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Setup Wars Episode 19 - Triple Monitor Edition

- liquid caps with water every four hours I don't want to take pills what's up guys it's ed back again from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 19 simple monitor Edition where I'll be featuring only triple display setups for this episode to try and change things up a bit from the usual episodes but anyways let me know how this goes by leaving your feedback down below and with that said you guys know what I'm going to say let the set up Wars good enough alrighty let the set up wars begin so GTA offers a bunch of really cheap cd-keys for a bunch of games out there including Windows seven and eight CD Keys only for a fraction of the retail price but I'm going to drop a link down below if anyone is interested as always all of the gear for the setups as well as anything I recommend in this episode will be linked down below for anyone that is interested but here are your five lucky contestants for this week Alex Benedict Destry Eric and Yazzie the congrats for making it into setup wars episode 19 so first up is Alex wood is beautiful and clean triple display setup we have to a cert wente two inch monitors sandwiching a Samsung 22 inch display in the middle hooked up to the mounted triple screen desk stand on the desk we have the Logitech G 19 keyboard and a trust GTX mouse on top of the courser gaming mouse pad on the left side of the desk we have the Plantronics game con 788 headset and some LED strips to spice up your setup superb job with cable management I couldn't have done it any better however the orange cables from the headset and mouse movie throw off your black and purple theme I also like how you built a custom PC inside an iMac tower that's definitely something I haven't seen before on the show but other than picking up a headset stand I say that you have an extremely clean triple display setup thank you Alex for entering Benedick cucumber is next up with two setups but for my sanity's sake I will focus on the triple displays for now so we have three Samsung 32-inch monitors on the desk and we have the Logitech G 19 keyboard and a Mad Catz rat gaming mouse or I should say three Mad Catz gaming mice because why not so the other setup has to 32 inches Apple Cinema displays a G 15 keyboard and another Mad Catz Mouse this is obviously a Productivity type setup and like most productivity setups the wire management is great oh my heart alright so Kayla management aside I have to say that you have a monster productivity types set up check this out guys this PC is not only running an Intel Xeon 12 core processor but he has two of those in his PC for a total of 24 chords that's just ridiculous on top of that he's running three Titans II Black Edition graphics cards in a custom loop I can now see why the cables are how they are it's probably not worth your time to fix it up but anyways killers that I've been at the cucumber thank you so much for entering setup wars and number three we have Destry with 324 inch asus monitors hooked up to the Ergo tech monitor stand and on the desk we have the logitech solar power keyboard and a g502 gaming mouse on the razer Kabuto mousepad also on the desk we have a nice collection of Xbox and PlayStation controllers both companion 20 speakers and a bose soundlink mini speaker on the edge of the desk we have the audio technica m50x azan the sine Heiser headphone hanger cable management can definitely be improved with some zip ties 3m tape and a surge protector every time I see a messy cable management like this I refer them to my desk setup because in that video I go over a really great way to clean that up so definitely check that out if you haven't already plus one on the mini-fridge down there and also another plus one on using the ROS will arm to hold up your 27-inch iMac to the side I also see a USB hub on the desk which is a great way if you have multiple devices to charge or even connect to your PC conveniently I do gotta say that there are a lot of unnecessary stuff on the desk like the UI system the controllers in that extra Mouse what I would do is maybe move the Bose speaker under the Center monitor and clean up the controllers and maybe put them in a drawer or something but that's just me you have a potentially great setup Destry once you clean up a few things but regardless thank you for entering Erica's next up with three LG 23 inch monitors on yet another ergo tech monitor stand on the desk we have the corsair k70 keyboard and razor mama mouse on the left side of desk we have the number one console the PlayStation 4 of course along with the PlayStation charge duck and a pair of astro a40 s mounted on a wall hanger this is a true gaming setup I'm digging the dxracer chair red LEDs and did a splendid job on cable management well done routing the cables along the arm and under the desk powering all of these displays is his custom PC rocking an Intel 4790 and a GTX 970 honestly job well done he really impressed me with your cable management skills I give you set up a solid two thumbs up last but not least we have Yazeed and holy mother of everything black and red now this is my kind of setup this is how a black and red setup is done very impressive Yazeed so we have three asus 27-inch rog swift monitors a corsair k70 keyboard raptor m40 mouse on the extended mousepad from x co which actually was using previously before i swapped it out to something more cleaner we also have a pair of JBL speakers on the desk and also a dxracer to complete a set up cable management is fantastic and I really like how you wrap them around the monitor mounts to keep them from touching the table I just can't get over this beautiful setup I mean everything from the symmetry to the LEDs and even the custom black and red PC you have is absolutely brilliant he actually sent me a picture of what his setup looked like before and it's really inspiring to see how much he has improved in the three years your hard work and dedication definitely paid off my friend thank you so much for entering setup wars so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who has the best desk setup as always voting will end Saturday and I'll that's the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there if you want to know who wins as always you guys enjoy setup words I want me to continue doing them every single Monday you guys know what to do slap the crap out of that like button to show your support and I will see you guys in the next video
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