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Setup Wars - Episode 172

what's happening guys I'm textures welcome to setup wars episode 172 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys still haven't submitted those photos what on earth are you waiting for click the link below and participate on the best setup show on YouTube with that said let the setup wars begin so some of you guys know that I use a dot tech domain for my business website deals or tech where you can find the best tech deals posted from various sources and I also have Edgar Tech which can direct you straight to my youtube channel I got my dot Tech domain back in 2015 when it first launched and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made it just makes sense to have a dot tech domain making tech content on YouTube the domain extension has grown over the last four years even brands like Viacom CES and Intel have moved to a tech domain so if you're a programmer a developer or just a tech enthusiast like me go get yourself a dot tech domain for your dream startup passion project or your personal portfolio visit go Tech slash Edgar or click the link below and use the code Edgar to get $90 off one and five-year registrations kicking off the episode is Bryce and his cozy setup from Iowa so he's a student who also works as an auto detailer and he uses this setup for studying photo editing and light gaming because a single 27-inch monitor mounted against the desk and a second monitor against the wall off to the side which I'm guessing he uses to watch videos from his bed the desk is custom made out of a laurel oak laminate table top and some IKEA legs and on top of that we got the curser k55 RGB keyboard and the main reason why this setup is used for light gaming the logitech and 310 wireless mouse he doesn't have any headphones so instead he uses a sound bar for all the audio also a side note those drawings in the wall are incredible if you did those you have some serious talent but I do recommend putting those in a clear sheet so it doesn't get damaged over time a fun little fact when I was in middle school growing up leaving high school I used to draw a lot I was a big I'm drawing and I was actually pretty good artist and I was a big fan of Dragon Ball Z and a bunch of anime so I used to draw a bunch of characters at the time and if I wasn't doing YouTube I would definitely be an animator at some point but growing up we were poor and my mom couldn't afford to send me to driving school so here I am doing YouTube and I always say everything happens for a reason anyways back to the setup so Bryce also uses a MacBook Pro for mobility however the PC powering the setup is a blacked out custom built rig and it's got the 7700 T 32 gigs of ram and the EVGA GTX 1060 super-clean work with the cables by the way and the same for the rest of the setup we have a Signum holding the wires up and a bunch of velcro that he used to tie the cables to the legs and very cozy and productive setup with purpose Thank You Bryce for entering next up is cheb from Canada and his venom inspired gaming setup he's rocking to 27-inch monitors that are mounted on the IKEA ragas stat desk which has an interesting design actually I just checked and apparently it's supposed to be like that but it looks like it's slightly modded so that it can mount against the wall without the legs interfering also this is a much deeper desk than usual so as monitors are further from his eyes obviously the further away your monitor is the smaller it appears so a 27-inch monitor probably looks like a 25 inch monitor from that distance for peripherals he's rocking a Logitech g13 keyboard and the G 300s Mouse which he drilled a hole for and his audio gear consists of an RCA sound bar and the turtlebeach week on x50 headset which he keeps in his drawer when he's not using it cables can definitely be improved by using a longer Raceway like these which also have a corner cover and this will do a better job hiding those cables the PC powering the setup is also venom inspired with the red lighting and the aio tubing which can represent Venom's tongue I guess depending on how you look at it I mean it's pretty badass setup but it does need some cable tweaks to improve Thank You shed for entering speaking of Marvel at number three we have a Deadpool ish inspired setup I mean I guess it's not that pill inspired just because he has a few wallpapers and a figurine on the desk so we'll just call it a black and red anywho ZZZ so my man denim is rocking an ultra-wide and a 27-inch monitor which he mounted against the desk and he still has space for his massive gaming pc which by the way looks like the company ripped off of Cougar I mean isn't me order these cases look very similar so the desk is from ikea it's a generic glass tabletop with steel legs but it's built really well apparently if it's able to support all that gear without bowing he's using the asus rog claymore gaming keyboard with the rog spastic gaming mouse and a corsair RGB mousepad I do like that he tied the cables together instead of running them straight across the desk like most people someone who thinks on a desk included skin next box 1s and a Bluetooth speaker from Sony which is the only audio source he has the PC powering everything is actually his first gaming PC that he built which was inspired by my videos that's pretty cool it's black and red themed but it has RGB lighting and it's packing some serious power with the 8700 K and the r-tx 2080 this is a really nice rig for your first PC build nicely done even the cables are managed beautifully lots of zip ties velcro straps and cable sleeves were used to keep everything underneath the desk and for some reason we have another table down here where his printer is obviously I would try and move the printer somewhere else in your room it just doesn't seem comfortable down there or as a last resort you can also install a wall shelf underneath the desk to hold up your printer it will free up a lot of space giving you more leg room regardless it's still a sick gaming setup and I'm really happy that my videos inspired you to build such an awesome gaming PC thank you for entering coming in at number four is Imus I think and has awesome laptop powered productivity and gaming setup the Lenovo Y 700 is the star of the show giving power to a couple displays we got a 32 inch LCD monitor and a 22 inch Dell monitor mounted vertically I misplaced that this is temporary and that he will be building a gaming PC in the coming years that will replace his laptop eventually ok so on the desk we got the omen gaming keyboard and mouse which is basically a rebranded SteelSeries apex M 350 keyboard and a rival 300 Mouse that's pretty much it on the surface he did keep it clean and minimalistic we also got a pair of artists seven headphones resting on the side of the desk and no cables and sites oh and there's also a Nintendo switch on the other side it's a pretty straightforward setup not much else to it really it's simple and straight to the point Thank You IMS for entering and I'm sorry if I butchered your name and finally we got Fabio all the way from Portugal with a badass modded PC desk he used this for gaming watching youtube videos movies and anime you can't forget about anime so he built a desk out of the egg back in countertop from Ikea and a large piece of glass he 3d printed the fan grilles and painted them in black the RGB strip is connected with his Wi-Fi and can be controlled by Alexa that's pretty sweet and finally check out the dope custom predator led logo in the center of three reservoirs obviously those reservoirs serve no purpose other than aesthetics since the entire build is air-cooled but it would have been awesome to see something like that on a water-cooled PC disk on the side of the desk are two cutouts one for the motherboard and one for the GPU but I also love how we use grommets to cover up the holes that he drilled in the desk the rest of the setup consists of a 34 inch ultra wide monitor that's mounted against the wall and the cooler master master set keyboard with the SteelSeries rival 110 Mouse not much you can do with the cables because of the glass tabletop however the rest of the wires are managed pretty good underneath the desk he also built a custom mount for his TV that's right in front of his bed for watching videos and he channeled the cables back to the setup using a wall raceway I guess my only concern with the desk would be air flow I don't see any positive airflow going on if those four fans are intake then where is the exhaust and if those are exhaust then where does the air get pulled in from I'm worried that the two cutouts on the side don't do a good job exhausting air out personally I would have added a few more fans in the back of the desk as exhaust but what do I know I haven't built anything like this before it's still a pretty sick project Thank You Fabio for sharing this awesome setup with us and that's it for this episode but I've set up or as always make sure you guys comment below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup and why if you guys want to see any sneak peeks and upcoming projects that I'm working on you know where to find me thanks again so much for watching as always I will see your beautiful faces and video
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