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Setup Wars - Episode 173

what's happening beautiful people welcome to set up or is episode 170 what number every year on I keep forgetting well gonna settle for his episode 173 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel do you guys want to participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video linked down below but with that said let the setup wars begin this video sponsored by LastPass the only password manager tool that you should be using stop getting locked out of your counts and let LastPass fill in your usernames and passwords for you LastPass relieves the burden of remembering passwords and it auto fills your credentials every time you log in on a website and it even works on mobile sites on your iOS or Android device it doesn't just store passwords it can store other information as well like bank accounts credit cards or other sensitive information which makes shopping so much easier you get a limited password storage and free cross device sync so make sure to visit the website listed on the screen or click the link below and install it for free on your desktop or smartphone thanks again to LastPass for sponsoring this portion in the video now let's get back to support kicking off Depa so is brandon from ohio and his setup wars inspired setup he uses this for gaming editing and homework so we have a single ultra-wide from LG and some corsair gear TK 55 keyboard and the dark core mouse for audio he has a hyper x stinger gaming headset and a blue Yeti microphone hooked up to a boom arm which appears to be not connected to anything I noticed there are a few unnecessary items on the desk which takes up a lot of space like the VR headset and the controllers there are many ways around this a headphone hanger for the headset is the most obvious one you can also hook up these clips on the side of your desk to hold your controllers and even your headset or simply install a pullout drawer like this one to store your small items in either of these would make a great addition to your setup and will help clean up the surface a lot adding some black and red skins to your ps4 is optional but it will make it stand out more but also contributes to the color scheme you have going on one thing you can do with the mouse wire is run it underneath the keyboard and tied with the keyboard wire so that there is only one cable going across your setup just make sure to leave enough cable slack for the mouse and finally a wall Raceway to hide the single cable going down from the TV I know it's a very small recommendation but every little bit helps the PC powering it all has a Rison 5 2600 of RAM in the MSI GTX 970 which is decent for 1080p gaming however Brandon mostly plays on his ps4 he is also picking up some black and red acoustic foams very soon to decorate the wall and a poke sound bar which needs to be mounted on the wall lots of work definitely needs to be done to perfect this setup but this is a great start Thank You Brandon for sharing your setup with us and by the way props on keeping your carpet so damn clean I don't know why that makes me so happy Joey from New Jersey has a more minimalistic setup that he built on a custom made desk there's a couple two by fours being used as a TV mount and he used the backside of that to route the cables straight down there wasn't that many things on the desk just some miscellaneous items and wireless peripherals he's using the HP soft touch keyboard and the e blue Razer wireless mouse I don't know how Joey can sit in front of that massive screen a 40 inch TV is just too big for me that close up I'm hoping he's able to sit a bit further on the edge of the desk otherwise he can go blind pretty quickly that's pretty much it on the surface other than the PC on the far right it is a bit outdated with the FX 6300 and a Radeon r9 380 but it is a clean-looking build apparently he uses this setup for gaming and video editing one cool thing about the TV mount is that he can swivel it I'm gonna take a guess and say that he watches videos while he works out judging by the weights on the ground what can I say it's a pretty straightforward setup that does what it's supposed to really great job on keeping it clean and organized thank you Joey for entering a number 3 is Keith and a gorgeous gaming setup featuring a 34 inch ultra wide that's mounted against the wall and we have a 24 inch Dell monitor mounted vertically on the desk he didn't say what the purpose of the setup is but I'm gonna jump in and assume it's for gaming and productivity judging by the monitor layout he's rocking the corsair k70 RGB keyboard and white and a logitech g502 mouse if i'm not mistaken the k7 the mk2 has a USB pass-through near the top so i'm curious why you didn't plug your mouse in the keyboard and just have one cable going across your desk I do want to point out the position of the RGB mouse pad though because I think it's really clever Keith's position in this way so that he can run the cable underneath the desk nicely done Ferrari oh he's using the popular Logitech Z 506 speakers and the void headset hanging beautifully underneath the desk cables are managed pretty good I guess I mean I personally wouldn't have used tape on the cables it just doesn't look good but hey if it works it works right the PC pushing all those pixels as a 7700 K and a gtx 1080i liquid-cooled and i got to say the color scheme in the build is pretty sweet blue and purple with white accents is not only unique but actually looks pretty good I don't know why but the funkopop collection up top kind of bothers me not because it's not centered but I feel like it will have looked way better with the two shelves on the outside and the posters in the middle I don't know that just might three cents awesome setup by the way Thank You Keith for entering now here's a pretty interesting setup coming from Nick apparently it's used mainly as a machine learning workstation whatever on earth that means but it does occasionally game as well it consists of a ninety eight inch carve the countertop and four 24-inch monitor is mounted on the desk in a very unusual way first thing that comes to mind when looking at this setup is that Nick seems like a very serious person it's very intelligent but serious person there isn't anything extra or decorative in this setup nothing that screams personality is just straight to the point with the essentials you got his monitors his PC and the peripherals he's using the k68 RGB keyboard and a scimitar Pro RGB mouse even the PC is simple it's water-cooled but it doesn't have any flashy RGB lighting custom cables or even colored coolant the cable management is also spot-on I feel like Nick definitely knows what it's doing there's nothing I can really recommend to improve this setup and I feel like he's the type of person I just get done Thank You Nick for sharing this exquisite setup last but not least we have sorrow coming in all the way from Switzerland and his extremely clean gaming setup he also uses it for CAD CNC and cam work he's rocking two different 27-inch monitors that I mounted against the wall and right underneath the nano leaf panels I love that he added a wall Raceway to cover up all the cables running all the way down to the wall outlet beautiful work he kept a desk fairly minimal with just his k95 keyboard and he logitech g502 spectrum RGB mouse and a few dragon figurines per audio he's using a sound bar and a sub from Teufel I think that's how you say it and a pair of AKG Pro headphones hanging from underneath the desk the PC is a custom-built water-cooled beast using the 87 VK 32 gigs of ram and the Asus GTX 1080 Ti I love the color scheme of this build I mean the bends are done really well and the clear coolant actually looks really good in this build I feel like clear coolant only looks the best in a white themed PC cables I managed beautifully with the help of cable clips and he even drilled a small hole in the back board to help with routing excellent job with a setup and I just love how clean and minimalistic it is with a hint of personality and spice thank you Sarah for entering and that's it for this episode of setup words as always make sure you guys vote in the comments section and who has the best desk setup for the episode it's gonna be a tough one because we got some pretty badass setups and in this episode if you guys want to see sneak peeks on upcoming builds and projects make sure to follow me on my Instagram or Twitter account I love you beautiful beautiful cheekbones I'll see you guys in the next one
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