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Setup Wars - Episode 168

does anybody actually even watch the intro anymore I feel like I'm just talking to myself at the beginning of every episode I feel like most of you guys just skip straight to the setups but yeah let me know if you guys always sit through the intro because I feel like it's always the same intro every single time so I guess it would make sense to skip it but anyways welcome to setup or its episode 1 I forgot the number already crap episode 168 where you submit your desks I have to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate make sure watch the video link down below but with that said welcome to my god messing up already let the setup wars begin don't pay full price for cd-keys guys you can pick up a Windows 10 key for just $15 using your CD keys calm and if you use my code TSS 2 you will get an extra 10% off click the link below to learn more kicking off the episode is Alex from Romania and a fairly minimalistic setup featuring three curved monitors that are mounted on the custom-made desk that he made himself now right off the bat I would try and cover up the side of the desk that has the wood exposed now since the desk is mostly black I would use electrical tape or a black vinyl wrap that you can find on Amazon some things on the desk are his HyperX alloy keyboard with cherry red switches we also got the HyperX pulsefire FPS mouse and his audio mixer speaking of audio he's got some cheap Chinese speakers however he does use his headphones mostly which are hanging underneath his desk no cables in sight thanks to the backboard and the rest of the cables are managed nicely behind the monitor mount although I would try and secure that power brick somehow in case it falls down I also love that he mounted the boom arm on the actual monitor mount instead of the desk doing it this way allows you to extend the arm further to get that perfect angle and plus it looks much cleaner this way the PC powering the setup is far too big to fit on the desk so we did keep it on the ground and it's got the rising 7 2,700 x with a gtx 1060 from no.3 d if there is another recommendation I would give for this setup it has to do with the wall art I feel like the two helmets and the red acoustic foams don't really contribute to the setup in any I mean the helmets are fine but maybe change up the acoustic films by adding another color for contrast or maybe adding a few more and create a cool design with them it's still a pretty good setup but it needs some minor tweaks thank you Alex for entering now here's a clean set up by Chris from California it's so aesthetically pleasing and his purpose is for gaming productivity and watching YouTube videos so we got a 32 inch 4k monitor mounted on the wall along with his Nintendo switch I absolutely love the way he routed the cables from the monitor banana leaf panels and the switch using black raceways and he kept it nice and symmetrical as well all the cables run down the wall onto the rack that he installed underneath the desk he even drilled a hole for the keyboard and mouse Bravo on the left of the setup we have a caddy with wheels and he's taken advantage of all the extra space to store his controllers and switch games up top we got the PC which is equipped with the horizon 5 2606 core processor and we got the GTX 1060 I do appreciate the attention to detail that Chris has put into the setup as well as sticking with the white and black color scheme over there in the right corner as a pick aid that he built using the Raspberry Pi and it's being held up by a wall mount which is pretty cool although it's in an interesting location I don't see how that gaming chair would fit in that corner or how it can be comfortable gaming there but regardless this is a super clean setup thank you Chris for sharing it with us holy guacamole check this insane setup by Ian from Canada a sick white and red themed gaming setup be churning ultra wide and a 4k 50-inch TV up top for watching movies the desk he's using is the popular Mickey desk with a corner add-on which works perfectly with the setup since he has the extra space to support his PC he's got a nice set of peripherals also looks like he's sticking with Asus he's got the Claymore with the e element pbt silver metal key caps Andy Fujio or Puccio I don't know how you say that Mouse which is his main Mouse for gaming however he does have an asus path that he uses with his laptop or when he needs to go wireless varada he's got a pair of bookshelf speakers and the asus strix wireless headset now personally I would have gone with the Kanto yu6 to better match the color scheme and there are really nice pair of speakers I've actually used the whyyou Phibes for a solid year back then when I built a cell setup and I was a fan of the sound quality cables are managed beautifully the wires from the displays are routed through a wall Raceway and into the built-in rack underneath the desk but even and just dump them in there you actually spent some time organizing it using 3m tape a Velcro zip ties and some cable sleeves I couldn't be more proud and finally we got the massive semi water-cooled PC on the right side this beast has the 8700 k with 16 gigs that be tried in Zr GB RAM sticks and nice tricks GTX 1080 I mean of course that I VDACS right everything is practically Asus in this setup it also looks like he synced all the RGB lighting together with his music which is pretty badass I'm a fan what can I say I may be a little biased because of the color scheme but it's a hell of a setup presentation is awesome organization and cable management is on point and it just screams personality I love it awesome setup Thank You Ian for blessing our eyeballs with this masterpiece coming in at number four is Ludwig van Beethoven and quite possibly the first set up I've seen on the show to have a PC mounted on a desk sideways fascinating so the desk is custom built by himself with a glass top and there's an actual cutout where you can see inside the PC which is pretty clever until I figured out that there is no easy way of getting inside the PC I mean what if you need to upgrade or replace parts it just seems very inconvenient doing it this way I mean you had plenty of space on the right side of your desk for the PC but I digress so we have a TV mounted on the wall with a 22 inch monitor underneath that with a leash keyboard and a trust gaming mouse I mean what kind of keyboard company calls themselves Lesch seriously he did mount a boom arm holding his newer microphone and a pair of Beats solo headphones hanging from it and we also have a wall mounted ps4 with some custom skins cable management could be better if he grouped up all the cables together and a cable box to hide the power snip underneath the desk an interesting setup to say the least with some questionable choices either way Thank You Ludwig for entering grabbing up the episode with his Vince and a super compact blacked-out setup that he was just from gaming photo and video editing and screaming the desk is so small yeah he's able to fit his giant PC on there along with two monitors the determination is definitely there so basically what he did to get that extra space was he added a Lindman tabletop on top of his already tiny Walmart desk and he used a refrigerator and a couple cubes as support I mean that's one way to Mickey Mouse said instead of buying a new desk I do like that he used a monitor riser to make space underneath it to store his speaker and a macbook pro while the other monitor is mounted to the desk he's using the courser k95 RGB Platinum keyboard with the g502 proteus mouse and a few headsets which are hanging underneath the pullout drawer and of course we can't forget about the elephant in the room and all black PC build inside the Cougar Panzer evo RGB case I love the carbon-fiber accents around the case and even the RGB fans have them which looks pretty damn cool also extra points for that black suit Superman and can we please take a moment to appreciate this cable management behind the PC wow I can seriously stare at this all day I don't know if I approve the jerry-rigged desk setup but hey if it works it works I mean Who am I to say otherwise it's nice to see a blacked-out setup on the show Thank You Vince for entering and that does it for this episode I've set up Ward's as always make sure you guys boat in the comment section down below on who has the best desk set up and announce the winners on my Instagram account thank you guys so much for watching as always I love your cheekbones and I will see you in the next one
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