is anyways back to the setup so monitoring the audio are a pair of rocket krk speakers that are establishing the 1440p game monitor from Asus and he mounted the subwoofer underneath the desk instead of leaving it on the carpet I like how simple and clean this setup is that only kept the essentials on his desk and he went wireless with the Apple keyboard and the MX master Mouse cable management is definitely one of my favorite things about this setup so he routed the cables underneath the desk using a channel raceway and some cable clips but then he split them up so the cables from the Xbox and the MIDI keyboard I routed beautifully into the cable box on the right side and then the rest of the cables are routed in the back of the desk to the cable box on the left side excellent work so the PC that is using for media consumption is tucked away in the corner and some of the parts were given to him so he doesn't know most of the specs but what we do know is that it has a 4790k and 32 gigs of ram with no dedicated GPU then that's such a great job putting all this together it's such a clean and productive setup thank you for entering and I'll drop a link to a SoundCloud if you guys want to check him out and show him some love so this setup is actually very unique and that's the only reason why I want to feature it in this episode so this is Casper's setup from Denmark and it uses a four graphic design and light gaming mostly the elbow three and counter-strike what's so unique about this setup is that it actually folds up that's pretty sick so obviously this desk is custom made and he built it all out of Pinewood and he hooked up some LED lights behind it as well the desk stays shut using magnets and it's clever how the bottom portion is supported once it's opened up so there are two sticks on the bottom of the desk that kind of extend into the base of the unit and they help keep the table supported I was all about there's a dedicated place underneath the set up for his cables and power strip which he can also cover up on the surface he doesn't have much just a wireless keyboard any Mouse from Apple and his 2016 MacBook Pro on the right side of the desk he did hook up a USB hub and an optical drive for easy access and then we have his Plantronics headset hanging from the wall once Casper is done using a setup he takes his MacBook with him puts everything else inside the setup and then closes it up like a briefcase that is pretty damn cool Casper lives with his wife and two kids in a small apartment so he doesn't have the space for a real desk so instead he builds a compact set up that transforms just brilliant Thank You Casper for entering coming on number four is Nash from the Philippines and his Star Wars inspired setup that he was just for gaming photo editing and studying we have the Acer predator x 34 ultra wide sitting on a desk that he built himself using plywood what's interesting here is the placement of the speakers he mounted them sideways underneath the desk which isn't exactly the best place to put them because you want the speaker's to be directed towards you at ear level in the pull out drawer he's got the coarser K 65 rapidfire RGB keyboard with custom key caps and the coarser glaive RGB mouse you know as much as I think a white wrist rest looks really cool in any setup it gets dirty really easily and I advise strongly against it I mean there's a reason why they come in mostly black what I do like about this setup is actually the PC it's a sick custom built rig using the i7 6700 and the galaxy GTX 1080 I love the sleev cables and the custom work on that h7 cooler and even some parts of the case even though it doesn't have any RGB fans I think it looks really dope regardless I like that he put the PC on the left side of the desk to hide the cables coming out of it and also extra point for modding the desk with a power switch to turn on a lighting of the setup and the PC that's pretty sick you also built a dedicated place for cable routing in the back of the desk and it's built with a hinge making it easy to open and close this setup has a lot of little surprises and I think it's built really well with some minor tweaks it has the potential of becoming even better Thank You Nash for entering wrapping up the episode is Santa and his mancave built entirely from scratch in his garage this entire project took him over a month to complete side note I do like your mancave rules this place is filled with tons and tons of gaming gear and collectibles in fact there are so many pictures that I'm just going to show you a quick montage of all of them so this is the main setup that he uses for gaming it's got an ultra-wide from Ben Q we got the Razer Deathstalker essential keyboard and the Razer Naga chroma Mouse on top of the Z line more than a desk which is actually one of my favorite desks because of its super clean design and the amount of storage there's even a pullout drawer in the middle to store a laptop or something wide but saniye keeps his xbox afterglow controller here for audio he's using the Insignia speakers but he does have the HyperX cloud tubes as well powering the setup is a custom PC inside the fantex Eclipse p400s and it's pretty beefy with a 6700 K and the GT X 1080 from MSI looks like you installed you Ram in the wrong slots I would move the first RAM into the second RAM slot in order to take advantage of dual channel shout-out to India for this awesome watercolor painting that she did I only recognized a piccolo from Dragon Ball Z and kampachi from Bleach the other two I don't know but maybe you guys can help me in the comment section serious props to your daughter for drawing this she definitely has talent I mean what can I say you've transformed an ordinary garage into an awesome mancave well done Sonny and thank you for entering I'm sorry if I butchered your name by the way and that's it for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys leave your comments below and vote on who you think has the best that's setup from the episode and you guys enjoy the show make sure it's also like to show your support and as always all of you beautiful beautiful faces and I will see you in the next one
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