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Setup Wars - Episode 17 (LG Edition)

so after shaving and looking pretty sexy I might add I got a goddamn pimple on my forehead I can never win what's up guys it's ed back again from tech stores and welcome to setup wars episode 17 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel and a chance to win a prize this episode is actually the final LG sponsored episode of setup Wars where the winner will receive a brand new 34 inch curved monitor so I'm extremely sorry to the hundreds of people that entered and did not get selected I did my best to feature as many as I can within these four episodes so I'm really sorry guys it did whatever I can but with that said let the setup Wars begin this video is brought to you by GTA where you can buy super cheap CD keys for any game on any platform this is where I get all my games from as well as Windows Keys for my monthly PC builds but I'll leave a link down below so you can see for yourself so this episode is going to be slightly different than my previous 3 I've been reading your guys emails and tweets and I read you loud and clear I've been featuring a lot of high end setups in the past and usually they end up winning the ultrawide monitor which kind of doesn't seem fair to a lot of you guys and doesn't seem fair to me so which is why I decided to actually feature non high-end set ups for this last episode and give those guys a chance to win a 34-inch ultrawide monitor so I hope you guys are cool with that for everyone else I didn't get a chance to get featured on the episode LG is still having their ultra-wide festival in fact I think there's less than a week left for you guys to send in your submission for a chance to win one of 30 ultra wide monitors and also a $10,000 prize towards your ultimate setup but you guys can check out the video somewhere up here for more information so with all that said here are your 10 contestants for this week Abraham Adrian a lot Ashish Anthony Balki Ming Nick Tim and yo laughs congrats for making it to this week's episode by the way all the gear featured and every one set up will be linked down below in the description section like always for anyone that is interested so starting the show we have Abraham's set up right next to his bed and I'll give you a point already for having your bed made unlike some people so we have an LG 27-inch monitor hooked up to your Lenovo y50 laptop and a desk we have the courser k95 keyboard and Corsair m95 mouse we also have a blue Yeti Mike and a SteelSeries mouse pad so the desk looks super tiny especially with that laptop on there but I get it you don't actually have a PC and your monitor is being powered by the laptop so what are the desk you have your logitech g27 wheel and pedals and a pair of Audio Technica m50 s on the bottom right cable management is pretty good as well I see that you zip side the cables together so there is some coordination there and I like that not team Apple post you have on the time capsule but yeah overall you have a compact and clean setup not much else to say thank you for entering Adrian is next up with his 25 inch Dell monitor on his custom-made monitor stand on the desk we have an apple wired keyboard and a Razer DeathAdder Mouse definitely one of the more interesting combinations I have seen so far also on the monitor stand we have a pair of Mackie mr5 speakers and yet another pair of eight ehm 50s on the just mobile head stand we also have a rode nt1-a microphone on an extension boom arm and we can't forget little Stuart the minion stain guard up on top I think it's safe to say that this is a Productivity setup a great job on cable management I can see that you placed all your wires and power outlets on there and even managed to route the bottom cable under the carpet job well done somebody also modifications I would like to point out are the LED strips under the stand and you're dedicated mount for the Focusrite audio interface right under your desk very clever indeed and to be frank it looks like you have a lot of extra space on your desk the monitor stand is extremely long and I think a 34 inch display would fit nicely in there setup but yeah overall very clean and organized thank you for entering and number three we have all tohis music production setup first off I want to say that I love the presentation the awesome table top along with the vikas thick panels really spice up the atmosphere of this room so on the desk we have a 27-inch Apple Cinema Display with yet another custom-made stand what is it with you guys in custom-made furniture like everyone is a professional welder here on setup Wars I can't even assemble IKEA furniture together and you guys are building stands and desks and stuff now but honestly I'm peanut butter and jelly that you are able to make awesome stuff like that it looks amazing on your desk so kudos to you man also the desk we have a pair of Newman studio monitors analysis v49 keyboard with another wireless keyboard right below that and the popular Logitech MX anywhere Mouse I don't even know what half the stuff on your desk are used for it looks like a command center from NASA or something but I do like that little toy car you have on the stand out for some reason it doesn't look out of place not sure why under this idea go pioneer turntables monitors and headphones and ever pretty beast Mac Pro as well there's an Intel six core Xeon and this thing with a Radeon HD 5770 graphics card Kay Landrum is very clean and I'm loving the white LEDs you honestly a fantastic beautiful setup the only concern I have is with the keyboard being so close to the edge of the desk I mean there's really no room to rest your palms or wrists so I find that layout a little uncomfortable other than that you have a really awesome and clean symmetrical setup thank you Alto for entering and good luck with everything holy mother of all setups Batman this next setup is out of the world Wow I think is the appropriate word to describe this so this is a completely custom made desk by him and his brother and it took them 48 days to make it consists of their favorite logos which are Republic of gamers biohazard Andrew authority and of course Batman and doesn't even stop there they even added LEDs to each of their logos seriously though I don't even care about the stuff on the desk I'm more interested in the actual desk itself they also have built-in speakers near the top I mean everything looks extremely clean and the cable management is on another level there are even drawers with their own dedicated power outlets I can really tell that they spend lots of time perfecting this but on the desk itself there is a 22 inch LG monitors Ebron a keyboard and a mouse and also a Lenovo G 500 s laptop even the monitor casing is custom made and honestly it pains me to see that you have a decent set up with a brilliant desk I think I'm gonna have to do it ladies and gentlemen the first ever 10 out of 10 seal of approval goes to ashish and manish congratulations you guys a phenomenal set up indeed I haven't really explained what the seal offers you see whoever gets this very rare award receives a prize so whoever receives the seal of approval on their setup gets the following prizes first up they get 10 stickers at the official set up Wars seal of approval that they can basically stick anywhere they want they also get two limited one-of-a-kind unique setup wars shirts when a black and one and white with a customized message written on the back and they are also signed personally by me congratulating them for winning the so last for at least they will receive $100 in their PayPal account or an Amazon gift card so they can buy their next purchase or upgrade and whatnot but since you and your brother worked on the set up I'm gonna give both of you guys 100 bucks so total $200 either in an Amazon gift card or a PayPal account so if you guys are watching this toss me an email and set up wars and claim your prize' because you guys definitely deserve it the seal of approval is rewarded to someone who not only has a clean set up but also something that's one-of-a-kind something that can't be replicated easily and most importantly impresses me greatly but yeah those are the three criterias that I'm looking for in these setups to reward the seal of approval in case anyone was curious alright so moving out with the show with Anthony's setup so it looks like somewhat of a green themed setup despite that huge red NZXT phantom case so on the desk we have a nice huge 27-inch frameless monitor a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard and a DeathAdder chroma Mouse on top of the Goliath this extended mouse pad also on the desk we have the Logitech Z 200 speakers blue snowball mic and the Xbox 360 on the left side we have a shelf which he keeps some of the boxes for the gear and the PC parts and to the left that says Razer backpack and hanging from the right as the Razer Kraken gaming headset okay I get it you're a huge Razer fan kill management is great no complaints there my only question to you is why not go with the Razer H 440 case from NZXT or even the s 340 case from Razer as well it will definitely match your set up even more but yeah overall a very dope Razer team setup thank you for entering at number 6 we have Bucky with a simplistic white-and-red setup on the desk we have the 24-inch BenQ monitor a black widow keyboard anywhere Tactics mouse and a bose companion 5 audio system cable management is really great and I'll give you a couple points for sticking your xbox one to the roof of your desk and I've actually never seen that before but it definitely frees up lots of space on your desk great job really loving the LEDs and I can't help but notice that you are rocking my personal favorite PC case of all time the NZXT s340 case let's go and take a look inside so we have a 4770k paired with an msi r9 390x and I find it interesting that you went with an AMD GPU with an Intel processor we had how much else to say very clean and beautiful set up Pocky thank you for entering next up is mainly with a modest a single AOC 23 inch monitor set up on the desk we have the stocky only aware keyboard that came with the PC and a Razer DeathAdder Mouse we also have a pair of Sonia gear speakers and then Andy J headphones off to the side and I really like how you use your phone stand to hold up your Nintendo 3ds I think that's pretty cool and the key management is good enough I guess I can't really see them so it works for me we overall a very modest and simple setup the huming for entering at number eight we have NICs setup a 27-inch BenQ monitor black widow tournament keyboard DeathAdder chroma mouse on the SteelSeries qck gaming mouse also hanging from the monitors is the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset and we also have a Samson go mic off to the side of the desk plus one for the gaming headset choice and LEDs in the back and really great job on cable management I also love the PC case that you went with the s340 case is so damn awesome and I'll never get over it you should do what I did and pick up a Thermaltake headphone hangar for those headphones but other than that pretty straightforward and clean setup Thank You Nick for entering tim is next up with somewhat of a Razer theme setup so we have an asus 24 inch monitor and below that we have yet another Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard Death Adder Mouse and hanging from the wall on a custom hanger is the razer kraken pro headphones there are so many Razer products in these episodes it's driving me crazy in fact the next set up that has it Razer product I'm gonna smack myself with this tablet so also on the desk we have a Hama headset stand and on top of that is the turtlebeach ear for stealth headphones that's actually a really nice looking mousepad and I love how it doesn't have any letters or logos on it it's very clean with a dope red outline I mean it doesn't go well with your setup but nonetheless it still looks cool kill a bunch of it a spot-on and I love how you group them up together near the roof of your desk but yeah I mean I don't have anything bad to say here great setup overall thank you Tim for entering last but not least we have you have with a alright now that I got that off my chest let's go ahead and resume so we have a 23 inch mag monitor a Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard DeathAdder chroma mouse razer kraken chrome i headset and the Razer Goliath extended mousepad not sure what model those speakers are since you didn't tell me but overall a decent setup with decent cable management actually the cable management does need some work but yeah thank you you lab for entering so that concludes this episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys click on the straw poll link down below and click on who deserves the 34 inch ultra white curved monitor as always voting will end this Saturday and allows the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram account so make sure you guys are following me there if you want to know who wins but that's basically it if you guys enjoy watching setup words I want me to continue doing them every single Monday you guys know what to do slap the crap out of that like button to show your support and I will see you guys in the next video
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