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Setup Wars - Episode 171

guys I know it's been three weeks since I've uploaded an episode of setup wars I don't want you guys to think that I'm lazy or I forgot about the show there's actually a good reason I took a week off of YouTube to visit Vegas for EDC with a couple of friends for anyone that's been following me on my personal account on IG you guys already know that but for everyone else now you know anyways I'm back on the grind so you guys can expect an episode every other Monday like usual so with that said welcome to set up for is episode 171 the show where I judge setups and also offer advice on how you can improve your setup if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below let the setup words begin some of you guys already know that I own a Tesla Model X I've had it for over a year now and I absolutely love it it is my favorite car of all time and I always recommend it to my friends and family every time they ask me about it well check this out Oh Mays recently reached out 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kicking off the episode is Abdul from Saudi Arabia and the slightly moderate setup that he uses for gaming the best borders have been painted and red and some parts of the handles to stay consistent with the black and red color scheme at first glance the setup does seem a bit cluttered but the fact that he mounted his monitor against the wall freed up some extra space otherwise that wouldn't be in the extra space on the desk for those collectibles and also the monitor will be really close to his face he is using the element Z 88 keyboard with the g502 Mouse which he drilled a hole for although I don't know why he didn't change the lighting on the keyboard to red to match the rest of the setup for audio he's only got a headset which is hanging from the side and finally his gaming PC which he managed to squeeze on top of his desk we got a 7700 K paired with an EVGA GTX 1080 FTW to grab his card so this is his gaming setup and to the right of that is the media setup which he uses to watch movies and game on his ps3 I love that Abdul is a man of culture I see posters for Blade Runner better call Saul the Goodfellas John wick - by the way the Dolan was awesome and probably my all-time favorite anime Death Note over there in the corner great setup and excellent taste in movies and shows Thank You Abdul for entering now this next setup takes the word compact to a whole new level it looks like he built this inside a closet definitely not the best setup for someone who has claustrophobia andrew is a photographer and uses this multi set up for video editing gaming and graphic design you know building a setup like this in a limited space requires a desk that not only provides enough surface area but also something that doesn't take up all the space the Pilsen graphite corner desk does just that plenty of surface area while giving Andrew just enough space to squeeze in and because of the corner desk he doesn't have to move around as much to reach things the first set up has a 2017 27-inch iMac with an apple keyboard and mouse while the second set up which I'm guessing is for gaming has an asus monitor and the Razer Huntsman elite keyboard with the Naga trinity mouse and the Firefly mousepad it is a glass desk so obviously it's not gonna drill a hole in it for the cables but he did do a good job managing the rest of the wires underneath he basically only used zip ties to tie the cables and the power strip to the legs for the first setup he's using a logitech speakers which are tucked behind the iMac and the second setup uses Logitech G 560 speakers okay I get that there isn't any extra space on the desk but I would recommend moving the Logitech speakers somewhere else you can always make room on the wall for a shelf and put them on there which will still give you better sound than hiding them behind the display I also noticed your blue Yeti microphone just sitting on the desk and there is no real place for it since you are using a glass desk it's a bit tricky you can always use a desk mount like this one from newer to mount your microphone to or here's a pretty cool hack that you can use you can buy one of these tiny wall shelves and install it behind your monitor and hook up your boom arm to it not only will this give you more of a reach for the arm but it also look a lot cleaner since I won't sit or clamp to your desk the PC power in the gaming setup is actually Andrews first ever PC build and it's rocking the 8700 K 32 gigs of ram and the EVGA GTX 1080 cable management may seem atrocious but at least ours are GB and finally next to the PC is a 2015 MacBook Pro which means he has three different setups in his tiny room this is a great example that you don't need a ton of space to build a set up as long as you optimize every single space Thank You Andrea for entering coming in at number three is bradden with a somewhat minimalistic setup he's using a single laser monitor with a ducky 1/2 mini keyboard and he logitech g502 hero mouse once again we got the Logitech G 560 speakers and Sony headphones for audio and that's pretty much it on the surface other than has gaming PC it's decently expect with an 80 600 K and an RT X 27 T actually it's packed pretty nicely some obvious recommendations would be a hanger for the headphone instead of just leading him on the desk like that I would also pick up a few velcro straps and tie the cables behind your monitor together so that they aren't visible and you can even go one step further and tie the keyboard and mouse wire to the monitor base and then wrap those wires behind the monitor with the rest of the cables also a sleeve to hide the cables underneath your setup would look nice if you can't find a signal rack or something similar to keep the cables from hanging down like that it's a fairly simple setup but it does need some cable tweaking to improve nonetheless thank you for entering and number four we have Dean who makes a return on the show with an upgraded setup damn that's clean he's walking a 34 inch ultra wide from LG that he mounted against the wall with a channel Raceway to hide the cables going down he also drill a hole for both the keyboard and mouse pad nicely done I love the dedication to the color scheme Dean even went ahead and skinned his Focusrite audio interface and black carbon fiber to cover the red accents for audio he's got a pair of audio engine a 2 plus speakers Andy cursor void Pro RGB headset which is hanging on his xbox 1s he does use a 13 inch MacBook Pro for when he is on the go but the setup is powered by a beautiful custom built PC inside the O 11 dynamic case from Lee and Lee which I did a razor buildin if you guys remembered super-clean job with the custom sleeve cables and extra points for painting the PC I brackets and the SSD trays you can't get cleaner than this very impressive and super clean setup thank you once again for showing off your setup last but not least is my boy Zack returning back to the show with a revamped setup at his new studio he is also a winner of the twelfth seal of approval which he proudly displays in his studio he made a little video for us to show off his new setup so let's check it out the so this is a sit and stand set up using the vivo frame and a tabletop with three monitors mounted on it and notice how he mounted the 27 inch monitors on the sides in order to make them fit I also love how he managed the cables so he drill a hole in the wall and installed some sort of a belt so that the cables can expand with the desk as he raises or lowers it super super clean the rest of the wires are perfectly organized underneath the desk with zip ties 3m tape and brackets to keep the wires from hanging down beautiful work as always the keyboard and mouse are the same he's still using the K 70 and the dark core from coarser but with the addition of the elgato string Beck one of the more unusual changes from his previous setup is the placement of the speakers so he mounted them sideways against the cabinet's but he positioned them in the direction of where he's sitting as bizarre as that looks it's actually practical and of course we can't forget the centerpiece that awesome gaming PC mounted against the wood themed wallpaper it's got the same specs as before we got a 1950 X thread Ripper 64 gigs of ram and two custom painted GTX 1080s so behind his main setup he has a nother desk setup where he does his voiceovers and PC builds for his YouTube channel which you guys should check out by the way I'll jump a link below there's a custom stand behind it that he built to hold his ACF for his gaming laptop when not in use I love how Zack kept everything either black or blue in his studio to stay consistent with his color scheme it's always crazy to see how far your setup has come from the very beginning when you started off with a cramped desk the evolution of your setup is definitely inspirational Zac if I can give you another seal of approval I would but it will literally just be the same thing so instead I'm just giving you another virtual Seal of Approval congratulations once again an awfully setup and thanks again for coming back on the show once again we give a huge thanks to omae's for sponsoring this video make sure to check out amazing comm slash tech source if you want to know how to enter for a chance to win a Tesla Model 3 and $20,000 in cash and that does it for this episode as always make sure you guys comment below on who has the best desk setup and if you guys like to see more setups or PC build and even sneak peeks on upcoming projects make sure to follow me my ID page a lot of your beautiful nose hairs thank you so much for watching I will see you guys in the next one
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