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Setup Wars - Episode 169

if you're watching this video and you haven't submitted your setups for setup wars what are you doing with your life in case you guys haven't noticed I've been doing setup wars every single Monday which means I've been catching up on the submissions I'm currently doing the month of March which is only like two months behind so once I catch up there's not gonna be a setup wars episodes because there's no more submissions to go through so if you're watching this video and you haven't already submitted photos for your setup please watch the video linked below to find out how to enter it's very simple all I'm looking for are just very high quality pictures that made no sense I'm looking for high quality pictures so make sure there's plenty of light all that stuff is in the description section many ways what that said welcome to setup wars episode 169 a lot of you guys I've been waiting for that episode I'm sure in the comments section you guys are gonna go crazy anyways welcome to setup 169 let the setup wars begin the coarser iron claw RGB wireless gaming mouse features a powerfully precise optical gaming sensor with 18,000 dpi and 10 fully programmable buttons allowing you to customize the way you play with powerful macros and kiri maps the ergonomic contoured shape is sculpted specifically for palm grips and large hands and with corsair sub 1 millisecond wireless technology you can ditch the cable without any compromises check the link below for more info kicking off the episode is Brandon from Kansas and this white beam setup featuring two 27-inch monitors from Asus that he hooked up on the wall and that piece of string running down the wall is actually hooked up to his VR headset which is hanging on a pulley system this way he doesn't trip on the wires when he's moving around while using the VR system very clever I've actually only seen this one other time in a previous episode keeping with the white on black color scheme you got the corsair k70 se keyboard which is the one I'm using currently and he's got the Razer Mamba tournament Edition Mouse which is being supported by the Zowie Mouse bungee for audio he's got the HyperX cloud flight headsets and a set of speakers from Ariane I think as I've said now since the speakers are tall he didn't have any extra space on the desk for them so he placed them on the shelves which isn't the best place to put them but I guess he wanted to squeeze his giant PC on the desk he also has a blue snowball microphone mounted to a boom arm but I feel like it gets in the way I would try and mount the boom arm on the actual monitor mount if possible to give you a better angle this is his first ever water-cooled build so don't judge him on the bends I think actually came out really nice with that sexy distribution block and the chrome fittings not to mention the specs this thing is packing some serious heat or a coolness I guess it's got the 9900 K 32 gigs of ram and the r-tx 20 80 TI founders edition beautiful PC and a pretty good setup for gaming streaming and schoolwork Thank You Brandon for entering next up is Mufasa from Canada and his RGB gaming setup every time I see three monitors I'm hoping the user for more than just gaming it doesn't matter how nice it looks in any setup because it's always overkill thankfully in most office case uses it for video editing as well since the desk is made out of glass he's not able to drill a hole for the keyboard and mouse and he didn't want to run the cables straight across so instead he ran them towards the right side I would have least tied the cables together using zip tie or velcro there wasn't much else on the desk other than some Funko pops and has blue Yeti microphone that's mounted on the edge of the desk there are no speakers for the setup so he relies on his G 933 headset that's chilling on the bench next to his PC which is kind of tucked away in the corner over there it's not the best looking PC with all those cables hanging out so I don't mind it being tucked away but it does pack a nice punch with a 77 decay and the gtx 1060 the cables inside the pc may not be attractive to look at but thankfully the rest of the cables from the setup our hidden using the Signum rack i do want to know one thing though and that is where on earth did you get that dope RGB lighting for the wall if anyone knows what that is please hit me up in the comment section that thing looks sick but yeah it's a decent gaming and productivity setup Thank You Mostafa for sharing it with us coming out number three from Switzerland is Patrick Starr and his creative and super overkill gaming setup between three a lien where thirty four inch ultra wide monitors and we also got a 35 inch ultra light up top now what's creative about this desk is the backboard that he built to mount the monitors onto and you actually built that wall onto the sit and stand ask meaning he can move the entire thing up or down he did it this way because he didn't want to keep the monitors on the desk and I think it came out really nice the only suggestion I have is painting the backboard and white or maybe adding some skins or a wallpaper so that it matches your desk because the would look kind of ruined the aesthetic of your setup keyboard and mouse are both in Logitech and I gotta say I'm surprised that you didn't drill a hole for the wires since everything else is pretty much modded where audio is rocking a pair of Logitech G 560 speakers and the two full cage headphones on even how you say that which are stored in an interesting location underneath a desk it just seems like it's a little out of reach however I do like how he mounted the rest of the stuff under the desk like the Nintendo switch with a docking station and in the middle he hooked up his audio jacks for his headset so that he can connect them easily without having to reach for his PC very nice the boom arm holding his world empty microphone is tucked away behind one of the monitors and unfortunately so is the PC it's got a 7700 with 32 gigs of RAM and B gigabyte r-tx 20 80 TI cables are managed beautifully behind the back board and he even made some cutouts in the desk to route the cables for the speaker's everything else is pretty much flawless it's just missing a paint job or some skins on that back board but other than that a beautifully executed setup Thank You Patrick for entering also say hi to spongebob for me Ryan from Philly makes a comeback from episode 1 49 with a slightly improved setup my inner geek always comes out every time I see Final Fantasy related stuff but anyways back to the setup so he's still rocking three of his monitors that are hooked up on the walls and above that we got a wall shelf of pokemon collectibles I'm kidding guys relaxed I feel like I have to always say I'm joking when I say stuff like that because there are a lot of people triggered in the comments section always obviously these are Gundam Wing models still using the same keyboard and mouse with the corsair RGB mouse pad one thing that is new however are the nano leaf panels above his setup he also replaced the storage container underneath the desk with a refrigerator and swapped out a few other miscellaneous tech in fact here is a picture of his old set up some things removed around new posters and skins on the consoles over there on the right side with the addition of the wall mount for the controller's kayo management also looks improved with the addition of a USB hub and looks like we have the same PC from before only it's a lot cleaner I think it's great you went with a unique color scheme because I don't see many black and orange setups on the show I mean after all it isn't an attractive color but regardless Thank You Brandon for coming back on the show wrapping up the episode as will from Australia and a super clean triple monitor setup so he's 16 years old and he uses the setup for gaming graphic design schoolwork and sometimes he does bring in his racing gear we had a single ultra light in the middle being sandwiched by two 27-inch BenQ monitors great choice mounting the ultra white on the wall because this way he has extra space underneath it for the speakers and other gear I don't know if the wall shelves were necessary for the other two speakers since they could have easily fit underneath the monitors but I guess that's nice to have I do love that to drill two separate holes for the keyboard and the mouse with a mousepad even the rest of the cables are managed well with the cable clips and zip ties it looks like on the right side we got the PC powering the setup and it's got some pretty good specs you got these 6,700 with the gtx 1070 I personally would have gone with the 67 GK to take advantage of that cooler you have but if you're not gonna overclock it then it makes sense to go with the non K CPU but that's pretty much it here very clean and organized for a 60 year old this is actually a pretty badass setup think you will for entering and as I put this episode up setup or is as always make sure you guys vote in the comments section on who has the best desk setup as always you guys enjoy the show make sure to toss a like or dislike I'll have your beautiful faces and I will see you guys in the next one
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