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Setup Wars Episode 170 - Laptop Edition

what's happening is I'm sex toys welcome to setup or it's episode 170 laptop Edition that's right guys we'll be looking at some dope setups featuring only a laptop no desktop PCs over here but if you guys want to put this fate you know what to do make sure to watch the video link down below and with that said let the set up or is begin you guys might be asking ed what is this gorgeous laptop that's right in front of you nobody just me well I'm gonna tell you anyways this sexy laptop is the envy by HP starting at just seven ninety-nine that sports intel's 8th gen core i7 processor up to 16 gigs of ram and an nvidia geforce MX 150 this particular model has a 17.3 inch 4k IPS display however there are 1080p with touchscreen models available with the envy you can do it all you can use it for productivity or light gaming tons of connectivity including Thunderbolt 3 support an SD card reader and even an optical drive who still uses that with a full sized backlit keyboard integrated Bang & Olufsen speakers and up to 10 hours and 45 minutes of battery life you can enjoy the HP Envy just about anywhere to learn more click the link below at first glance you might think this setup is powered by an actual custom PC but it's actually hooked up to a 13-inch MacBook Pro the purpose of the setup is for console gaming and productivity he's got two 34 inch curved monitors from Samsung sitting on a 98 inch counter top of my Kia and that's being supported by a few 3d printed risers and Alex drawers now since this is a MacBook based setup he did stick with the Apple keyboard and mouse and I gotta appreciate the dedication to the old white color scheme I mean apart from the color of the mousepad the wall painting and the soda perks from black ops zombies which kind of give the setup a nice pop I feel like too much white in any setup is a bit too bland I love that Adam has for Astro a 50s hanging from the wall shelves two of them are for his ps4 and two for his xbox 1s cables are managed nicely underneath the desk with a couple of Signum racks and it looks like the cables from both the Natalie are routed through the wall I'm not really sure if that's accurate because I can't seem to find the cables maybe it's Photoshop but either way it looks very clean this setup is definitely there I say it overkill for console gaming I think we need to get Adam over to the PC master-race immediately but fantastic job either way putting all this together I love the presentation and the personality thank you for entering this next setup from Chris is a little more straightforward nothing fancy or over-the-top it has its purpose and nothing more however it is a bit cluttered it's used for gaming and programming and is being powered by an Acer predator 17 or the GTX 1070 he's using a single monitor with the Logitech G 9 10 keyboard and the G 9 or 3 Mouse with a set of speakers from creative there's actually a few things you can do to improve this setup for one if you need a more convenient way of using your laptop I recommend buying a single monitor arm and attaching a notebook mount to it allows you to move the laptop around anywhere on your desk you can also get a monitor riser to lift up the display because it looks too close to the desk and this way you can store things underneath it to free up some of the clutter for example those books you have or the router behind a monitor it will also help alleviate any neck strain from looking down adding a pencil drawer like this underneath the desk will give you some extra storage space for smaller items like the RGB remote and also notice you use a giant cable sleeve for the wires on the ground and a cable box to hide the power strip however I would recommend a wall raceway to hide the cables running down the wall with all these tweaks I really think this setup would look a lot cleaner the icing on the cake would be some personality however you want to implement that maybe some posters on the wall collectibles or simply adding acoustic foams for that extra spice but either way thank you Chris for entering this next setup from danwon has to be one of my favorite laptop setups featured on the show because of the creativity and the attention to detail starting off with the dual monitors mounted against the beautiful hallstatt countertop with the aluminum borders both monitors are hooked up to is pluggable docking station which is then hooked up to his dell inspiron laptop on a Stan it looks like he installed the same borders he put on the side of the countertop on the actual wall shelves to stick with the white black and silver theme apparently he wanted to stay consistent with his drumming set one of the things that caught my eye originally was the placement of his speakers so he mounted them underneath the wall shelves and he ran the cable straight down using a wall race wave this way he's able to use the top of the shelves to store extra stuff plus I think that looks cooler this way aside from the speakers he also uses the audio technica and 40 X's and has a blue snowball microphone hooked up to his monitor arm a hole is drilled in the desk for his peripherals and those wires are routed towards the back into a channel raceway the extra space between the table and the drawers from the Capitol legs allowed him to store extra items like his external hard drive from WD a beautifully executed setup with lots of personality and attention to detail Thank You Devon for blessing our eyes at number four is Rohan with a simple slightly modern gaming setup that he also uses for schoolwork and drying he's using a 32 inch curved monitor from Samsung with the red dragon RGB keyboard and a razer naga hex gaming mouse for audio he's using he beats solo through headphones which are resting on a custom-made hanger however he does have a pair of speakers that he uses as well so we tucked away the cables inside the desk and he drowned other wires behind a monitor towards the bottom where he has his gaming laptop it's actually a pretty clever way of hiding your laptop but doesn't it get kind of annoying having to reach underneath it every time just to turn it off or on I love what you did with the setup you kept it really clean and simple and still managed to spice it up using a few Natale panels and RGB strips great work thank you for entering wrapping up the episode is Wil from tennessee and a super clean and productive setup that he uses for music production so he's got a 27 inch 4k monitor from LG that's sandwiched by two massive JBL speakers one of the advantages of having an island set up like this is that you have extra space behind the desk to work with in this case we'll took advantage of that space for his massive speakers the downside however is cable management because you no longer have that wall to help hide the cables behind and he will need to run the wires to a wall outlet leaving a trail of cables however will did an excellent job organizing all the cables underneath the desk and plugging everything into a parish tip so that way he only has one cable running across the carpet and into the wall outlet everything else on the surface has been kept clean and tidy with the help of the wireless peripherals and I just noticed he's using a Mac Pro and not an actual laptop well this is awkward at first glance I honestly thought that Apple device on the desk was a MacBook Pro but turns out it's an iPad pro anyways it's a super clean setup I will thank you for entering nonetheless and that does it for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys built in the comments section on who has the best laptop setup if you guys enjoy the show quickly tossed a like and if you don't stand you can leave it this like I guess thank you so much again for watching and I will see you in the next one peace
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